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Points are old school when it comes to retail shopper loyalty

Tower Systems has supported shopper accrual of loyalty points for many years, delivering to retailers using its POS software excellent tools for shoppers to accrue and spend points. As more and more retailers have turned on loyalty programs, loyalty fatigue among shoppers has set in and what was a point of difference years ago is nothing special today.

Focused on leadership, Tower Systems has been working on alternatives in the shopper loyalty space, alternatives to bring shoppers back and to guide them to spend more than average.  A trial of completely new and fresh facilities is entering its third month and the results are excellent. Through our comprehensive reporting tools we are able to track shopper behaviour down to the transaction item detail and this is providing insights that will be useful when the new tools are commercially rolled out.

The new facilities, unlike anything in our retail niche channels – newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares shops – will show off our leadership position and help retailers achieve excellent results by embracing tools that deliver an a competitive advantage. The key is the strong management and reporting tools provided as part of the new suite of facilities.

We keep hearing that retail is tough. Innovative retailers are enjoying success. Good technology can help any retail business innovate.


Free online POS training loved by retail employees

We have started receiving feedback from retail employees who are tapping into the online training we launched last week through our Training Academy. Thanks for letting me learn at home one retail employee said.  This is great, I love the opportunity to develop my skills said another.

In developing the training our goal has been to create training that is accessible by content and by access point. Our content is highly targeted to each task and work area in a retail business. We have specialist training for each of our retail niches too: newsagents, jewellers, gift shops, bike retailers, garden centres etc.  Our content is accessible in that any computer with internet access can access the training.

Accessing the training is free for retailers and their employees.

The training program has been put together and is fronted by Mike Hill – our Customer Service Manager and an expert in the best use of our software in any retail situation.


POS software training website guides access to world class retailer training

A core asset of the new Tower Systems Training Academy launched earlier this week for retailers using our Point of Sale software is the website facilities that guide retailers and their employees accessing the training resources.

Assembled by retail channel and work area within each business, the training materials can be accessed in our recommended sequence, ordered by topic.  The image shows some of the topics covered in Point of Sale training.

each training module, video, is around eight to ten minutes long. We have found this length to be ideal for people genuinely learning what is to be covered.  They can digest this is a brief break at work or at home.  The short videos make training accessible and genuinely beneficial.

This is a world class training platform packed with world class training materials. The whole initiative has been put together internally here at Tower Systems.  It is being made available to Tower AdvantageTM customers for no additional cost.


The data is in, new loyalty facility for retailers drives sales

The completely new loyalty facility Tower Systems started trailing in a new release of its Point of Sale software well over a month ago is proving to be successful at driving shopper engagement.

Breaking free from the traditional and often stale approach to shopper loyalty of using a rewards card and letting shoppers accrue points – which the Tower POS software also offers – this new facility is unique in that it comes with sophisticated yet easy to use levels with which the retailer can guide and encourage shopper behaviour.

Sites using the beta release of the new loyalty facility have been able to see the impact it us having thanks to excellent reporting tools available. In the reports you can see customers responding to the loyalty reward and yu can track the cost of offering the reward down to cents. But best of all, retailers can see the rewards, in sales, of customers engaging with the rewards offered by the new loyalty facility.

The new loyalty facility sets Tower Systems apart in each of our marketplaces. It gives us a competitive advantage but more important, it gives our retail partners a competitive advantage.


Sunday small retail business management advice: motivate your employees

Motivating retail employees can be tough, especially if you take a traditional approach,managing in a traditional way. In our experience working with many retailers in a range niche retail channels we have seen a different approach work – one where retail employees are brought into a deeper understanding of the business and where they participate in growing sales.

Sharing with retail employees the value of their sales in a week while helping them understand the costs of doing business, can see some reach beyond average and start to make a more significant sales contribution to the business.

Our Point of Sale software helps retailers to track employee performance so this can be shared in a motivating ay with employees. Our experience is that it works well at getting employees thinking and acting more like employers. Often, they try and compete with previous sales numbers.


Best practice Point of Sale software customer service wins retailers

Retailers using the Tower software for jewellers, bike shop software, garden centre software, newsagency software, gift shop software, adult shop software, gun shop software and other POS software have access to best practice software support and help desk facilities.

Tower AdvantageTM is the name given to the software support, update and service package offered by Tower Systems to retailers using our Point of Sale software.

Our package of services is so unique that we decided some years ago that it needed to be trademarked. So we registered Tower AdvantageTM with IP Australia and received approval.

Tower AdvantageTM coverage is optional. Retailers using our software can continue to use the software regardless of whether they take out Tower AdvantageTMcoverage.

Customers who do take out Tower AdvantageTM coverage receive at no additional cost:

  • Software updates.
  • Access to software support coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This includes local number support access in Melbourne, Sydney, Birbsnae, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart and Toll Free support for all of New Zealand.
  • Access to more than 200 professionally written and reviewed advice sheets documenting how to use the software.
  • Access to more than 30 training videos.
  • Access to our NEW online training curriculum.
  • Access to face-to-face user meetings hosted in many cities each year.
  • Access to regular weekly online training workshops.
  • Free business health check service which assesses business performance and how the software us being used.
  • Free theft check service checking secret business data to see if employees are stealing from the business.

The total package of Tower AdvantageTM services is unique to Tower Systems and another reason the company continues to enjoy excellent year on year sales growth.


Adult shop software helps bring shoppers back more often

Adult shops using the respected Tower Systems adult shop software now have even more facilities with which to bring shoppers back more regularly.

Thanks to new and exciting innovation in the shopper loyalty rewards space, the Tower adult shop software is bringing a completely fresh approach to rewarding adult shop shoppers.

Following a successful trial in an adult shop and seeing the change in customer behaviour, we are now able to share how other adult shops can rely on the new loyalty driving tools to deliver a better retail business outcome.

POS software is only as good as the results it drives for retailers. These new loyalty facilities will deliver handsomely for adult shop businesses.


Tracking trade-in sales is easy with this POS software

With more retailers offering a trade-in opportunity for items like DVDs, books and other media type items, the flexibility of the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is proving to be especially useful in tracking these and handling inventory records appropriately.

Offering several ways of handling the recording of the trade-in, the Tower software provides options to serve various retail situations. This lets retailers choose the method most appropriate to their needs.

Keeping record tracking at the sales counter efficient and accurate are the key and this is where the Tower software works a treat for the handling of trade-in situations. It’s where we help retailers save time while offering the flexibility and value of the trade in situation.

In retail today, now more than every, retailers and their software partners need to provide more flexibility than ever.


Adult shop software helps cut theft and drive sales

The Tower Systems Australian developed adult shop software is suitable for adult shops around the world.

Going beyond traditional off the shelf POS software, our adult shop software seeks to deliver a smart business solution to these usually independently owned retail businesses. Cutting theft – employee and customer theft – is a one of many functions provided. Theft reduction is achieved through good controls, facilities that serve businesses well with smart tools and controls and the ability to go behind the curtain and see how people behave and from this to gain understanding.

From the back room to the sales counter, this software helps adult shops operate remotely, under management – with peace of mind for the owners of the business. Existing users of the software also help guide future developments as the software is regularly enhanced to serve an evolving need.


Adult shop software helping adult shops cut theft and increase sales

The latest adult shop software released to adult shops in Australia and New Zealand by Tower Systems is receiving excellent reviews from those seeing it.

In addition to delivering access to excellent business security facilities, the software helps adult shops bring shoppers back into the business more frequently. It also makes it easier to guide shoppers on purchases for which additional items can be purchased.

Thanks to our work with adult shop wholesalers, Tower Systems is able to help the retailers more easily import stock files and invoices from suppliers.

We understand the Australian adult shop space.   We have joined the EROS Foundation to further enhance our education. Our Australian Adult Shop computer hardware and software helps:

  • Transact sales accurately and quickly
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Reduce customer theft
  • Increase sales
  • Improve the speed and quality of business decisions
  • Speed up EFTPOS transactions and improve accuracy
  • Automatically generate replenishment orders
  • Manage the business to your rules when you are not there

This software is already in use in Adult Shops and is proving its value to the businesses. It includes shopper loyalty, LayBy, supplier electronic invoice, customer marketing, integrated EFTPOS and other facilities.


Adult shop software interest growing

With more retailers using our Adult Shop software, we are developing a good pool of customers as well as wholesalers who can work together to build both sides of business and boost retail customer support in turn.

Adult shops are, to us, another retail business with specialist needs, needs we have been able to serve in our comprehensive software for the good of the specialist retail channel. We are meeting some excellent business operators, some excellent, best practice, retailers. It’s wonderful to connect with these folks and learn from their experience and success.

In each retail channel we serve unique challenges and in doing so learn more about retail that we can share with other retail channels. This makes our software stronger and more useful.

2013 is off to a great start with our adult shop customers!


Happy retailers = happy customers

Tower Systems early this month launched a Happy retailers … happy customers campaign, promoting the joy and commercial pleasure that can come from using good POS software to its fullest in a small and independent retail businesses like bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, homewares stores, adult shops, newsagents, garden centres, nurseries and gun shops.

Our core focus as a company is on small and independent retail businesses. We love dealing direct with the owner and enjoy a direct connection. This is rare when dealing with bigger businesses like retail chains.

The core message of our Happy retailers … happy customers campaign is optimism, optimism about retail and about small and independent retail in particular.

Every day we see wonderful success stories. Thanks to our retail community connections we can share these, to help more businesses share the optimism and chase growth.

While we are only a couple of weeks in, this campaign has gained excellent support with prospects across a range of marketplaces growing.


Retailers love our new online POS software training workshops

The new online Point of Sale software training workshops launched for 2013 last week have been a terrific success. We hosted four sessions and customer feedback has been excellent. They love the delivery platform, that access is free, that the content is relevant and that they can easily interact.

Tower Systems proudly leads in the delivery of access to live, understandable and free training for retailers.  We are especially thrilled that we have been able to deliver, on time, new content this year … making our online training workshop program even more valuable for retailers using our software.

Delivering help like this to small business retailers is important to our mission to help this end of the retail space to gain more value from IT.

Indeed, in the online training area, actions speak louder than words.


New POS software training curriculum starts today

Tower Systems is thrilled to be launching today a new training curriculum for for retailers using its Point of Sale software.

Having announced fresh new online training workshops a few weeks ago, more than 80% of available spots have been booked for the free live online workshops.

The new curriculum kicks off today with a session on Using Catalogues and Promotions to Build Your Business:

Catalogue marketing is a very important part of many businesses throughout a year – periods such as Back To School, Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas are all common discount promotion seasons. This training session will teach users how to quickly and easily set up a sale or promotion and how to track its success.

By the end of today, 28 businesses will have participated in the two live online workshop sessions we are hosting. These are businesses from many different locations and in many different businesses.

In addition to the training delivered, the workshops provide an excellent opportunity for the business owners to network and for them to provide us with direct customer feedback.

We are very excited to have this new live training program up and running for 2013 and to have so many of our customers engaging with the training.

The result will be retailers using our Point of sale software to drive more value from their businesses.


How adult shop software helps adult shops make more money

Adult shop owners are loving the Tower Systems Adult Shop software.

Evolved to meet the needs of adult shops, this software handles all the usual Point of Sale requirements in retail management software as well as adult shop specific requirements. User feedback is that it offers a genuinely valuable solution. Adult shops are using the software today to manage:

  • DVD sale and return.
  • Automated replenishment orders from suppliers.
  • Club entry.
  • Employee performance.
  • Employee rosters.
  • Customer theft reduction.
  • Employee theft reduction.
  • Integrated, faster and more accurate EFTPOS processing.
  • Vouchers to drive return shopper business.
  • Seasonal pricing offers.
  • Customer loyalty management and rewards.

There is plenty more to this adult shop software which adult shop owners and managers can use to drive better business results.

It all comes down to profitability. Used well, the Tower Systems adult shop software drives business profitability, making the businesses more valuable for the business owners.


Retailers starting 2013 with free POS software online training commitment

More than 150 places have been booked in the last week for the new range of live online training in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

The new topics released for 2013 are proving to be a hit with retailers and retail employees as they want to get more from their POS software technology investment.

In developing the new content early in 2013, Tower Systems is providing its retail partners an excellent opportunity to kick off the year with better knowledge and therefore better business opportunities.

Here are some of the practical business topics being covered:

  1. Using Catalogues and Promotions to build your business
  2. Setting up Gift Vouchers in Your Business
  3. Using SMS and Email Alerts in Retailer
  4. Building Your basket Sales
  5. Getting Started with Laybys
  6. Building A Succesful Loyalty Program
  7. Smart Marketing
  8. More Than Just a Receipt

Small retailers using our Point of Sale software love Tyro broadband EFTPOS

With more than 750 of our Point of Sale software customers now using the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution, we have plenty of feedback from retailers on which to draw. Retailers love Tyro. They love its speed, security, time saving and ease of use.

This past busy Christmas period saw many of our customers enjoy an excellent sales bump. Tyro helped our customers better handle the increase in shopper traffic thanks to its rapid approval time and the elimination of keystrokes thanks to its integration with our POS software.

We love Tyro, we use it to process EFTPOS payments in our software company as well as in our own retail stores. So, our recommendation is based on considerable personal experience with Tyro across a range of business situations.

It’s our operation of a range of retail businesses that sets us apart as a software company and that enables us to provide more practical advice to our retail partners.


Memorable customer service vital for retailers and POS software companies

While Gerry Harvey and some others regularly talk down retail as if they want Australians to believe that retail businesses are struggling because of economic factors, the real reason for most retail failures is that the businesses have not served their customers.

Memorable customer service is the most important point of difference a retail business can have, especially a business which does not make what it sells and therefore could have its products being sold by any other business apple to reach the same pool of shoppers.

We call it memorable customer service because it truly has to be that … memorable. So memorable that it is praised by your customers to others.

Good customer service should be the norm, the lowest hurdle any retail business can jump. Memorable customer service, the level of customer service that makes a shopper talk about the experience to their friends, must be the goal and it is the word of mouth from these customers that is a factor in driving traffic growth.

Memorable customer service is just as vital to Point of Sale software companies as it is for retail businesses. Since we own retail businesses as well as our POS software company we see it, live it and reach for it from both sides.

This is why we continue to work hard to encode the ability to focus on customer service in our Point of Sale software. That’s right, retailers using our software have touch points they can leverage using software which help deliver the kind of memorable customer service we are talking about here.

Memorable customer service in retail, just as in a software company like ours, is experiences which exceed expectations, it delivers benefits outside of what you expect even from a good business.  In our IT company we compete with big IT companies and small, like us, IT companies. While we want our software to be the point of difference customers notice and talk about positively, it is our customer service which is loved and mentioned to colleagues more. Realising this was an epiphany for us.

We focus on building stronger, better and more valuable software. But we also surround this, completely, with customer service experiences which are the very best of the best. This gives us, and our customers, the best of both worlds. And we love it ourselves.

Given that most retailers do not have products unique to their businesses, delivering memorable customer service is critical to the business plan.  Small and independent retailers can do this more easily and effectively than big retailers. From the genuine smile to shoppers to product knowledge to that extra information which helps a shopper get more out of the product purchased than they would have had the purchased the product elsewhere. This added value is the key and it can be delivered in almost any situation and with any product from a stapler through to a high-end road bike.

So, beyond our software and as part of our customer service focus, we seek out opportunities to help our customers deliver memorable customer service.  Indeed, this was one topic we covered in the recent face-to-face user meetings we ran in capital cities and major regional centres around Australia.

Gerry Harvey is wrong to complain about factors outside his business causing poor results. He needs to shop his shops and see that the customer service at Harvey Norman is not so memorable. It is not something people talk in in word of mouth. That’s retail death right there. If people come to your shop just because you are cheap it can be taken from you in an instant. If they come to you because a friend praised the customer service their received you are on the road to winning a regular customer.

As a Point of Sale software company, our mission is to deliver constantly improving retail management software backed with memorable customer service and going beyond this with business insights and assistance which helps our retailers themselves deliver exceptional and memorable experiences to their customers.


Using your POS software to manage employee rewards for extra effort at Christmas

Plenty of retailers using our Point of Sale software make use of the ability to track sales by employees and, through this, reward above average performance through commission and other payments.

Our POS software makes it easy to track sales closed by employees. This is particularly useful in retail businesses selling high ticket price items … like jeweller, homewares, bike shop and gift businesses.

With no extra effort, our software tracks the sale by employee and facilitates reporting for whatever period over which the retailer may offer an employee rewards program. This is an excellent way for driving employee engagement and thereby lifting sales.

Christmas is an excellent way for engaging with such a program – giving employees extra incentive to deliver extra benefits for the business and thereby help the business make the most of Christmas sales opportunities.

Through our POS software help desk we are able to help retailers not only use the software to track sales by employees, we can also offer advice and assistance on structuring such programs for the benefit of the business and its employees.


How to turn 2012 Christmas sales in your retail business into more business in 2013

Retailers making good use of smart POS software are more likely to leverage business gains in 2013 from 2013 Christmas sales than those who use their point of sale systems as a glorified cash register.

How so?

Best practice retailers using our Point of Sale software will use the loyalty facilities to harvest shopper data. They will, through 2013, use that shopper data to market to their customers through carefully targeted campaigns.

So, which Christmas is about selling as much as you can at the best possible margin, it is also about storing everything you can for the following year.

Tower Systems provides practical help to retailers, guiding them to do more with their software through free training and a host of rich training and support resources … so that they can make more money in the year after a good Christmas retail season.

The Tower sales team will show retailers how they can do this. the Tower support team will show any existing customers how they can do this.


Twenty-one free Christmas marketing tips for retailers

Every year, Tower Systems publishers Christmas marketing and sales tips to retailers using our POS software. These are available free for anyone to use. Here are our Christmas 2012 ideas:

  1. Collect donations at the counter. Setup a big jar and say you want to fill it by Christmas with change for a named local charity your shoppers will know. Choose a charity you  believe in. Label it: SPREAD SOME CHRISTMAS CHEER.
  2. Harvest shopper data. Run a competition with a terrific hamper as a price. Get customers to enter with the name and email address. Indicate you’ll add them to your database. Use the database next year for marketing.
  3. My Christmas. Setup a pinboard somewhere in the shop for locals to post stories about their Christmas – from the past or plans for this year. Make this a place for people to share something of themselves with their community.
  4. Helping hand at Christmas. Find out what local charities are doing at Christmas and offer to promote this for them. Put together a one page flyer and give it to your shoppers so they can support any of these groups.
  5. Best Christmas recipes. Setup a noticeboard somewhere so locals can post their favourite Christmas recipe. get them to tell something more than just listing the recipe.
  6. Locate stock by gift recipient. Consider creating displays targeting the recipient, especially those hard to buy for like Dad. You could have a sign: gifts for Dad for under $30 for example.
  7. A carol discount. Offer a discount to a shopper who comes in singing a carol. Make the discount worth their while. Consider nominating the carol you want to hear this year.
  8. The best part of 2012. Become a beacon for positive stories. Setup a noticeboard for customers to post their stories on the theme – the best part of 2012. This will help get your  business known as a positive place.
  9. Customer endorsements. Invite your customers to write on a specially designed card why they bought what they bought and use these cards as part of your product merchandising – endorsements from other shoppers for the item.
  10. Dress for Christmas. Get T-shirts printed or an apron or some other garment for your customers so they can feel different to the usual year round uniform. Get them to be part of Christmas with what they wear.
  11. Move it. Each week, move product around, keep the shop looking Christmas fresh and people will buy more. While moving stock is hard work, the pay off is that shoppers will find “new” things.
  12. Christmas art. Invite school, kindergartens and play groups to provide art with which to decorate your shop. Offer a modest prize for the winner. Invite public voting if you like. Be proud in showing off local art. This will bring families in to show off and show you as community connected.
  13. Really connect with a local charity. Offer a local charity coupons (in a catalogue) to distribute which provide a discount off certain product categories on presentation. In return, give them a commission from each sale. For example, the coupon could offer 10% off any gift and you could give the charity 5% commission on every sale. A good charity will promote the coupons for you.
  14. Kris Kringle. With Kris Kringle giving growing in popularity, display your gifts based on price point. Signpost them as Kris Kringle gifts. Show people what to buy.
  15. Give gifts to shoppers. One day each week give gifts with every purchase. It could be a chocolate, a fridge magnet or a calendar. Whatever you give, make sure it is something people will like and is easily given away from the counter. Get known as the shop which gives more. Choose gifts related to what you sell. For example – a bag for holding jewellery, cleaner for homewares, recipes from cooking magazines, a voucher for a free service if you sell items requiring servicing.
  16. Sample what you sell. If you sell chocolate, offer samples. There are ways to do this with the food health regulations. Candy companies will tell you that offering samples drives sales.
  17. Use aroma. Choose a smell for Christmas and use a vaporiser to let this waft into the shop. Darrell Lea stores do with well with a liquorice smell. I have seen store do it well with a pine tree smell at Christmas. Tap into a sense which is not often used in retail.
  18. Manage shop floor traffic. With more customers in the shop this time of the year, managing lines is important. Have your best people at the counter and driving traffic so that wait time is kept to a minimum.
  19. Specialise. There are many gifts you can sell by showing that they relate to a highly specialist gift giving occasion: teacher, neighbour, priest, local service provider, gardener. Promoting a gift for one or more trains your customers about giving such a gift and getting it from you.
  20. Good counter offers. Have two impulse items at the counter to be pitched in every sale. Gift tags, Christmas candy or a trinket for car, work or home. Research suggests that 18% of sales can include a counter based impulse purchase. Get the product right and tap into the opportunity.
  21. Add value. Seize every opportunity. Have tape with gift wrap, gift bags near gift items, pre-wrapped gift items, an up-sell opportunity printed on receipts, a promotional flyer in every bag and a logical layout to the store – zones for product categories with good adjacencies.

Yes, there are too many ideas for one store for one Christmas. Choose what works best for you.


Point of Sale software support access made easy

We make accessing our help desk easy for retailers using our Point of Sale software. We have a range of local phone numbers and toll free for New Zealand. We also offer email and direct website access.

We promote our access points using a help desk contact card – as shown in the photo. We have sent these to customers several times this year alone. We also include the details in our monthly newsletter, weekly email and in any hardware or comsumables shipment from the office.

Customer service is important, we win business with people switching from other POS software to us for this. Easy access to friendly and helpful support is vital.


Serial number tracking valuable to multiple retail channels

The serial number tracking services available through our Point of Sale software are proving to be invaluable in a range of retail situations.

Using serial number tools, retailers are able to track individual items sold to meet regulatory record-keeping requirements as well as track items for the benefit of the customer and the business in terms of warraty and other future activity around a specific item purchased.

Developed with jeweller and bike shop retailers originally, the serial number tracking tools in our POS software have been enhanced to meet evolving needs of retailers. We have ensured that the facilities meet needs of more retail channels, giving them peace of mind that they can track sales at the item level for reporting to authorities, suppliers, warranty providers and customers.

Serial number tracking requires accuracy and focus in serving the needs of the retailer, customer and other parties. Achieving this without negatively impacting the traffic flow at the counter is a challenge we address in our software.

retailers using our software can also find previous sales by searching using a serial number.

In addition to specifically serving the needs of tracking serial numbers of items sold, the software tools also work well in areas with similar needs. The software gives even more flexibility to the overall Point of Sale software package.


Taking loyalty to the next level with smart POS software

We are advanced in the development of a new loyalty facility for retailers using our Point of Sale software.

This new facility has been developed with several customers as well as our own retail shops. We are very excited to be close to delivering something fresh and exciting which retailers will be able to use to bring shoppers back sooner than usual.

The new facilities are best practice, valuable and certain to drive greater bottom line success for our retail partners.

This new facility is something others will want to copy. Indeed they will have to copy it to be competitive.  We will live with this knowing that innovation has its costs and copying is one of those.

Our Tower AdvantageTM customers will be first to get the new loyalty facility and they will continue to have access to our excellent current various loyalty facilities.

We are excited to be counting down the days to the release of this genuinely innovative new facility.


Free Point of Sale training this week

Independent small business retailers we work with have four more free Point of Sale software training opportunities this week:

  • Getting started with a Customer Display 20 Nov 2012, 11:00AM
  • How to process an invoice arrival 20 Nov 2012, 02:00PM
  • Getting started with Multi-Store 22 Nov 2012, 11:00AM
  • How to import Stock Files & Invoices 22 Nov 2012, 02:00PM

Each workshop is live and interactive. The sessions are designed for people using our software. This is why we make them accessible from any PC so that employees can access the training from home and in their own time.

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