xxnaf99While we get a laugh at businesses that after we launch an innovation in our software  announce that they had what we have announced for years, it is also frustrating because they are seeking to trade off our promotion of our genuine innovation.

Take Discount Vouchers – the loyalty innovation we launched last year. While we have had discounting, coupons, loyalty and related options for many years, under the naming of Discount Vouchers we launched genuinely new facilities with multiple business levers bundled with many options for personalisation.

The suite of facilities bundled in our Discount Vouchers functionality is truly unique to us. After launch we looked at what others do and this reconfirmed that our facilities are unique, innovating and exclusive.  Customers and sales prospects recognise this and embrace relationships with us as a result.

It’s the setting options, tweaking flexibility, reporting and conversion drivers that make our offer genuinely unique. No one has what we have and since the code is hidden no one can have what we have.