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Gift card artwork shines

gift_cards.JPGWe have developed artwork for new gift cards for one group of users of our s0ftware.  While our users can create a gift voucher using our software, these beautiful gift cards take the ‘gift’ to a new level.  Professionally produced to credit card specification, they compare favourably with the quality you would expect to see at David Jones or Myer.

We have twelve designs in this suite and ideas for more.  The photo does not do the artwork for each card justice … yes, we are very proud.

The cards work directly and exclusively with our software.  On the reverse of each card is a unique barcode connecting it back to the value of the gift loaded.


Selling prepaid visa product

frank_visa.JPGMany of our newsagent users are in the process of receiving retail packs to support the new range of prepaid visa product now available for direct sale through our software. Just in time for Christmas sales, these prepaid visa cards are a good replacement for the now collapsed BOPO card from Bill Express. There are four different products available.

We are the only software company in the newsagency channel offering direct availability of these products. The technical feat of this is considerable since we are vending direct from our software to the supplier of these products. Other software companies which may bring this to market will do so through a third party.

Getting through compliance testing for banking related products is complex and time consuming. It is a testament to the professionalism of our software development and testing team that we have achieved this.

Access to these products and the necessary software enhancement is free for all users of our current software.


Selling gift cards

sr_fhn_oct09.JPGWe have offered support for gift cards and gift vouchers for quite some time now. They are a great way to sell something when the customer is not sure what to buy. We use these ourselves in our group of four Sophie Randall gift shops with success.

In the case of our Sophie Randall gift card, customers can buy the card at one of our stores and redeem at any other. This is where it works well since we cover a fair bit of the Melbourne suburban area with the stores.

We have an excellent advice sheet for any of our users wanting to use the gift card / gift voucher facility as well as considerable personal experience on the card and offer variations in our retail businesses and others.


Launching the gift card

We have been working very closely with a client on the launch of their store branded gift card.  Our software will manage the cards across multiple locations, with customers able to pay for purchases off the card in any of the company’s locations.

While well entrenched in major retailers, small business has been slow to embrace the store branded gift card opportunity.  This is in part due to limited redemption opportunities and in part due to the challenge of managing the financial side of the card.

While we have clients who have used account facilities in our software to manage gift cards, our new facilities take the offer to a new level and will help our small business customers more effectively compete.


Stored value cards

One of our customers is preparing to go live with a stored value card – a gift card – across a group of stores. Using our software a customers will be able to purchase a gift card in one store, give it to a friend and have them redeem in any or all of the stores.

While this functionality is common in big business, it is uncommon in small business. It is another facility we have added to our software without charge to our existing customer base.

we are excited because we have been closely involved in the process of card design as well as the back-end technology to mange balances, breakage etc.

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