Over the last two weeks we have added 63 new topics to our POS software Knowledge Base, providing even more resources for our Point of Sale software customers to access at their leisure.

These new topics and the already comprehensive range of topics are proving to be valued resources to our customers. How do we know? We have analytic stats showing customer engagement. We can see how many customers, engage, what they are looking for, where they go and we have their feedback usefulness of the information. This information, in turn, informs the development of more content that helps our customers reach even better outcomes through the self-serve approach.

We appreciate the support of our customers in guiding us through their searches and their more general engagement in our site and on the phone in telling us what additional information would be helpful and what would help them find out what they need to know for themselves.

All the content for the knowledge base is developed, peer-reviewed and professionally edited at our head office. Customer comments can then lead to further review – to ensure that our advice is as helpful as possible to what our customers are querying.