We are had a terrific time at the Reed Melbourne Gift Fair over the last few days. As the only gift / newsagency specialist software company at the trade show, it’s been a wonderful opportunity talking with the many newsagency and many gift shop owners walking the floor of the busy trade show.

We have also enjoyed the opportunity of connecting with more suppliers in the gift space, helping them to embrace technology for more efficient and certain training with their retail customers.

In addition to new customers for our POS software and new suppliers to connect with, the fair was an excellent opportunity for us to check the state of the newsagency and gift shop retail channels, to hear what retailers plan for 2014 and to assess for ourselves how these channels will fare this year. The insights gained help us better serve the channels ourselves.

Standing on the floor of the trade show talking to many business owners as they stop and others as they pass by we tap into valuable feedback.  We can also explore some developments we are close to launching – getting insights before we go to market. This is invaluable. A good trade show is like a focus group on steroids for an engaged software company. We love it.

As the first trade show for 2014, the Melbourne fair is important to provide early indications and for that we are grateful.

Commercially, this has been a very successful trade show for us and we appreciate the opportunity to have been here. Over the next few weeks we will be banking the results.