Adult shop owners and staff love our adult shop software. It is, designed and supported in Australia by us, will help any adult shop save time, cut costs and drive sales. Here’s how….

  1. Track sales by employees. People likely to steal won’t like this and they will move on.
  2. Tracking what you sell helps you see for sure what’s being stolen and this information helps you make better decisions.
  3. With everything scanned and all credit card payments and cash tracked it’s harder to steal from you.
  4. Include care information on receipts … improving customer service like this helps your customers love you more.
  5. Include a discount voucher in receipts based on what customers buy. This will get customers spending more. We use this in our own adult shop to drive sales.
  6. Order new stock based on accurate data on what is selling.
  7. Manage your roster easily.
  8. Compare supplier performance.
  9. Track employee performance.
  10. See what’s selling with what and use this to drive even more sales.
  11. Reduce pricing and sales mistakes.