dvreportingWhat started a year ago today in secret trials in two retail businesses has grow into a movement involving hundreds of stores. The launch of the Tower Systems Discount Vouchers through our Point of Sale software has redefined the loyalty marketing experience for many retailers.

While we continue to support points-based loyalty programs as well as smart external loyalty programs, it’s the discount voucher options that are generating exciting results for retailers.

In a typical retail business we are seeing between 13% and 18% of vouchers issued redeemed. This is resulting in measurable sales growth for businesses. I know my sales are up at least 7% due to discount vouchers is what one customer told us. I had a lady the other day spend an extra $35 is what another told us.

Here’s one of the best ¬†pieces of feedback: my customers love the vouchers – they’re getting sick of all the loyalty cards and they understand the vouchers. sales are definitely up because of them.

We love that our release of what we call Discount Vouchers is helping retailers make more money. That’s what we developed the facility to achieve.