We appreciate the information shared by retailers with experience in our Point of Sale software and the POS software from Retail Express. The comparative information from people with experience with both software packages is proving to be invaluable to us, it helps us explain to software prospects how Tower Systems software is better in a business management sense as well as in a financial sense.

While Retail Express is a formidable company we welcome opportunities to show our software function for function against theirs on the count in the back room Рshowing where we offer a better solution than Retail Express.  Such a comparison of the two systems can win our business, helping retailers choose our POS software based on its functionality and the live face to face backup service and training we provide.

Comparing POS software m=packages is invaluable. Retailers will often find that POS software companies don’t like such a live comparison. Here at Tower Systems we welcome it. The question to ask of a POS software company that refuses such a comparison is why are they scared of such a comparison?