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Xero POS software integration delivers time savings to retailers & accountants

The POS software Xero integration developed by Tower Systems delivers excellent accounting software Point of Sale software time savings. How do we know? … we use tis ourselves in our own retail businesses and have been through the beta test process.

Our in-house CPA and our retail business managers have had direct input into the finessing of the link to ensure it provides an accurate flow of information, is easy to use and provides the financial data essential to good business management.

Owning and operating retail businesses as live test sites provides Tower Systems with a valuable competitive edge that the company leverages to its advantage and the advantage of its customers.

While any programmer can develop software to capture and manipulate data, only a software company with its won retail businesses can develop POS software that is operationally elegant, tested and proven in its own retail experiences.

That’s what Tower Systems is delivering with its POS software Xero interface – an elegant time saving solution that will serve any retail business well. the POS software Xero interfere is a valuable point of difference for Tower and its customers.

The Tower POS software / Xero interface is available on subscription from a new secure cloud-based platform launched by Tower Systems recently.



  1. This article says that this “is available”… How do I get hold of it?


  2. Tim contact the company through the usual channels and the customer service people will help.


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