In today’s remote yet globally focussed world, personal service is too often a thing of the past. While small and independent retailers pride themselves on personal service, they sometimes forget that it is personal service from their suppliers that can help them deliver personal service in their own businesses.

Personal service from a POS software help desk can make your POS software easier to use and more valuable to the business.

When a small business owner or representative calls the Tower Systems help desk they get to speak with someone who knows and understands their business. There is no script followed – no, it’s a conversation led by the customer explaining their questions. It’s free-flowing and ends when the customer is happy. There is no timer.

Too often today POS software companies use people who can read a script ion a screen and traverse an answer labyrinth based on answers given without really understanding the questions. this, in our view, is not good customer service. Small and independent retailers deserve better.

By providing human script-free customer service, Tower Systems is giving its customers a level of personal human service that these same business operators love about their own businesses.