While many POS software companies claim their software cuts retail theft, Tower Systems can present evidence of its work in the theft management area ranging from expert witness evidence in court cases to working with police to early detection for many retailers. The Tower smart POS software is rich in theft reduction facilities:

  • Retailers control the level of security they want = control theft by setting your own rules.
  • Tracking of keystrokes & data is like a security camera system inside your software = evidence helps you stop theft.
  • Spot stock takes help you see what products are being stolen by customers = knowledge stops theft.
  • Employee tracking improves sales counter accuracy = holding people to account stops them stealing.
  • Integrated EFTPOS reduces employee & customer EFTPOS scams = left theft risk for you.
  • Tracking everything that can impact on cash = reduces theft.

Retailers who are serious about theft have, in the Tower Systems software, excellent tools on which they can rely.