Pet shop product suppliers / wholesalers in Australia are embracing the opportunity to work with Tower Systems in delivering electronic invoices and other electronic trading opportunities to pet retailers using the pet shop software.

Pet retailers using electronic invoices are able to quickly load accurate invoice data into their software, saving considerable time in bringing in new stock to the business. While to time saving is appreciated, the accuracy of business data is of important value to the business.

Support of the Pet Industry Association of Australia by Tower Systems demonstrates the commitment of the company to the pet retail channel. It shows the company is serious about its support of the channel and its desire to learn about best practice opportunities from key players in the channel. Working with the industry association, as a sponsor and in other ways, is enabling Tower Systems to leverage its software in a deep and meaningful way for pet retailers.

Just as pet retailers want pet owners to purchase products from their specialist businesses because of their specialist knowledge and proven care, Tower Systems seeks to be the preferred POS software supplier to pet retailers because of the time we have taken to integrate with pet suppliers, our support of the national association, engagement at key industry trade shows and the delivery of pet shop specific facilities in our software.

Already in 2014 the company is working on further pet shop specific enhancements to our software, to better serve the needs of pet retailers and their trading partners – and though this better service of pet owners. The next release of our pet shop software is currently being tested in advance of trial in several stores. This release will deliver enhancements developed in consultation with pet retailers already using the software.

Just as pet retailers compete with supermarkets and other mass retail outlets for sales to pet owners, Tower Systems competes with a host of off the shelf generic POS products that are being pitched to pet retailers. We know that it is the pet shop specilisation in our pet shop software that matters most as this will help pet retailers to leverage their specialisation for the benefit of their customers.

Retail in 2014 is all about exceptional and personal customer service. In a modern pet shop this starts with software finely tuned to serve the specific needs of a pet retail business. Tower Systems stands ready to help small and independent pet shops reach greatness.