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POS software Stocktaking on the retail shop floor with your tablet computer

StocktakeScreenRetail shop floor stocktaking is easier than ever thanks to even better support for portable hand held devices from Australian POS software company Tower Systems. Standing in front of items on the shelves or in warehouse racking, counting and recording on-hand quantities is fast and easy with the Tower software and the HP Elite Pad.

Collected wirelessly, the Elite Pad maintains accurate real time stock on hand data for the business, allowing disruption free stock taking – saving time and helping the business grow.



  1. Looking at selling merch and have a few iteams that are expanding our range and company. looking for a system that is easy to use, add in our own products, price, stocktake, working on the profit margin.

    How much would this cost?

    How easy is it to get online support?


  2. Thanks Tanay we have reached out directly to you with the answers.


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