Wow, what a year 2014 has been! 

In addition to welcoming many new customers, we have enjoyed serving all of our long-term friends. These include customers who have been with us since the 1980s when we first began in business.

A thrill of the year has been the excitement of our customers when they discover a facility in or a benefit from our software that genuinely helps them in their business. Their happiness brings delight to us, it reinforces the value of what we do.

In a practical sense, we have delivered major POS software updates this year, brought on support for new suppliers and strengthened connections between retailers and their suppliers.

We have, unfortunately, helped many retailers uncover and confront employee theft.

Our firsts of PayPal integration, Xero integration, new EDI facilities and more have given us pleasure – technology people love innovation.

We have also enjoyed another year of service from a wonderfully skilled and committed team of software developers, support personnel, admin folk and others who make up the Tower team.

More than ever, though, 2014 has been a year full of wonderful support and guidance from our 2,800+ retail business customers.

Thank you.

Happy New Year!