xxnaf99We get a laugh when we read reports of excellent success from this or that initiative in a retail business. Such vague statements invite disbelief. This is why every claim we make, every success story we publish, is backed by real data, data we can use to show that our claims are accurate.

This goes to the heart of believing claims.

Recently there has been a discussion about whether this or that loyalty program works better. Through our software, retailers have access to a broad variety of loyalty programs including those professionally run through groups such as Plants Plus. We interface to world-best-practice loyalty programs as well as our own points-based program as well as our own exclusive discount vouchers facilities.

W have our own retail experience form our own businesses that we can compare with others and this sets us apart. Wen we say our sales are up 18% year on year due to discount vouchers, we can prove it down to extraordinary detail demonstrating shopper behaviour and how we benefit as a result.

The keys with all this are consistency and professionalism. Tower Systems helps on both fronts and backs it with personal retail experience.