How do you choose the best POS software for your retail business? This is a tough question many small and independent retailers face. There are many POS software solutions around and many claim to be the best, the easiest to use, the cheapest and or the smartest.

Which POS software is best for your business? Many retailers will tell you that the software they are using is the best because they will want more people using it. This is why asking them may not get you the most accurate response.

When asking why a colleague retailer likes their software be sure to ask them why they like it, what support is offered, how much they pay for support and whether they have used other software. Then ask what business benefits this software specifically delivers for their business.

The answers help you form a view about whether this software is what you are looking for. Someone just saying it’s the best without knowing why it is the best or without being able to explain the business benefits would not carry the same weight as someone being able to answer your questions with facts that support their claim.

We encourage anyone considering buying POS software to talk with our customers and hear stories about our customer service, free post-installation training, software updates, brilliant knowledge vase, training videos and other resources that help people get more from their relationship with us.

How do you choose the best POS software for your business – take your time, talk to retailers and talk to the software company you are considering. Listen to their stories and go with the company you trust.