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Busy end of financial year

The day is not even half over and our Help Desk has already racked up a busy day of calls – answering many end of financial year related calls for retailers using our Point of Sale software. We’re all hands on desk so that we can get through then increased call volume and end the day in good shape.

We also have senior management helping to triage calls and offer smooth access to advice.


Tower Systems only gift shop supplier at Gift HQ in Brisbane

gifthqTower Systems is thrilled to be the only gift shop software supplier at the Gift HQ trade show starting this weekend in Brisbane.

On show will be the very latest version of our Gift shop software along with examples of how we help gift shops and homewares shops and their suppliers to better connect for profit and enjoyment.

This trade show is important for Queensland businesses as it provides them with a local event through which to see the latest trends in products to retail while also seeing best-practice software and how it can help them sell more products.

With hundreds of gift shops using the Tower software and thanks to a solid relationship with the industry association, Tower Systems is well positioned to help gift retailers move to the next level through loyalty, supplier connect, employee management and theft tracking tools.


Sunday retail business management tip: be a connected local business

Tower Systems supports independent small businesses, local businesses that play a vital role in local communities. we are proud to serve close to 3,000 such small and indecent retail businesses through our POS software.

Being a connected local business is vital. Today we share advice for our retail partners on how they can improve their local connection.

  1. Establish a what’s on noticeboard in your window or on a wall for promoting local events.
  2. Sponsor a locally focused newsletter which covers issues of local interest. Create this as a forum for local groups to use.
  3. Link to local clubs and groups on your business website.
  4. Talk to your local council – they are bound to have suggestions on ways you can connect with the local community.
  5. Create or support a local traders website.
  6. Collect change from customers for local charities. Track what you collect and keep your customers aware of the value reinvested in the community.
  7. Talk to local schools, do they have activities which you can support and for which they promote your business?
  8. Sponsor an annual encouragement award at a local school and present the award yourself.
  9. Talk to local health and nursing facilities. Do they have needs which you can meet with excess stock?
  10. Create a newcomer pack with other businesses and deliver this to families new to the area.
  11. Support at least one local sports club. This is best done through either uniform sponsorship or sponsoring a regular award.
  12. If appropriate to your product mix, offer products from local businesses and individuals.
  13. Offer to sit on local boards and committees for groups known for doing good work in the community.
  14. Offer space in-store for community groups to promote their work.
  15. Office space in front of your store for community groups to run a sales stall.
  16. Offer your front window a couple of time a year for a community group to promote their work.
  17. Support local causes – offer to have petitions available for customers to sign in your store.
  18. Write to the local newspaper about local issues – let your passion be seen.
  19. Run local events which connect with the local community. The nature of the event will depend on your business niche and skills of locals nearby. For example, you could sponsor a local art show.
  20. Price compare popular items in your shop with bigger businesses further away. Promote your savings for the local community as a point of difference.

This advice is part of a broader range of business improvement advice from Tower Systems for its customers.


Helping retailers profit from POS software

tower-postcard-may2014Tower Systems is helping retailers focus on profit with a professional encouragement campaign sent to retailers in several independent small business retail channels.

The professionally designed postcards reflect a consistent and strong message about Tower and the benefits accessible by our customers.

Through our smart POS software we help retailers grow profit in a variety of ways and we do this long after the system is installed: through training, support & enhancement.

The professionalism of the marketing reflects the professionalism of our software and back-end services.


Gift shop software you can bank on

goftshopsoftwarebankRetail is detail as they say and Tower Systems is a detail focused company when it comes to pitching its respected and loved  Gift shop software to retailers.

Take the pitch to gift shop owners. The Tower gift shop software is promoted through yellow collateral – from the pull up banners to brochures to flyers and other collateral, yellow connects these visually, showing that the company understands about branding and consistency in retail.

This use of colour is another way the company demonstrates an understanding of retail and the importance of these factors to retailers.

Retailers want software they can trust and visual consistency by a software company us a cue you can trust them to be consistent with their software.


Paypal in-store payment option to help retailers attract more shoppers

Our senior management team participated in another briefing with Paypal this week as the roll out of the Tower systems / Paypal payment option integration nears commercial release.

Designed to help small business retailers in Australia to tap into new customer opportunities, this link is another valuable benefit being delivered by Tower Systems for its retail partners.

Being first to market intensifies the work involved but it also provides a platform from which to demonstrate true leadership. Tower Systems is grateful for this opportunity and for the support from Paypal on this project.

We will announce sign-up details shortly.


Xero link shows off the Tower Advantage

The Xero link providing a data feed from our POS software in our own retail business to our Xero managed accounting database for that business is a real time saver. While old school software companies will tell their customers to export files and them import them to Xero, smart retailers know this is not an appropriate solution. It certainly is not the way Xero recommends.

Retailers using Xero can be confident that the approach being taken by Tower Systems is consistent with the Xero standards. This is important in giving accountants confidence regarding the chain of command over vital business data.

With more retailers signing up for our Xero link we are set to have an excellent user community off of which we can share more good stories.

Our Xero link really is a Tower AdvantageTM.


POS software screen design improves retail sale throughput

posscreendesignThe design of a POS software screen can make or break the use of the software. Tower Systems delivers a professional screen for the sales counter, one that is easy to learn and follow, a screen that is straightforward and one that guides the sales process.

Tweaked and adjusted over the years, Tower Systems through its software helps retailers to transact efficiently, accurately and valuably – delivering smooth service to customers and valuable business for the business itself.

The decades of experience of the Tower team shows off in the evolving POS software screen design.


Gift & Homewares Association promotes Tower Systems

thewrapTower Systems is thrilled that its Gift and Homewares POS software is being promoted by the respected AGHA in the lead up to the next round of trade shows.

Serving hundreds of gift and homewares retailers, Tower Systems  is well-established in handling the needs of these retailers as well as handling the needs of their suppliers – connecting the two types of businesses in a way that is beneficial to both.

Our next AGHA event will be the August fair in Melbourne.


Extra POS software EOFY training fills

trainingbusyWe are thrilled that the additional POS Software end of financial year training we scheduled has filled up. So we added more. They filled too. We have scheduled even more.

Our customers are loving the training.

While our software does not have specific tasks to be completed at the end of the year, it is a good time to do some housekeeping and business performance reporting. This is part of what we cover in this training.

We are grateful to our customers for embracing these free training opportunities.


POS software benefits from gift fair exposure to gift shop wholesalers

giftfairAt the recent Gift Fair in Christchurch POS software company Tower Systems was able to help wholesalers address the need for electronic invoices and electronic stock files.

Being the only POS software company present at the three-day event in Christchurch, the company had an excellent opportunity to educate and network with gift wholesalers – further demonstrating its commitment to gift retailers, their businesses and their suppliers.


Tower Systems launches POS software Xero integration

xerolinkIt’s official! Tower Systems has launched the Xero integration option with its POS software in a formal announcement to its customers sent by email last week.

The announcement from Tower detailed the connectivity approach, pricing, technical details and other aspects of the Xero POS software integration that the company has been using in its own retail businesses for some months now.

Interest in the Xero integration has been strong from the preliminary announcements made y the company. Xero is clearly popular in independent retail and the accounting businesses that serve them.

We are thrilled to be bringing the POS software Xero integration solution to market and appreciate the support from the team at Xero to make this happen.


POS software thermal barcode label design flexibility loved by retailers

thelabelRetailers using the POS software from Tower Systems have the ability to design their own product price and barcode labels. They can choose the fields to include and the placement of these fields – allowing a business to tailor label layout and design to serve their needs.

The level of flexibility offered by Tower Systems is rare in POS software. It has evolved over time thanks to advice from retailers using the Tower software and their support for an engaged continual improvement program for the software.

Jewellers, garden centres, newsagents, gift shops, homewares stores and others love the product label flexibility and the variety of options available.


Understanding the impact of a natural disaster on small business retailers

christchurchSome of the Tower team who were in Christchurch recently for the Gift Fair took time out to look at how the city is faring some years on from the massive earthquake that razed chunks of the city centre and surrounds.

In the quake Tower lost several client businesses. It was sobering to see the extent of the damage that is still evident. Indeed, what we saw was a reminder of the frailty of businesses and how success can disappear in an instant through a natural disaster.


Sunday retail business management tip: knowing redemption behavior key to loyalty success

voucherredeemRetailers using our Discount Vouchers from within out Point of Sale software are loving the valuable reporting tools that back up this unique and successful shopper loyalty program. Smart retailers use the voucher reports to tweak voucher settings to get the best valuable possible from the shopper loyalty program.

Using the suite of reports that back the Discount Voucher offering, retailers can get a fresh perspective of their business and better understand shopper behavior. This delivers excellent business insights and through these a smart retailer can derive excellent commercial benefits.

Tower Systems also offers a free analysis service of Discount Voucher engagement to provide a fresh eyes support for retailers who would like to see what others see in their business data.


POS software knowledge base expanded

Tower Systems has expanded the content published on its POS software support knowledge base this week, adding the following new articles:

  • Bulk Price changes
  • Invoice Discounts
  • Xero Integration Setup
  • Exporting Accounting Data to Xero
  • Restoring Data From a Backup
  • Manually Backing Up Data
  • Creating Subagent Orders

These join hundreds of other articles packed with terrific advice to help retailers earn more form their software.

We often publish multiple articles on the same function – looking at the function from different perspectives. We do this as we have found different customers approach functions in different ways.


Newsagents switch to Tower newsagency software on doubling of software support fees

The doubling of support fees is a reason given by one newsagent recently for switching software companies. When they were invoiced mandatory software support at a 100% increase on the previous year without explanation the newsagent called us and we showed our commitment to fair and stable support fees for our close to 1,900 newsagent customers. That the Tower newsagency software support coverage is not mandatory is an added bonus.


Tower Systems pet shop software helps pet retailers with more electronic invoices

The latest pet shop software from Australian software company Tower Systems provides access to electronic invoice and stock file support from Masterpet, Kongs, Pet Pacific, Dr Neil’s and Pet Premier. the company is working with more pet shop suppliers to help them better connect with their retail partners.

The supplier management area of our company offers a range of services that help suppliers connect, integrate and serve their retail partners more effectively and valuably.

This is a wonderful Tower AdvantageTM.


Newsagency software set for exclusive advances

Great news!  Work has commenced on several fronts for valuable advances in newsagency software. Tower Systems is working with some newsagent suppliers / partners to  deliver business growth opportunities.

One international partner chose to partner with Tower because of its extraordinary newsagency retail footprint. Serving in excess of 1,850 current and active newsagents using the Tower software, Tower Systems is able to provide access to what we believe is the largest single small business channel-specific community.

The results of these new development projects will start to be seen from the next quarter.


POS software loyalty solutions help garden centres compete

In addition to the excellent direct and seamless integration between our Garden Centre Software and the Plants Plus loyalty offering, Tower Systems offers other integrations and stand alone loyalty offerings for garden centre and nursery retailers.

Providing garden centres with shopper loyalty options is appreciated by garden centre owners and managers. That they can move between the options at their own discretion and in sync with their local business needs demonstrates a flexibility that is appropriate to the nature of these specialist and local businesses.

The loyalty options in the Tower Systems Garden Centre software were enhanced recently following consultation with garden centre users and some garden centre suppliers. Serving the needs of north groups is another way Tower Systems is helping garden centre owners and their suppliers to work more closely together for their mutual benefit.


Jeweller POS software enhancements drive reporting outcomes

Thanks to a round of valuable consultation, Tower Systems has agreed on enhanced reporting options for its respected and widely-used jeweller software.

reflecting evolving jeweller business needs, the next round of enhancements to be delivered will provide to jewellers using the Tower Systems software with additional reporting and enhanced insights that provide a fresh perspective on the businesses involved.

This latest work is another example of the commitment from Tower Systems to delivering continual improvement in its software, recognising that software installed is not a destination but rather a journey on which the retailer and the software company embark together.

Jewellers engaged with the Tower AdvantageTM program will receive access to the enhancements without cost.


Tower Systems meets with Lotterywest retailers

Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunity of meeting with Lotterywest retailers in Western Australia yesterday to speak at a business development and management workshop.

Organised by Lotterywest, this session offered participating Lotterywest retailers an excellent learning opportunity on current best=practice in the areas of driving business efficiency, increasing the basket and making better quality business planning and management decisions.

Based around real-world stories and real business data, the session offered practical insights that the Lotterywest agents were able to take away for immediate use in their businesses.

Tower Systems appreciates the support of Lotterywest and the work they did in getting retailers to attend and participate. The result is better informed retailers with athirst for access to business data they can trust and on which they can build more valuable businesses.

Through its supplier relationships work Tower Systems is able to offer retail business suppliers a range of connectivity and management options which which they can build more valuable relationships with their own retail partners. Tower Systems has a role in the company dedicated to supplier relationships.


Xero POS software integration delivers time savings to retailers & accountants

The POS software Xero integration developed by Tower Systems delivers excellent accounting software Point of Sale software time savings. How do we know? … we use tis ourselves in our own retail businesses and have been through the beta test process.

Our in-house CPA and our retail business managers have had direct input into the finessing of the link to ensure it provides an accurate flow of information, is easy to use and provides the financial data essential to good business management.

Owning and operating retail businesses as live test sites provides Tower Systems with a valuable competitive edge that the company leverages to its advantage and the advantage of its customers.

While any programmer can develop software to capture and manipulate data, only a software company with its won retail businesses can develop POS software that is operationally elegant, tested and proven in its own retail experiences.

That’s what Tower Systems is delivering with its POS software Xero interface – an elegant time saving solution that will serve any retail business well. the POS software Xero interfere is a valuable point of difference for Tower and its customers.

The Tower POS software / Xero interface is available on subscription from a new secure cloud-based platform launched by Tower Systems recently.


Pitching our POS software @ the Christchurch Gift Fair

chcgiftWe are having a terrific time pitching our POS software at the Winter Gift Fair in Christchurch this week. Gift and homewares retailers we have met with have been upbeat and keen to explore ways they can improve business efficiency and sales – and we can help in both areas.

This trade show has also been an excellent opportunity to further connect with suppliers serving gift and home retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Supplier relationships are important to us as they help us help retailers to better connect with their suppliers.

Being a smaller gift fair we have enjoying having more time for networking and relationship building. The knowledge we have gained will prove to be invaluable.

Thanks Christchurch for wonderful hospitality.


POS software training studio busy for EOFY

studio-trainingThe video / online training studio we have at our head office is getting heavy use these weeks as we broadcast hours of free online training for retailers on making the most of End of Financial Year opportunities.

Our live and interactive online workshops are streamed from this studio using the internationally respected Web Ex service. the studio itself is equipped with a camera, professional quality microphone, sound proofing and lighting – all to help for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The production facilities aside, the real asset is the knowledge shared by our experts as they speak with fifteen os so of our customers in each session.

It is a thrill to see retailers from around the country and in different situations connect and network with each other.

Access to this live training is free.

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