Thanks to state of the art infrastructure, POS software company Tower Systems is today delivering to small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, The Cook Islands and other nearby countries timely and personal customer service.

Using VoIP technology and harnessing resources in three offices outside Victoria, the company is able to provide continuous live Help Desk services even though Victoria where the company is headquartered has come to a stop for the Melbourne Cup public holiday.

Having a geographically spread workforce and backing this with smart technology, Tower is able to deliver to its customers consistent help desk based services. This is a superior experience to the usually mobile phone based after hours and public holiday services retailers can experience from others.

While we all love a good public holiday, retail today is a seven day a week business with long hours and the need for rapid responses on technical and other questions. Partnering with a POS software company that gets this and backs it with sound infrastructure is good for business as to keeps downtime to a minimum.