We were thrilled last week that a large Melbourne-based newsagency switched from their long-term use of other newsagency POS and home delivery software to our Tower Systems Point of Sale and home delivery software.

Customer details, newspaper home delivery details, run details and other information are transferred during the conversion process.

We will also provide comprehensive training to the management and employees of the newsagency – during the switch over and long after.

The employees at the newsagency have access to more than 130 professional training videos so they can learn the Tower software and refresh their memories on how to use the software at any time.

They also have access to a searchable knowledge base – which can be access 24/7.

Plus they can call the Tower help desk and appreciate quick responses.

277 newsagents have switched their businesses from using POS software to the Tower Systems software.

Mike Hill would like to help you switch.

Mike has personal experience using other newsagency software when he worked in two different newsagency businesses.

Mike has been working for Tower Systems for four years – most recently managing our customer service / help desk team. His knowledge of our software is excellent. Thanks to his family association, Mike’s knowledge of and commitment to the newsagency channel is deep.

To find out what Tower Systems can offer to help you switch, call Mike Hill on 0423 848 482.

Mike will visit your business, discuss your needs, check your hardware, explain the conversion process and answer all your questions. He will also share details of some reference sites – newsagents who have made the switch.

Serving 1,876 newsagency businesses around Australia, Tower Systems has the experience, resources and commitment to serve your business today and long into the future.

Mark Fletcher, owner of Tower, is also happy to take your call at any time on how he and his company can help your newsagency. Mark’s number is 0418 321 338.