Help for small business gift shops in Australia

Gift shops using the gift shop software from Tower Systems have access to help in turning their business around. Thanks to a deep well of expertise and experience in retail and the ability to mine valuable business data, Tower Systems is able to deliver services beyond those one expects from a software company.

The range of services for a gift shop doing it tough or in trouble can vary from business advice to practical assistance. We assess each case on its merits and engage in business assistance accordingly.

We have developed a business cash flow as part of overall business planning,  identified dead stock and advised on how to quit this, reviewed rosters and even provided in-store staff to help reset the business.  Each case is different.

Every piece of assistance is decided on by the business owner.  We involve them in understanding their situation better and participating in working out next steps to improve the performance of their business.

The practical and professional help we provide gift shops and other struggling small business retailers is free and part of the Tower AdvantageTM service.

Yes retail is tough. Our mantra is that each business owner needs to own their situation and to actively pursue resolving this to their benefit, the benefit of employees and the benefit of all other stakeholders in the business.

Adelaide candy shop implements Tower Systems POS software with scale integration

Tower Systems is proud to have completed the installation of its innovative Point of Sale software in a new candy shop in Adelaide. This installation is also featuring the new direct scale integration in the Tower POS software.

Thanks to engagement form this and other retailers using the Tower Point of Sale software, the company has been able to enhance its software beyond the areas traditionally served by the company. This provides more capabilities for retailers, more value from their IT investment.

The scale integration is just one of several major innovations delivered by tower Systems already in 2013 as the company ramps up investment in its software.

With more retailers blurring the lines between their traditional and new operations, having software that is flexible and regularly updates is proving to be key.

Tower Systems appreciates the generosity of time and support from its customers as this helps the company invest in such facility expansion.

Basket data from gift shop software helps gift shops drive sales

A new breed of gift shop owner is using shopper basket data to make savvy business decisions. These business operators are running growth businesses – focused on business outcome success.  Typically, they are retail professionals running their businesses based n a well-considered business plan.

Whereas in the past many gift shop owners ran their businesses on a whim, today’s real success stories are businesses operating on principles of professional retailing.

Tower Systems is privileged to be working with several groups of such gift shop and homewares retailers, providing input on business plans, showing how our gift shop POS software can shine a light on business activity and unlocking other ideas for business improvement.

Working with such proactive retailers helps the Tower business and its software as much as it helps our customers. We are grateful for the openness at the core of these opportunities.

Thanks to a broad range of gift shops using the Tower software we are gaining experience from small, medium and large professional gift and homewares shop operations through this business development work.

Software offer for gift shops for easy stocktake

Tower Systems has announced a special POS software offer for gift shops, promoting its gift shop software with an offer of a free PDE – for fast, easy and portable stock takes – for anyone purchasing a package system by June 30 this year.

The latest gift shop software offer, promoted using a professional postcard, has been sent to all gift shops in Australia. The postcard itself reflects the professionalism of the company and our software.

We are targeting the end of financial year stocktake time given that it’s tough work for many small business retailers like gift shops.

Our solution saves time and money – every year.  Plus it provides a more consistent and valuable data framework on which the gift shop businesses can rely for making good business decisions.

Gift shops using our gift shop software tap into benefits beyond easy stock takes – they save time and money in many other areas plus they benefit from greater control over the business and better quality business decisions which flow.

The most widely used gift shop software!

The Tower Systems Gift Shop Software is the most widely used gift shop software in Australia. This is no small feat. In fact, it’s huge considering the marketplace.

In our software, gift shop owners and managers have access to best-practice: Point of Sale (scanning), supplier connection, business performance reporting, LayBy, special orders, gift cards, loyalty rewards, theft management and a bunch of other tools and facilities designed to help these businesses flourish.

Not resting on having the dominant market share, we have been busy developing enhancements to the software, to keep it ahead in offering facilities with which retailers can grow their businesses.

One of the benefits of being the largest is having a broad community on which to draw for ideas for the future. Our user community provides insightful feedback that we leverage for our and their benefit.

Best practice Point of Sale software customer service wins retailers

Retailers using the Tower software for jewellers, bike shop software, garden centre software, newsagency software, gift shop software, adult shop software, gun shop software and other POS software have access to best practice software support and help desk facilities.

Tower AdvantageTM is the name given to the software support, update and service package offered by Tower Systems to retailers using our Point of Sale software.

Our package of services is so unique that we decided some years ago that it needed to be trademarked. So we registered Tower AdvantageTM with IP Australia and received approval.

Tower AdvantageTM coverage is optional. Retailers using our software can continue to use the software regardless of whether they take out Tower AdvantageTMcoverage.

Customers who do take out Tower AdvantageTM coverage receive at no additional cost:

  • Software updates.
  • Access to software support coverage 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This includes local number support access in Melbourne, Sydney, Birbsnae, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart and Toll Free support for all of New Zealand.
  • Access to more than 200 professionally written and reviewed advice sheets documenting how to use the software.
  • Access to more than 30 training videos.
  • Access to our NEW online training curriculum.
  • Access to face-to-face user meetings hosted in many cities each year.
  • Access to regular weekly online training workshops.
  • Free business health check service which assesses business performance and how the software us being used.
  • Free theft check service checking secret business data to see if employees are stealing from the business.

The total package of Tower AdvantageTM services is unique to Tower Systems and another reason the company continues to enjoy excellent year on year sales growth.

It’s easy to sell items without a barcode using POS software

Accurately selling inventory items without a barcode is easy with the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. A good example of where this is important is in the selling of single sheets of coloured paper and cardboard in newsagencies, stationery shops and craft shops.

While a retailer could put a barcode on the sheets, the adhesive could damage the product. So, being able to sell the items without a barcode is important.

Using the Tower Point of Sale software, retailers can easily sell items without a barcode thanks to clever touch screen setup. They can sell to whatever level they want including, in the case of cardboard, brand,colour, size and the like. This flexibility is very important for craft shops that want deep level stock control in their business. It speaks to the wonderful flexibility in the software.

Retailers of all types use the flexibility in the POS screen for selling items that cannot have a barcode for one reason or another.

Who says retail is tough? Small business gift shops are growing!

We are thrilled to be partnering with gift shops that are growing – against the retail trends so often claimed on in the news. We have plenty of gift shop customers, using our gift shop software, who are expanding their businesses including opening new shops. Owners tell us that our gift shop software is part of the reason for their growth and expansion.

Using our latest gift shop software, retailers can expect to reduce the time spent managing their business, to make better quality business decisions, to encourage customers back more often and to see employees helping drive business success.

The proof of the accuracy of our sales pitch is in the growth we are seeing among retailers using our software. Their success is our success and we’re thrilled to see it.

Part of our success in the gift shop software space comes from the enhancements we continue to make to the software. Many of these are from suggestions from customers. Anything we can do to help make our software more valuable to our customers is good business for us.

So, in the face of media reports that retail is tough, there are good stories out there – if only journalists would chase them down and share them with the world.

Tower Systems launches business assistance / round table discussions for and with gift shop owners

Tower Systems has launched a series of round table confidential business performance discussion opportunities for retailers using its gift shop software.  bringing together gift sop owners from various situations, these confidential sessions will encourage business discussion, sharing of insights and exploring of business growth opportunities.

The Tower role is to share business data and help the business owners make sense of this data in the context of their own situation. We will also provide the facilities including catering.

These free interactive face-to-face sessions are designed to help engaged gift shop owners to look at their businesses differently, in pursuit of greater success for the businesses. They are another way Tower Systems is adding value of the gift shop marketplace – helping gift shop owners and their suppliers to build stronger and more valuable  businesses.

We are grateful to be in a position that enables us to fund this service for the channel.

Amazing gift fair experience for our POS software company

We loved our experience at the Sydney Gift fair this past week.

Our stand at the Home and Giving fair was a tremendous success, delivering access to many new prospects and giving us an opportunity to speak face to face with existing customers.

Wow! We got more out of this trade show than we expected.

We also had one of our management team meeting with gift and homewares suppliers, helping them to connect with retailers of their products. This was bonus contact that suppliers loved. We have made many new connections through which we will help the gift and homewares supply chain improve productivity.

We also had a member of our creative team looking at the show from a more creative perspective, understanding how we could engage on an even deeper level.

Yes, this past week in Sydney has been an excellent experience and opportunity for us, one we have embraced with open arms for ourselves and for our customers.

Our early engagement with the gift and homewares channel many years ago is paying off.

Fresh jeweller software on show this weekend at JAA show

Tower Systems will be showing off its new software for Jewellers at the JAA trade show in Melbourne this weekend.

This boutique trade show is an excellent event at which to kick off our trade show marketing for the year. The fair this year is combined with a gift fair in Melbourne – attendees can freely move between the two shows. This gives us double the customer potential as we have terrific software for jewellers and gift shops.

We will also see plenty of homewares business owners as well as newsagents at this event as both work at expanding the product focus of their businesses.

The software we will be showing is fresh as it is the very latest version of our software, released just two days ago. This is very exciting as there are genuinely innovative facilities we are now showing for the first time, marketplace leading facilities that are sure to be loved by existing customers and desired by those not using our software.

Trade shows will play an important role in our marketing mix in 2013. We’re excited to get started and show off the Tower AdvantageTM.

Gift shop software helps gift shops embrace Valentine’s Day

The commercial reach of Valentine’s Day can be broader for retailers using gift shop software to target products and shoppers.

Thanks to smart reporting and immediate basket analysis tools, the Tower Systems gift shop software is already helping retailers to leverage more benefits from Valentine’s Day 2013.  From facilitating promotions on receipts to guiding smarter product adjacencies, the Tower gift shop software in enabling retailers to turn a good valentine’s Day season into a more valuable season.

While some shoppers see Valentine’s Day as an American commercial season, smart retailers make it about fun, enjoyment and loving each other … broadening the reach of the season to make it more valuable at the sales counter.

Connecting with emotions helps drive deeper shopper engagement and our software can show the products that are working best through the season to deliver good results for the business.

Valentine’s Day is providing an excellent opportunity for retailers to check consumer sentiment for 2013. Early indications are good.

Greeting card performance report is the industry standard card performance report for newsagents and card retailers

In early 2011 we released our Greeting Card Performance Report – Category and Segment Performance Report. This report has become the industry standard report for newsagents and other card retailers, delivering best practice reporting facilities to these retailers and helping them to better manage the greeting card department.

The report was the first of its kind for newsagents and other independent retailers in Australia and New Zealand.  It delivered genuine innovation. It’s the type of innovation that earns the moniker of smart software for us in the channels.

Developed over several years in close and confidential association with Australia’s best known (and loved) card company, Hallmark, our new greeting card performance reporting is now well established.

A feature of this reporting is the MAT or Moving Annual Total metric. This is used in several suppliers and big businesses – we have found it tremendously useful in tracing year on year to date business performance.

We offered to share our IP with other software companies so they could catch up.

Retailers using the new reporting are loving the immediate and easy access to category level sales reporting.  For example, being able to report on Father’s Day sales the day after the big day is terrific.  Being able to break down overall Father’s Day card sales into categories within the season is even more valuable.  that retailers can do this faster than any card company is where our software really shines.

This new greeting card performance reporting suite has been delivered to our users at no additional cost, adding tremendous value to what our Point of Sale software customers can extract from theirs software.

Tower Systems preferred POS software supplier to gift and homewares shops

Tower Systems is into its third year as a preferred supplier for members of  Australian Gift and Homewares Association.  AGHA members  can access our terrific gift shop management software at a special AGHA member price. They can also tap into specialist support services and business performance analysis services … plus access invoice and catalogue data from a range of suppliers.

Thanks to our relationship with the AGHA, gift shop owners benefit from our regular participation in trade shows and other AGHA industry events.  This demonstrates support for the retail channel and provides us with excellent networking and learning opportunities – both of which are vital to developing better software.

To access the special pricing available to AGHA members, please contact a local Tower Systems sales person.

Gift voucher enhancements to help gift shops drive sales

The Tower Systems Gift Shop management software has been enhanced, delivering even better gift voucher services.

Gift vouchers are vital to gift shops as they provide an opportunity to win a customer for the future even though the business may not have the item wanted today.

Whether voucher printed on the receipt printer, a professionally printed cheque-size voucher or a professionally produced gift card, the gift vouchers managed by the tower gift shops software are flexible and professional for retailers of all sizes.

The latest enhancements released make gift vouchers even more useful for the many gift and homewares shops using the tower Systems software.

Ready for Reed Gift Fair in Sydney

Our team is ready for the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney that starts this weekend. Our stand is a departure from our most recent approach to trade shows.

For this fair we have created fresh collateral, specifically for a one-off use over the next four days starting tomorrow.

The photo shows the stand from this afternoon – others around us were still building their stands.

retailers selling gift and homewares products will easily see us as we merchandise retail management software in a unique way … in keeping with the professional merchandising we often see go gift and homewares stores.

Ready for the Home & Giving Fair tomorrow in Melbourne

Tower Systems is thrilled to be featuring at the Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne again this year. As the software partner of the AGHA, the gift and homewares association, and a long-term support of this important gift and homewares trade show, we are excited for this weekend in Melbourne.

Starting tomorrow, we will have our very latest software solutions for gift and homewares retailers on show on our stand at the Home & Giving Fair. We will also be showing off our new collateral and a range of other benefits and features for these businesses. Plus, we will have one of our technical experts on the stand to provide fresh personal technical advice to any existing customer who stops by our stand.

From managing stock to connecting with suppliers to competing with online businesses to motivating employees … we have solutions for gift and homewares retailers which are well established and have been proven to be successful.

What we are looking forward to the most is the great retail stories. Trade shows like this are always full of good stories from retailers and retail employees who are having a great time. The stories fly in the face of negative stories about retail which media outlets tend to report. There is no doubt that a highlight for us of the Home & Giving Fair will be success stories we hear from our customers and from sales prospects.

Starting tomorrow on our stand we will be busy – we’re excited and grateful for the opportunity.

Helping gift shop owners through partnership with the AGHA

Thanks to our partnership with the Australian Gift and Homewares Association we are able to help gift and homewares retailers to cultivate more valuable retail businesses. With our gift and homewares software at the heart of our efforts, we offer AGHA members and all gift and homewares retailers a software solution that has been lovingly crafted to serve the needs of wonderful retail channel.

From customer service, to loyalty marketing, to stock management, the Tower Systems gift and homewares software is designed to facilitate business efficiency and drive better commercial outcomes for these often independent and small businesses.

With hundreds already using the software we are able to share many reference sites with gift and homewares retailers considering partnering with us.

Thanks to the AGHA relationship we are able to help them access our software at a valued price.

Helping small business gift shops reward shoppers

Small business gift shops in Australia are competing with mass merchant gift retailers by offering more value for money backed by personal and knowledgable service. They are doing this by using our gift shop software to focus on shopper touch points, adding value through service.

For example, some gift products are more easily sold when knowledge is shared about uses for a gift. Our POS software makes the storing and sharing of this by product item easier. It can ensure that all employees in a gift shop are as knowledgeable about an item as the person most expert in the item.

It is this level of personal and knowledgable service which helps small business gift shops separate themselves from mass merchants.

Underscoring sales in gift shops using our software is the loyalty facilities … tools which enable the retailer to offer points for purchase, points which can be converted to shopper dollars. This, too, helps small business gift shops compete with mass merchant retailers operating with gifts.

While some outlets continue to report doom and glom in retail, we prefer to focus on helping our retail communities to grow through service and reward.

Congratulations Urban Attitude

Congratulations to Urban Attitude on the opening of their fourth store in Melbourne, this time at Chadstone Shopping Centre. This expanding group offers a unique mix of products in-store and online. Urban Attitude stores are busy thanks to wonderful shopper word of mouth about the range and service.

We are proud to serve the business with our gift shop management software, software which is now in use in well over one hundred gift shops or all sizes and types from the small to the group wide business.

As suppliers to several groups in retail channels we are able to offer centralised business ordering, reporting and management thanks to our multi-store facilities.

Gift shop retailers play online and offline using smart POS software

While some retailers are bemoaning the inroads online retailers are having on their high street store sales, we are working with, and loving, gift shop retailers who operate high street gift shops as well as online businesses. Using our gift shop software, these retailers are able to have a single inventory source for both businesses.

Yes, that’s right. Clever inventory management tools in our gift shop management software helps gift and homewares retailers to manage both businesses more easily.

Through our web store bridge we enable easy sales and inventory data sharing between two platforms – online and offline.  This is smart software serving smart retailers and we are thrilled to be part of the solution.

As a partner of the AGHA and committed to helping Australian gift and homewares retailers build stronger and more valuable businesses, we continue to evolve our software so that our customers can achieve even more from operative both online and offline.

Our next gift shop software update is a couple of weeks away and this update will deliver even more to the many gift shops who partner with us.  Guidance from retailers using our software is helping us to evolve our software in line with changing needs of the gift and homewares retail channels.

New Software for gift and homewares shops marketing collateral

Our in-house creative team has been working on a complete replacement of the marketing collateral used to promote our software in trade journals, brochures and at trade shows. The first airing of the new collateral will come in Gift and Homewares industry publication Giftrap with this advertisement.

This ad is a tease of a broader collateral package representing our retail management software. We are using colours and visual themes which are very current for the age range we are targeting with our marketing.

Too often software companies create advertising which looks like word art from twenty years ago. Our in-house team is showing off their skill by professional representing Tower in a fresh, visual accessible and creative way … like our software.

Seasonal opportunities help gift shops drive sales

Gift shops using our gift shop software are making the most of sales opportunities this Mother’s Day and with every sale, gift shop retailers are building their database of who is buying what and what is selling. This seasonal sales data is then used to better inform the retail businesses about opportunities for the further development of the business.

History has shown that gift shops using software to manage operations and guide business decisions are better positioned for a brighter future. Tower Systems helps drive this by providing gift shop customers with assistance beyond what is traditional for a software company, assistance in the form of business insights, supplier links and other benefits tailored for gift shop owners to help then drive the value they achieve from their businesses.

Mother’s Day is in the top three gift buying seasons of the year. Good software is helping gift shop owners to make the most of the seasonal opportunity.

Gift shop Point of Sale software makes gift shops more competitive

The gift retail space in Australia is highly competitive. This is in part due to broad range of retailers selling gifts. It seems that everyone is in the gift space either all through the year or just for high seasons. Add to this growing online sales of gifts and, yes, you have a robust and competitive marketplace.

From department stores through to micro gift shop businesses, gifts are everywhere.

The Tower Systems gift shop software is aimed at the specialist gift shop, the shop which generates the vast majority of its income from selling gifts … from high end specialist gifts to the simple such as plush for a new baby or a mug for mum’s birthday.

Gift shop software is all about helping the gift shop owner and gift shop employees to make the most of being the retail specialist in the space … and about giving a retail experience which as good or better than that offered by the big department store.

We are seeing gift shops grow sales by embracing the opportunities embedded in our gift shop software. Growth from knowledge about business performance, better customer service, customer loyalty programs, gift cards and a range of other services and opportunities presented in our gift shop management software.

Understanding that the shopping experience builds trust between the shopper and retailer is are the core of the benefits delivered by proper use of our professional and specialist gift shop software.

From the micro gift shop with sales of $200,000 a year through to a multi location gift business with sales into millions of dollars, we have the gift shop space covered. Online and offline. Traditional through to the highly seasonal. It is our broad customer base that informs our software enhancements and helps us to deliver good value adjustments in software updates.

Despite recent news reports talking down retail, we are seeing excellent growth in sales through gift shops and are thrilled to be part of this good new story.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company serving in excess of 2,500 small and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea The Cook Islands and several other countries.  The company also operates several retail businesses, providing it with personal and practical retail experience through which it can better understand the needs of its customers.

Gift shops loving gift shop software

At recent trade shows we have invited gift shop owners using our gift shop software to share their feedback for possible inclusion in fresh marketing material. The responses have been wonderful, ranging from the practical (we are saving 9 hours a week from the roster) to the emotional (I feel like I have my life back).

We love all customer feedback as it informs us about the contribution our soft are is making in gift shop businesses partnering with us.

The most significant contributions our software makes as recorded by our customers include:

  • Saving time in managing inventory.
  • Managing and driving shopper loyalty.
  • Providing instant access to accurate business data and through this guiding better quality business decisions.
  • Streamlining the sales counter – improving accuracy and helping customers enjoy the sales experience more.
  • Helping the business sell more products.
  • Helping the owners complete record keeping in a faction of the time it used to take.
  • Providing peace of mind about the future of the business.

We love these trade show and user meeting opportunities as they help our team unlock more benefits for our customers. In asking what they think of our software we open the door for a discussion about what else they might achieve with the software they have.

Independent and small gift shops exist in a tough and competitive marketplace. Our job is to provide them with tools to help them compete and grow.