We were thrilled on hearing this week from a respected member of the pet shop retail channel who declared that our Pet Shop Software is the best pet shop software in Australia.

We have worked hard to ensure that our Pet Shop Software serves needs specific to pet retail, needs to today and into the future. At the same time we have ensured that our software serves the needs of pet shop suppliers.

But like all good software, it is never complete, we are never done. We continue to evolve our Pet Shop Software, to ensure that it meets evolving needs and to use the software to uncover new opportunities for the businesses we serve. Through regular updates we deliver more business benefits through which we help our retailers to build even better businesses.

We think it is our commitment to continual improvement and our transparency with our customers about software enhancement opportunities that has got us to such a strong position in the pet marketplace. While we appreciate the recent kudos, we are committed to delivering even better software next month, and some months after that and later this year … continual improvement!