Navigating a business idea through start-up can be challenging, especially a high street retail idea in a tough economic climate for retail and amongst a sea of competitors in a retail landscape where borders between types of retail businesses are blurred.

Choosing the right POS software company to partner with through start-up and beyond is vital to the success of the business plans.

POS software needs to be flexible for the business and embedded with opportunities beyond what the business needs today in start-up mode and packed with facilities for operation well into mature operation. This is challenging because the needs of a start-up retail business evolve with the business, especially in terms of marketing. Good POS software will be flexible and feature-rich with facilities for the start-up business to leverage as the different phases in its development and operation.

Tower Systems has worked with many retail start-ups. We have developed unique software for some and leveraged our existing Point of Sale software for others. In each situation, we have enjoyed working with and learning from start-up opportunities. We have appreciated being able to share our own experiences as retailers and as service providers to retailers.

Before a new retail business opens and before much money is spent, the people behind the start-up are usually excited and full of dreams. This is a joyful time. We try and not dent to joy but to buttress it with business processes, experience and knowledge to help the joy of start-up last longer.

In our Point of Sale software we have facilities to help a start-up retail business hit the ground running with many facilities such as ready to use loyalty options from INSTANT REWARDS to the more mature points-based loyalty cards. Indeed, in the area of loyalty we can see an excellent example of good POS software that can grow with the needs of a business.

While a start-up retail entrepreneur may want to run a points-based system in the long-term, the commercial needs of the business may be better served by an immediate rewards approach as supported by our robust and deeply mature discount voucher facilities. This is just one of the areas where we can have a data-based business discussion with those behind a retail start-up – to explore the options that work best for them.