Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.37.46 pmBernard Zimmermann one of the owners of newsagency software co POS Solutions has continued his company’s ‘attack’ on Tower in another blog post about us today. This post, like others before it, contains inaccuracies.

Zimmermann hones in on the issue of Windows 10 and our advice to customers in the early days of Windows 10 to not install it.

Zimmermann provided the same advice to his customers at the time.

While our software worked fine with Windows 10, installing Windows 10 triggered a hog of hard disk space. As our advice to clients at the time noted, this was the reason we recommended against not installing Windows 10 at that time. We were transparent in our reasons. From the information available to us we are unable to say the same about POS.

Not one Tower Systems user was ever locked out yet Zimmermann claims: The second claim is also false, clearly users in their software were locked out some clearly for some time. Clearly, their user running old versions of theirsoftware would be locked out and forced to ring their accountancy department to gain access to their system. I say this statement by Zimmermann has been published by him to harm the reputation of Tower Systems. he offers no evidence for there is no evidence. It did not happen.

Let me be clear: No user of the Tower Systems software has ever been locked out of their software by any actions of the company.

So I have to ask, why is Bernard Zimmermann so obsessed with Tower Systems now? I think it has to do with where his company is at compared to ours.

While we have launched a series of important partnerships such as our direct Xero integration, direct Magento integration, the new Visual deck BI product, a national user meeting tour, enhancements to our knowledge base, excellent user interaction through our Software Ideas portal, and other benefits for our 3,500+ customers, he has realised our businesses are very different. It appears to me that his decision is to attack rather than innovate.

I think innovation is one reason hundreds of newsagents have switched from using POS Solutions to Tower Systems.

Never one for an original thought in my opinion, Zimmermann uses statements first published here as if they are his own, statements such as: the best way to assess a company is to see how they interact with their customers and the world. This reads as puerile to me.

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