We have seen excellent results from receipt based marketing this week where a retailer using our POS software reported double-digit sales growth across almost all categories and the only change in their business for most of these categories in the last six months was the implementation of our receipt-based discount vouchers.

While they call them something else – Shopper Rewards – internally in our software they are called discount vouchers for ease of reference. Bet they are much more than discount vouchers!

15% of customers are engaging with the vouchers and it is these customers who are driving the revenue growth for the business.

We can show small and independent retailers how they can grow their businesses by engaging with this unique and successful business marketing and management initiative. In our own retail experience we know that it’s money in the bank.

The keys to success that we regularly see are:

  1. The across the counter pitch. This comes down to staff training.
  2. Simple text on the voucher. Users of the software have complete control over this.
  3. Good value on the voucher. Users of our software have compete control over this.
  4. Good business rules for redemption to drive sales. Users of the software have complete control over this.

The success of many small business retailers with our offering is encouraging and exciting. We love it!