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Gift shop software on show at Melbourne Gift Fair



Tower Systems announces national user meeting tour

usermeetTower Systems earlier this week announced details of a national capital city newsagent user meeting tour to provide newsagents with wonderful learning opportunities, marketing insights, newsagency management advice and other content that will add value to the Tower relationship with newsagents.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower will make its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


Tower Systems helps newsagents with magazine distributor outage

Tower Systems has helped magazine distributor Network Services communicate with newsagents about the outage of the internal Network newsagent-facing IT systems.

With close to 1,900 newsagency software customers, Tower Systems has already received many calls about the frustrating and costly Network outage.


POS software Xero link helping more retailers save time & money on business accounting

xerolinkThe direct link between the Tower Systems POS software and the cloud-based Xero accounting facility is being embraced by more retailers as they compare the benefits of Xero over MYOB.

Using the link ourselves in our own retail businesses and having had it vetted and approved by our own Financial Controller, we can speak from experience about the value of the Xero link to a busy independent retail business.

The Tower Systems POS software / Xero link saves us time and money. It also facilitates data accuracy.

Tower backs the link with training and live personal support. We also back it with access to our in-house accounting experts who can provide insights from their own use of the back end.

It’s our use of our software and Xero as retailers ourselves that really sets us apart.


Pet Shop Software makes businesses star

petstarPet Shop Software experts Tower Systems last week launched a campaign encouraging pet shop owners, managers and employees to make their businesses a STAR.

The campaign has been launched through professionally developed postcards with a special treatment to make them stand out from the crowd.

The optimistic forward-thinking messaging encourages pet retailers to work on a bring and positive future as they grow using the marketing and management facilities in the software developed specifically for pet retailers.

The post card also pitches our software company outside the usual IT business pitch. It shows us as being relevant and connected to the success of the businesses using our software. It also shows us focussing on the positive and pitching that we can help create good news, we can help make businesses star.


Sunday retail business management tip: believe in yourself

Small business retailers often state the point of different their small business offers but took many do not live the point of difference.

Take customer service, for example.

Many small and independent retail business owners I know say that they offer a better and more personal service than big retailers.

Retail shoppers often judge service by ease of doing business, the returns policy and any barriers along the way. Too often, small and independent retailers have barriers that get in the way of their goal of better customer service.  Barriers such as hand written signs about eating in the shop, a notice about a credit card surcharge or an inconsistent returns policy.

If you say your customer service is better than your bigger competitors, live it every day. Believe in yourself by doing what you say.

Small and independent retailers who do this – who carry through with actions the words they pitch about their business – tend to be more successful.

Using our POS software, retailers cash build business processes for all employees to follow, to help drive consistency throughout the business.


See our POS software at the Melbourne Gift Fair next weekend

melTower Systems will be presenting its gift shop software at the Home Giving Fair as part of the broader Melbourne Gift Fair next weekend – running over five days in several venues around the city.

On show will be new software for gift shops including our Xero link, our successful loyalty options and a range of facilities designed to help gift and homewares retailers to build stronger, smarter and more valuable businesses.

We have been exhibiting at this fair for many years with terrific success. Now, in addition to meeting many prospective customers we get to reconnect with many existing customers.


Raising money for the Pancare Foundation

lunchWe took a break in the office today to enjoy a pot-luck lunch to raise funds for the Pancare Foundation. Everyone in the office brought in a dish to share from soup to salad to sushi to delicious cakes.

Once we were full of delicious food we shared some happy stories that reflected on the importance of family and the value friendship from work colleagues.

This was a very special lunch.

The Pancare Foundation raises awareness of and funds for research into pancreatic cancer.

We are grateful to the patience of our clients as the took a break for today’s lunch.


All POS software has bugs – it’s how the company responds that matters

All POS software, and all software for that matter, has bugs. Some are known and others are yet to be discovered. Having bugs is a function of the human involvement in software development. Bugs are, usually, not deliberate and users of the software are often the first to discover bugs.

What is most important about software bugs is how software companies react.

At Tower Systems we have a structured approach for investigating bug reports and dealing with bugs. We have several checkpoints in the company for proving a bug and ensuring its is resolved. We also have escalation points where team members and users can take queries about a bug to ensure it has the level of attention they want.

Through a structured process of research, development and quality assurance, Tower Systems takes bugs seriously. With thousands of businesses relying on our software we understand the importance of software quality.


POS Software helps small and independent retailers with branding

brandingBranding is important to small and independent retailers and when it comes to branding the Tower Systems Point of Sale software offers a diverse range of business branding opportunities. The opportunities include on receipts – where retailers can include their logo to their specifications, extending the reach of their business brand into the shopping bag, wallet or purse – reminding the shopper of the brand they purchased from.

Tower Systems helps retailers place their brands through written advice, one on one advice, video based training and other assistance.

In one situation recently we helped a retailer rebrand and they were thrilled with the result and the wider reach they were able to achieve as a result.


POS software helps garden centres track cartage

Garden centres and nursery businesses using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software are able to use the software to manage and track cartage costs of raw materials to their business and to account for this in a way appropriate to the inventory management needs of the business.

Software tha can track truckloads of raw materials and at the same time track a greeting card or any other similar small item is powerful and flexible. Indeed, flexibility is a hallmark of the Tower software as it delivers excellent outcomes for retailers in operationally diverse businesses such as a modern garden centre where it can be a cafe, plant shop, homewares shop, services business, raw materials business and adviser.

The Tower Systems Garden Centre Software is flexible and evolving to meet the needs of a continually evolving business model.


POS software helps retailers win insurance sales

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have access to facilities ideal for handling insurance sales – of items being paid for by insurers as replacements for items lost or damaged. We have had this facility for years as part of a suite of mature services for retailers serving diverse needs in several marketplaces.

Jewellers, bike retailers, garden centres and homewares stores benefit from these insurance facilities. Insurance companies too benefit in that they can rely on small and independent retailers to be retail outlets for satisfying insurance claims.

Insurance claims is one area of our software where we continually adjust and enhance the software based on customer and other stakeholder feedback.


New POS software receipt options offer even more flexibility

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 7.57.15 amNew Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is offering new style receipts. That is, receipts with new facilities, new flexibility that retailers are sure to love as they make the receipts their own in terms of content and style.

Offering excellent flexibility, the new style receipts offer facilities beyond what can be shown in a single photo. Retailers who have seen the receipts love them and the options they provide – especially options that will help retail businesses grow.

The humble receipt is not humble in the Tower Systems software. It’s a marketing and management tool that will help more businesses grow.


Sunday retail business management tip: finding optimism in your independent retail business

Retail is tough. Yes, we hear that often. Small business retail is tougher. We hear that too.

And while it is easy to be drawn to such negative sentiments, here at Tower Systems we prefer to help small and independent retailers to find shoots of optimism.

In our Point of Sale software we have reports that hone in on optimism and show this good news off for retailers around which they can create more success for their business.

In reports and on-screen facilities, our POS software helps small business retailers to see the wood for the trees, to see the good news around which more good news can be developed.

Our help desk team and our management team welcome opportunities to work with retailers, showing them how they can find good news about their business through our software.


POS software for gift shops shines leading up to Melbourne Gift Fair

aghaThe POS software for Gift Shops from Tower Systems features on the flysheet for the catalogue just sent out to all gift shops and gift wholesalers in the lead up to there Melbourne Home and Giving Fair.

This new marketing extends the reach of the Tower software around Australia and to New Zealand as the company reaches out to serve more small and independent gift shops with software tailored to their specific needs and to help them better connect with their specialist product suppliers.

In addition to pitching the software, the Home and Giving catalogue marketing also provides gift retailers with a link to the Tower Gift Shop Software landing page on our website through which they can learn more about the software and see a video with even more information./

As by far the most widely used gift shop software in Australia and the software with long term and deep connections between retailers and their suppliers, Tower Systems is proud to support the industry association, the AGHA, with this catalogue promotion.


Helping retailers manage and sell hampers using POS software

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.11.20 amWe have scheduled a free online training session for later this month for retailers using our POS software on how to create and manage the sale of hampers in just abut any ape of retail business.

This free live training workshop will cover software settings and facilities that help retailers drive better business outcomes from this. the workshop is part of a regular package of free live training for Tower Systems customers.

Retailers can book online. There is no cost to access the workshop. We even pay for the call for audio content.


Firearms retail standards work set to help respected Firearms retailers

The Tower Systems commitment to serving the needs of its customers is on show once again as the company works across the requirements of multiple jurisdictions to provide a flexible and compliant approach to managing customer and product data to the standards required selling firearms in Australia.

This latest work is our commitment to firearms retailers in action, helping this vital and professional channel to take care of regulation in a way that saves time for each business and provides consistent and searchable management records.

Research with authorities and retailers is resulting in a solution for the retailer and those they report to. The solution will be exclusive to Tower Systems.


Thrilled with POS software stocktake surge

Checking back on POS software customer engagement out of our 2,800+ retail business customers shows an excellent surge in engagement with stock takes. More than any other year. More retailers and a greater percentage of our retail business community.

We are thrilled that so many retailers did stock takes using our software, participated in training, asked us questions and used our software facilities.

It’s a pleasure to see more retailers actually using this time and money saving facility in their software.

The greater engagement encourages us to push again in 2014/15 as it shows the lead up we engaged in this year with free live workshops, free video based training, free one on one training and more all helped to encourage retailers to use their software and benefit from this.

Today, thanks to the push, more independent retailers have accurate stock on hand data as a result of our campaign.


Smart POS software helps gift retailers serve valuable collector shoppers

twr-collectibleThanks to thorough customer care facilities, retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are able to easily serve product and brand collectors who may shop with the business to build their collections of items dear to their heart.

Serving hoppy shops, gift shops, homewares shops, speciality retailers and newsagents, the collector facilities make it easier for a retailer to track special orders and new editions to a collection as they are released by a supplier.

What is interesting to us is that collectors come many backgrounds and have diverse interests.  We are finding that it is the less traditional collector opportunity where our software can be genuinely useful in helping the collector and the retail business.

The photo is from a fantasy line available through a specialist gift wholesaler in Australia and Tower Systems is thrilled to help their retailers and the wholesaler to better serve collectors of these sought-after items.


The easy way to learn how to use POS software – for retailers & retail employees

towertrainingTower Systems makes it easy for retailers and retail business employees to learn its smart POS software when and where they want through a comprehensive cloud based POS software Training Academy.

Through this exclusive to Tower academy users are able to learn the whole software or just the part of the software they are interested in at that time.

Customers tell us they love this resource and appreciate the investment we make in maintaining it as useful for all retail niches we serve.

The Training Academy is exclusive to Tower and serves as a valuable point of difference – winning new business for us.


POS software advertising screen promotes gift shop software

twr-adscreenThe photo shows how a customer-facing screen in a retail business using our POS software can promote the business to drive impulse purchases to shoppers facing the sales counter. This ad careen and software serving ads on the screen is part of the solution embedded within the Tower software.

Available on a range of computer hardware, the photo shows a new release of the HP all in one POS register. Tower Systems is a key partner of HP.

Note the visual link between the ad on the screen and the pull up banner behind the counter – this shows off how a retailer can visually connect ads and in-store displays.



Portable POS terminal makes shop floor selling easier for retailers

twr-portableposMore and more retailers are embracing the portable POS terminal and POS software from Tower Systems as they leverage the shop floor to win business from browsers before they move out of the shop.

Thanks to smart POS software development and a tight and co-operative partnership with HP, Tower Systems has been offering its latest shop floor solution for some months with plenty of take up.

The new HP / Tower union was on show at a trade show recently (see photo) where it caused a stir with retailers as they expressed excitement at what they saw – a fully function POS software application running wirelessly and away from the counter – delivering the flexibility bricks and mortar retailers have long sought as they compete with online retailers.


Sunday retail business management tip: use your POS software to balance your register

The end of shift balancing should take only a few minutes using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Once you enter the count for each denomination of notes and coins you’re done and the software does the rest of the key work: banking sheets, business performance comparisons, sales by department and other reporting as may be selected by the business.

The Tower approach is deliberately safe for the retailer in that it reduces the opportunity for theft. It is also fast and structured – helping businesses breeze through the end of shift with speed and certainty.

Good POS software gets these every day tasks right from the outset.

This is our management tip today – use your POS software to guide and manage your end of shit process.


Smart receipts show off good POS software

twr-smartreceiptRetailers using the POS software from Tower Systems have the ability to produce smart receipts that customers like and that help drive more sales for the business.

With the ability to promote on the receipt, retailers can make a soft pitch to customers. The example provided here shows the use of a QR code – generated through the free QR code platform offered by Tower Systems – for connecting with the Facebook page of the sample business.

Using a receipt to attract Facebook page likes is just one of many uses of receipts available to Tower customers thanks to flexibility in receipt generation and management through the POS software.

Retailers in all market niches served by the Tower software use receipts in different ways – some are unique to their channel while others are of appeal to all retailers.

Existing customers can learn more about receipt options through free training videos, live training workshops, one on one training and through our extensive online knowledge base.


Cloud based POS software / Xero link attracting retailers

The launch last month by a seamless integration between our Tower Systems Point of Sale software and the cloud-based Xero accounting software is attracting new customers for Tower Systems. Some of this new business is coming from accountant recommendation while other interest is being driven by Google searches. We’re thrilled that our own cloud-based approach to xero / POS software integration is generating so much interest.

Our confidence is also boosted by our own experience using Xero as the accounting package for our own retail businesses. This personal experience helps us go beyond the traditional support retailers would find in their POS software company.

In offering a subscription based service we are making it easier for retailers to budget and manage the costs of accessing the platform. Our approach mirrors the Xero approach – retailers can align timing and they appreciate that.

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