Dead stock in a retail business is dead money. Tower Systems helps its POS software users to identify dead stock with excellent reporting tools, understandable business advice and practical help.

Thanks to smart reporting, a retailer using our software can quickly see items which have not sold in a selected period of time. This list can then become a focus of business activity with a view to either returning the stock or acting on it in some other way on the shop floor to turn the stock into cash.

Moving old or dead stock starts with understanding. Our POS software makes accessing this understanding easy. We back this with helpful advice from a small business retailer perspective. This is where our help desk is different what is usual for a software company like us. It’s more practical and outcome focussed.

Moving stock in a timely manner is crucial for all retail businesses. We are proud of the stock management and movement tools we provide access to through our software and the support we provide those using these tools.