The traditional Australian newsagency business is iconic, quintessentially Australian – usually in every main street of every town.

But times are changing, newsagencies are changing. Print media products are not selling like they used to, lottery products are selling more and more online, stationery customers are being pursued by major retailers. The small business newsagency that for well over 100 years has been a fixture on the Australian retail landscape is not what it used to be.

Tower Systems is working with many newsagents on their business plans, helping them to explore opportunities and to understand changes in shopper behaviour as reflected in their sales data. We are actively engaged in tracking change and shining a light on opportunities we see as a result of change.

Thanks to comprehensive data mining, personal experience with our own businesses, key supplier relationships and insights gained from retail strategy conferences overseas, Tower Systems is well-placed to help retail newsagents to navigate the changes we are seeing as well as those we do not currently see. Data, good data, is at the heart of this assistance.

The Tower Systems newsagency software collects and curates data for individual newsagency businesses. Tower Systems aggregates this data for use in a range of situations for the benefit of newsagents who want to restructure their businesses for a stronger future. This is an iterative process that can unlock significant value for the businesses partnering with us. By this we mean that there are usually easy to implement change opportunities in the first round followed by more comprehensive change in subsequent rounds.

The first step in helping newsagents to restructure and change their retail newsagency businesses is for the owners and the rest of the team to desire change. Tower Systems even helps with this by sharing change success stories, case studies where newsagents have made significant change to their businesses for the better in terms of traffic and revenue.

While emotionally many will want the traditional newsagency to continue well into the future, the reality of retail today and the reality of paper based products today are such that change is essential. The key is to navigate change so that you continue to serve your valuable traditional shoppers which bringing in and serving new shoppers who can be part of the future of the business.

Tower Systems is more that your average software company. We deeply engage with our customers in strategic ways beyond our POS software.