Hubbed is a start-up bill payment and parcel sending platform being promoted to newsagents. It started and was offered for a year as a stand-alone platform – through a kiosk and or a website interface.

Recently, Hubbed has been promoting an interface to another newsagency software program.

Tower Systems has never been approached to interface to Hubbed. We stand ready to add Hubbed to the many facilities, services and products we link / interface to.

As the newsagency software company with more current newsagent users than all other newsagency software programs combined and with around three times the number of newsagency users than our nearest competitor, our leadership in the channel is well established. Hubbed is the first time we have not been first with something for newsagents in our 32 years serving the channel.

There is politics and personalities at play here unfortunately. We remain ready to interface is Hubbed wishes.