One of our our POS software customers called us this week excited to share three stories about how discount vouchers are increasing retail sales:

  1. A customer thought an item was too expensive at $35.00. When told they would get a voucher worth $3.00 they went ahead, received the voucher and then purchased a second item worth $25.00.
  2. A customer who stopped in town on their way through spent $20.00 on an item, received a $1.50 voucher and used this toward a $35.00 purchase.
  3. A customer who spent $18.95 on an item and received a voucher for $1.95 came in the next day with a friend and spend $24.95 in two items and then spent the voucher from that purchase on a $19.95 item.

Almost every day we are hearing stories of how the vouchers are helping retailers across a variety of channels to grow revenue organically without risking too much margin. This is great news for any retailer and especially in the independent small retail channels in which we operate.

In addition to excellent software in this fresh and valuable approach to loyalty, Tower System is providing professional and insightful advice on how to use the software facilities to increase shopper spend and through this drive retail business value.

We’re thrilled to be of service in this way.