Independent retailers don’t have the money to spend selling their customer service story like national and bigger retailers do. The only way they can pitch customer service is through better customer service.

Nowhere else in retail does actions speak louder than words thank in delivering customer service – actually, delivering exceptional customer service.

Through our smart POS software, Tower Systems helps retailers deliver consistent customer service. Retailers, through settings in and use of the software, can determine the actual customer service delivered.

Here are some of the customer service opportunities facilitated by Tower Systems software:

  1. Product use and service information included on receipts.
  2. Emailing of receipts.
  3. Sexy receipts as well as regular receipt roll receipts.
  4. Product demonstration videos accessible in-store.
  5. Easy online competition entry.
  6. Points based loyalty.
  7. Immediate cash reward loyalty.
  8. Retail network wide integrated loyalty.
  9. Allied product suggestions while processing a sale.
  10. Packaging location information on scanning an item for sale.
  11. Multiple product label options to serve business and customer needs.
  12. Attracting shelf labels to help customers on the shop floor.
  13. Product placement advice based on shopper behaviour analysis.
  14. Marketing tools to facilitate customer visit follow up.

Our small and independent retailer Point of Sale software helps retailers with these and other tools designed to facilitate more valuable customer interaction.

We use many of these ourselves in our own retail businesses where we play with our software to get the most from it. There is nothing like playing with software you have created to see how you can make it better.