Cutting employee theft in retail

We know from various reports that employee theft is a high-cost problem in retail.  We help retailers using our Point of Sale softare to cut employee theft with facilities such as:

  • Employee sales tracking.  Using employee codes and or staff cards, every sales is easily tracked back to an employee.  This makes them accountable.
  • Cash out management.  The til draw cannot be opened without appropriate permission.
  • Owner controlled password protection. Retail owners have the ability to set passwords to control access to any function and thereby restrict what employees can access.
  • Maintenance of an audit log.  We keep evidence of any potential fraudulent behaviour such as deleting sales (if permitted).
  • TXT warnings of bad behaviour.  Our software can automatically send text messages to owners if behaviour has been detected which may indicate theft.
  • Cash management. We carefully manage cash transactionally during the day and at the end of the day.
  • Video integration.  We integrate with DVR technology to overlay counter activity with sales processes.  This makes tracking what happens to cash easier.
  • Tighter EFTPOS integration. Facilities like Tyro cut employee activity when processing sales and this provides fewer opportunities for fraud.

Cutting employee theft in retail starts with the business owners making good decisions around business management.  Once you decide to run a tight ship, the day to day decisions become easier and your core goal has been set.

We have seen businesses add 2% and even more to the net profit of their business as a result of a good theft management policy.

Kudos for Tower POS software / Tyro link

“We used to cringe when somebody wanted to pay with EFTPOS on our old bank terminal, as it was so slow and would hold up other customers. But now we look forward to using the Tyro terminal. Customers are impressed with the speed and ease of use but are equally impressed with the design of the unit as it offers better privacy when keying PIN numbers. Once again, a really big thank you!”

It is great to receive feedback from customers using our POS software.  The kudos above relates to the Tyro broadband eftpos link directly from within our software.  We know from our own shops that we save time and money and we make retail customers happier as a result.

200 newsagents sign on for Tyro broadband eftpos

We are about to pass 200 newsagents using our integrated Tyro broadband eftpos offer. Every location has great stories to tell of time saved, mistakes eliminated and, as I wrote last week, theft caught.

From a technology perspective, Tyro is easy to work with. From a customer service perspective, they are fantastic. Indeed, we would rate their introduction to our platform as the best managed we have seen in years of bringing new products to our customers.

How Tyro broadband eftpos and Tower point of sale software combined to uncover employee fraud

A newsagent called me earlier this week to share the news that he had caught an employee stealing from the business thanks to the Tyro broadband eftpos integrated within our Point of Sale software.

Each manual step in processing a sale which we remove is one less opportunity for fraud against the business. In this instance, the Tyro eftpos integration removed a loophole in local store practice which was being exploited to the considerable cost of the owner.

A couple of months after the introduction of Tyro in the newsagency, the smart Tyro reconciliation showed up the fraud and set the owner on a goal of fixing the expensive problem.

Our Tyro broadband eftpos integration is a smart move for our retailers because it delivers financially rewarding benefits:

  • Cuts keystrokes. The amount of the sale is transferred to the pin pad.
  • Cuts mistakes. . Less keystrokes means less mistakes.
  • Reduces fraud opportunity. . With less manual intervention and a direct from the POS to bank processing there is less chance for someone to steal.
  • Faster processing. With fewer keystrokes and lightening fast approval (less than 2 seconds) customers are happier and staff are happier. Everyone wins.
  • Lower cost. The Tyro solution usually costs considerably less than a back supplied eftpos terminal.

While out theft check service helps uncover theft, our tyro integration helps retailers establish more checks and balances in their own businesses and thereby mitigate the costs of the problem.

Ready for GNS Market Fair Sydney

gns_syd.jpgOur team is ready for the GNS Market Fair in Sydney which starts tomorrow morning.  This is a big trade show for us because we have more than 600 newsagents using our software in NSW – plenty of the newsagents attending the trade show will already be customers.  That said, we are looking forward to welcoming more to the growing Tower Newsagent community.

On our stand we have our latest newsagency software, state of the art retail hardware and a Tyro broadband eftpos terminal.

Best of all, our stand will have people from our NSW office on hand – the people newsagents deal with daily in NSW.  While I will be there tomorrow, we have found it valuable for newsagents to meet at trade shows the people they will deal with in their state.

POS Solutions is also at the trade show. This makes it easy for newsagents to compare systems and companies.

Better eftpos service for gift shops

tyro_swivel_base.JPGOur gift shop Point of Sale software provides access to an integrated eftpos solution which cuts mistakes, improves the customer experience and makes handling eftpos sales faster.  It saves money too – the Tyro broadband eftpos rates we have for our POS software user community are excellent.  The swivel base eftpos pin pad we recommend is popular with customers too – it is easy to use and most secure. We use Tyro and this swivel base pin pad in our own gift shops and so have our own personal experience from which to draw. It sits in the same location on the counter and is easily turned to a customer for PIN entry and back to the staff for processing.

Rather than using a separate bank terminal for eftpos, our integrated solution helps gift shop owners cut significant banking costs and processing delays from their businesses.  This is another way we help our gift shop customers improve the return they get from their software investment.

Fast broadband eftpos helps retailers increase sales

We are seeing more evidence of our fast broadband eftpos interface with Tyro driving sales growth.  Several of our retail partners have shared anecdotes of customers who made a second purchase after the sale was processed – a purchase the retailer would have expected to lose because of the slower dial-up eftpos terminal from their bank.  In each case, the retailers are busy and serving a time-poor customer pool.  A delay in processing can cause the sale to be lost.

Thanks to our smart integration with Tyro, we are seeing eftpos approvals completed in one or two seconds – dramatically faster than is usually achieved with a bank terminal.  The retailers we have spoken with love the speed of Tyro and the sales they can quickly close as a result.