Change is the name of the game for Australian small business retail newsagents. Change in product mix, change in product price points, change in services offered and change in customer interaction.

Newsagencies enjoying extraordinary growth are those offering high-margin specialist products that leverage international brands and attract shoppers who would not usually shop in a newsagency.

Serving more than 1,900 newsagents, Tower Systems is positioned well to see changes and to help newsagents who want to pursue change. Our position is enhanced through a series of deep and respected relationships with newsagent suppliers including non traditional newsagency business suppliers.

Our assistance is in the form of business performance analysis, competitive analysis and matching supplier opportunities to newsagents based on the performance data for their business.

These services go way beyond what is usual for a POS software company. They have evolved our of our many years owning and operating a newsagency.

With the gap between successful retail newsagencies and failing agency related newsagencies, the work we are doing is paying off for engaged newsagents.