Movies tell us that problems and challenges are often resolved by one big thing or a single move. Life is not a movie though. The challenges in small business retail are rarely solved by a single big move.

In our experience, working with close to three thousand retailers, the best approach to even the toughest challenge is to have many small steps in play to confront the challenge. Such a many step approach is safer and more likely to produce an outcome than a single step approach.

It is rare that there is a silver bullet to solve a problem or turn around a situation.

Unfortunately, sales people selling to retailers too often pitch that what they are selling is the single big thing they can do to make their business better. Of course, it suits them to say that. It is very easy to buy into the spell of a problem solved or a business turned around. It’s human nature to want a simple fix to a major challenge.

The reality is different. The most successful small and independent retail businesses we see through our work at Tower Systems are those engaged in layered, multi-faceted steps to growing the business.

We enjoy helping is big and small moves in client business from providing insights to getting practically involved in the businesses. As retailers ourselves we have many skills on which we can draw.