Helping retailers to promote the points of difference of discount vouchers over traditional shopper loyalty rewards programs

shopper-loyaltyTower Systems has released collateral for use by retailers in promoting its exclusive discount vouchers offering.

Pitching the instant availability of hassle-free rewards, this collateral is set to help the hundreds of retailers who have engaged with the Tower loyalty offering.

The No paperwork and No points messages reinforce that this is a fresh approach to loyalty – then comes the clincher: Rewards you can use right away.

This collateral, developed by our in-house marketing team, has been made available free of charge. Posters are available in A4 and A3.

In this collateral Tower Systems shows commitment beyond its software, deeper into retail businesses.

Sunday small business retailer management advice: keep it simple

Some retailers think that making more noise works in their favour. In these types of businesses you will see many deals, almost too many to take in. Our advice is that in retail often less is more. One offer or deal well pitched can generate more for a business than many offers.

Our advice for a business owner who  wants to position their business as the best value retailer in their category of products is to have a whole of business value proposition.  One way to pitch this is with one of the loyalty opportunities in our Point of Sale software.

From stand alone points-based loyalty to group wide integrated to small group integrated to our discount vouchers / instant rewards / cash rewards voucher facilities, retailers using our Point of Sale software have choice when it comes to offering a whole of business value proposition. Our software serves retailers with flexibility and power in this area, delivering tools retailers can use to offer a consistent message.

So, to retailers with many discounts and 2 for and 3 for deals, we say switch to a well thought our loyalty value proposition and rely on one message delivered and executed consistently to cut through.

This can be an excellent point of difference independent and small retailers.

Helping retailers understand their Christmas business performance

Tower Systems offers retailers using its POS software a business performance analysis service whereby we analyse business sales and other data and provide a fresh-eyes assessment on the performance of the business.

The service is free to Tower AdvantageTM customers and involves a thorough year on year comparison of business performance.

Christmas is an ideal time for such an assessment since it’s the busiest time of the year, the time a business should be at its best. The higher volume of trade through Christmas enables an even more meaningful assessment of business performance.

Many retailers have appreciated this free service and taken on opportunities to change their businesses as a result.

Tower Systems is proud to offer this and other non-traditional POS software support services to its customers.

POS software loyalty vouchers drive double digit growth for retailers

xxnaf99Several retailers have told us their they attribute the double-digit year on year growth they have been experiencing for the last four months to their introduction of our shopper loyalty driving discount vouchers earlier this year.

There is no doubting their growth – it is indicated in the data direct from their Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

What is exciting about the growth is that it is a whole of business growth.  Tracking back through the data, including the discount voucher use data, we can see shopper behaviour being driven / guided by the vouchers, we can see shoppers responding to the voucher opportunities. This is very exciting, being able to track shopper behaviour at the basket and SKU level. It validates all the work done by so many to bring the innovative loyalty offer to market.

Two businesses we have seen data for this week are tracking close to 20% year on year sales growth. The loyalty offering is costing them less than 2%. Most of the growth is being achieved in high margin lives with GP of 60% and more.

Being able to track performance of the discount vouchers is tremendously valuable to each business and to us as we share the discount vouchers success story with more retailers and their suppliers.

POS software training curriculum in full use

usertrainvidEven though retail businesses are busy with Christmas selling, plenty of retailers and their employees using our smart POS software are taking the opportunity to complete modules in our POS software training curriculum.  Using our guided self-pased online training – at a time and place that suits them – retailers and their employees are learning more how to use the software.

The image shows some of the training undertaken in the last week by one person from one business using our software.

Our offering of a comprehensive online self-serve training curriculum that is backed by live assistance and guidance is a valuable point of difference for us. We are proud of our investment and the continuing enhancement of the resources available through our online training facility.

This training is another reason for retailers comparing software to choose Tower. Being able to learn when and where you want and to repeat learning as much as you want – all for no extra cost- is loved by retailers who want to make the most of their IT investment.

Retailers love POS software video training curriculum management tools

usertrainingvideosMore retailers are engaging with the online video based training curriculum that is a key part of our online self-serve customer support resource. While the 130+ videos that make up the library are also available on a single title bases directly from our new knowledge base / online help desk facility, we also provide access through a purpose written online curriculum management facility.

The photo shows how one of our customers accessed a stream of videos to complete module of training. our users can a mange access to the videos for an employee – thereby tracking employee learning and engagement.

This is a unique and valuable service offered by Tower Systems, one we are proud of as it presents us with an excellent point of difference for our Point of Sale software customers.

How retailers can break free from the old school approach to loyalty and give shoppers loyalty rewards they love

Close to a year ago we started secretly experimenting with a completely fresh approach to shopper loyalty. For many months we had been working on our discount vouchers facility, evolving it from an idea into a robust solution backed by excellent reporting while at the same time maintaining support for our traditional points-based VIP card and other loyalty offerings in our Point of Sale software.

In discount vouchers we wanted to deliver something genuinely unique, something that our customers could use to guide shopper loyalty. To achieve this it needed to be sophisticated yet easy to use. It also needed to be easily understood by customers. Oh, and it needed to have obvious value in the hands of shoppers. Finally, we need to undertake the final phase of development while it was being used in retail, so we could respond to retailer and shopper feedback.

While we knew the value of the old-school points-based VIP cards was falling rapidly since they no longer offered a point of difference, we committed to maintaining our support for this approach for those retailers who wanted to remain in this space.

Today, close to a year on from our first trial site, we are thrilled with the results achieved by discount vouchers – or whatever retailers call them … yes, they can give them their own name thanks to naming flexibility in the software. Also a year on, no one has delivered what we have. Sure they have tried, even explicitly saying they have what we have. but they don’t. What we have is unique because it can’t be copied by looking at it from the outside.

Deep within our software retailers partnering with us have options they can set to deliver shopper rewards through discount vouchers that are truly unique to their business even if a retailer nearby is running the same software from us. This is the beauty of the flexibility and power we have built into the software. Settings are personal to each business and they can be changed easily and immediately. This provides retailers with flexibility. They can also change by day and by type of shopper. Indeed, the flexibility and power multiply with each layer of flexibility that we provide.

So, how can retailers using a points based system break free? With our PSO software it’s easy. They can convert points to a voucher value from and from then on run with the vouchers. Or, they can use both. Retailers have the flexibility they want at their fingertips.

Tower Systems backs its exclusive and best-practice shopper loyalty solutions with mature and considered advice to help retailers make the most of the opportunities – to drive shopper traffic and sales. Our experience as retailers helps us take retailers bend technical advice. We have a loyalty rewards specialist in our help desk who helps our retailers embrace the opportunity in these facilities inn our software.

New release POS software moves to beta

The next update to our POS software has moved to beta release with test sites now running this latest software. Early feedback from the beta sites has been excellent. We are excited to be preparing to make this latest software update more widely available. We need some more beta site time under our belts before we set a release data – we take quality assurance seriously.

Gun shop software helps gun retailers manage licence requirements

The latest Tower Systems gun shop software has been enhanced to further assist with gun retailers meeting their obligations in terms of licence numbers and associated details. While our software has served in recording these details for some time, the latest enhancements are a further improvement based on in the field feedback.

With more gun retailers partnering with our gun shop software we are able to draw on a broader range of experiences with which to build even better software. The next software release, for example, will have more software enhancements that will be appreciated by professional gun retailers in Australia.

Core to our gun shop software and well-run gun retail businesses is adherence to regulation around the sale and care of guns. Our software plays a vital role in this area of gun shop management.


Software helps gun shop owners save time

Today’s gun shop has to be lean, efficient, good at detail and good at retail.  Achieving this takes time and an attention to business data.

Using gun shop software, gun shop owners can save time and take care of the detail in a consistent way.

From the sales through to back office admin, gun shop software can help gun retailers and their employees to run an efficient business.

Business efficiency benefits not only the business, it also benefits a purchaser should the business be sold. Indeed, it makes the business more appealing in the event of a sale.

Gun shop software used properly can bring structure to the business and ensure that processes and requirements are adhered to by everyone in the business using the software.

Age check

From even the simplest task like checking the age of a shopper, gun shop software can ensure that it’s done and have the employee record this prior to moving to the next step of a sale. This is especially useful in the business has casual employees.

Serial number tracking

Tracking items with unique serial numbers is important in a range of retail businesses. The Tower Systems gun shop software first did this for jewellers many years ago so it was easy to bring this online for gun shops in the gun shop software.

Easy ordering of stock

Knowing exactly what you have in stock all the time makes tracking stock easy. It also sets you up to be able to reorder at the push of a button and to check stock on hand easily.

Thanks to flexibility in reordering, good gun shop software brings to your business facilities to control your investment in stock and through this to drive a better financial return for your business.

Bringing good business controls to stock can save a gun shop thousands of dollars every year through fewer ordering errors.

Managing repairs and servicing

Tracking repairs and servicing jobs from the moment the item is dropped off through to collection is easier thanks to the good repairs facilities in gun shop software.

Being able to properly price the work based on parts and time used helps from a financial perspective.

A real treat is the ability to send your customer a text message when the item is ready to be collected.

Reconnecting with customers

Like any retail business, gun shops rely on customers returning for additional purchases over time. Sound marketing tools in the gun shop software make it easy for you to email or mail customers based on what they purchased and when. This can bring them back into the shop sooner.

Cutting theft

Theft hurts any retail business. Gun shop software can cut theft – shopper theft and employee theft. The key is to use all the theft management tools in the software to their fullest.

By imposing business rules on the operation of the business and using the software to enforce the rules I have seen various types of retail businesses cut theft and thereby save thousands of dollars in a year.

Gun shop software designed for gun shops

Through my software company we have developed software for gun shop management. This software continues to evolve thanks to advice and guidance form gun shop owners and their employees.

Just as you’d advise anyone looking to purchase a gun to go to an expert so to should you when it comes to gun shop software. An off the shelf computer system will not offer the same level of specialist services you need from your gun shop software.

This is where specialisation counts.

Own your success

Gun shops of any size can achieve growth in any economic situation.

People don’t stop spending on their interests in tough times – they just change what they give.

By taking a fresh look at business data gun shop owners can change focus, attract new shoppers and get existing shoppers spending more.

Smart POS software helps retailers beyond the cash register

It’s easy for a software company to claim that they offer smart POS software but much harder to deliver on the promise embedded in the word smart. At Tower Systems we act on our claims, we ensure that we deliver on our promise to continually improve our software to keep it smart and to backup our software with support and services so that our users can be smart.

In recent blog posts here we have been running a series of videos taking people behind the scenes at Tower, letting you meet just some of the real people providing help to our customers. Rather than claim we are of a certain size we’d rather put names and faces to what we do – offering a truth to our pitch.

Here are some other ways we help our users become smarter at using out smart POS software:

  1. Comprehensive video training library. More than 130 videos available to retailers and their staff 24/7. Up to date content.
  2. Free training workshops every week.
  3. More than 200 advice sheets with up to date user documentation. better than a manual.
  4. Free one on one training.
  5. Free business performance analysis service.
  6. Free business theft check service.
  7. Free backup check service.

Our EXCLUSIVE video training library, advice sheets and weekly training workshops offer genuine points of difference. They are a reason for our market position and continued growth.

Gun shop software helps ease compliance requirements

Since we started installing our Gun Shop Software last year we have learnt plenty about the needs of this marketplace. These learnings are reflected in updates released for the software than enhance what it offers gun shop owners and employees.

As with each of our specialist marketplace software packages, we continue to evolve our Gun Shop Software based on feedback from customers and sales prospects. Indeed, feedback from the field is vital to the software enhancements we deliver.

The next release of this software is due out in a couple of weeks and it will further evolve our offering for this regulated marketplace.

Helping retailers do a stocktake using Point of Sale software

The Doing a Stocktake live free online training workshop Tower Systems has been running this year for retailers using our Point of Sale software continues to attract excellent numbers of attendees. Indeed, bookings are so strong that even additional sessions scheduled fill up – leading more to be added.

Our 2,000+ retailer community has embraced the live online workshops as an ideal means for delivering access to training and we are happy to oblige with more and more training opportunities.

As the leader in delivering access to online training in our respective marketplaces, we have established a benchmark not only in terms of numbers of sessions but also in topic diversity. Plus we show customer care by adding repeat sessions for the most popular topics.

To see the free online training immediately available for booking please click here.

Tower Systems updates Point of Sale software to reflect TRS GST refund changes

The latest release of Point of Sale software from Tower Systems, released today, delivers support for the recently announced changes to the Tourist Refund Scheme announced by the government.

Specifically, the POS software is being enhanced to reflect the following:

  • Duty Free purchases can be made up to 60 days; previously 30 days.
  • Travellers Statement is updated with new rules.

The TRS website has details on the latest changes.

In developing these enhancements, Tower Systems reinforces its commitment to maintaining the currency of its software.

Jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares stores and garden centres will all benefit from these latest changes to the Tower software.

Tower AdvantageTM customers will receive access to the update for no additional cost.

What’s special about this gun shop software?

Gun shops have needs beyond traditional retailers, needs that are often not covered in off the shelf software. This is where the gun shop software from Tower Systems helps, we address needs unique to the channel including these important areas:

  1. Customer age checking and management.
  2. Serial number tracking.
  3. Repairs.
  4. Storage for safekeeping.
  5. Services – such a range access.

In developing these and other facilities, Tower Systems has consulted with professional gun shop owners to ensure that our software is indeed a useful and appreciated solution.

For the best advice on choosing software for your gun shop, read How to choose the best gun show software.

With more gun shops added to our users community in the last few months, we are building better experience and expertise which we can use to help more businesses drive efficiency and business success.

Points are old school when it comes to retail shopper loyalty

Tower Systems has supported shopper accrual of loyalty points for many years, delivering to retailers using its POS software excellent tools for shoppers to accrue and spend points. As more and more retailers have turned on loyalty programs, loyalty fatigue among shoppers has set in and what was a point of difference years ago is nothing special today.

Focused on leadership, Tower Systems has been working on alternatives in the shopper loyalty space, alternatives to bring shoppers back and to guide them to spend more than average.  A trial of completely new and fresh facilities is entering its third month and the results are excellent. Through our comprehensive reporting tools we are able to track shopper behaviour down to the transaction item detail and this is providing insights that will be useful when the new tools are commercially rolled out.

The new facilities, unlike anything in our retail niche channels – newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares shops – will show off our leadership position and help retailers achieve excellent results by embracing tools that deliver an a competitive advantage. The key is the strong management and reporting tools provided as part of the new suite of facilities.

We keep hearing that retail is tough. Innovative retailers are enjoying success. Good technology can help any retail business innovate.

Helping gun shops, jewellers & bike retailers track products by serial no.

The serial number tracking services available through our smart Point of Sale software are appreciated in several of our marketplaces.

Developed with jeweller and bike shop retailers originally, the serial number tracking tools in our POS software have been enhanced to meet evolving needs of these retailers as well as gun shops.

Serial number tracking requires accuracy and focus in serving the needs of the retailer, customer and other parties. Achieving this without negatively impacting the traffic flow at the counter is a challenge we address in our software.

Using serial number tools, retailers are able to track individual items sold to meet regulatory record-keeping requirements as well as track items for the benefit of the customer and the business in terms of warraty and other future activity around a specific item purchased.

retailers using our software can also find previous sales by searching using a serial number.

In addition to specifically serving the needs of tracking serial numbers of items sold, the software tools also work well in areas with similar needs. The software gives even more flexibility to the overall Point of Sale software package.

Sunday small retail business management advice: motivate your employees

Motivating retail employees can be tough, especially if you take a traditional approach,managing in a traditional way. In our experience working with many retailers in a range niche retail channels we have seen a different approach work – one where retail employees are brought into a deeper understanding of the business and where they participate in growing sales.

Sharing with retail employees the value of their sales in a week while helping them understand the costs of doing business, can see some reach beyond average and start to make a more significant sales contribution to the business.

Our Point of Sale software helps retailers to track employee performance so this can be shared in a motivating ay with employees. Our experience is that it works well at getting employees thinking and acting more like employers. Often, they try and compete with previous sales numbers.

Professional shelf labels benefit POS software users

Shelf labels are an unglamorous part of what good Point of Sale software provides for a business. they are vital for many retail channels, helping save time, guide shoppers and help retail employees in product placement.

Here at Tower Systems we have provided professional, inexpensive and flexible shelf labels to retailers for decades.

We offer low-cost laser printed shelf labels as well as labels one up on a strip using a thermal printer.  We also support weather-proof labels. Our customers can choose what works best for them.

For something so everyday in retail, shelf labels are vitally important for retailers. We understand this and ensure that what we offer is best practice in each of our marketplaces. While there are high-tech shelf label options, in the marketplaces in which we serve, printed labels continue to offer a best-value option.

we support our customers in the production of labels with written and other advice, training and support.

New online training workshops for March

Following extraordinary engagement with our free online training workshops through february by retailers using our Point of Sale software, we have introduced new topics for March.

In less than a week of the new topics being announced, many sessions were close to filling. Our response is to schedule more.

Our customers love our online training, especially that the sessions are live and interactive. They are also loving the WebEx platform we use … oh, and that access is free.

Here are the new topics launched for March:

  • Best Practice for Retailer Security
  • Creating and Improving Your Touch Screen Layout and Efficiency
  • Building a Successful Loyalty Program
  • Processing Manual Invoice Arrivals
  • How to Process Customer Billing & Statements
  • Best Practice for Magazine Management
  • Best Practice for Magazine Management
  • Using Early Returns Effectively
  • Getting Started with Repairs
  • Building a Successful Loyalty Program
  • Run List Management and Getting Started with HTML Run Lists

This list of new topics and the training delivered in february speaks to our commitment to helping our customers achieve more through their software. We are ensuring that our actions speak louder than our words.

The value of our own retail businesses

We are grateful that own four retail businesses in which we can play with our POS software, in advance of distribution of our beta pool customers.

Having our own different retail businesses in which to play is a commercially valuable point of difference for us, one we exploit to deliver better software to our customers.

For some weeks now we have been playing with new software designed to provide our retail customers with a fresh competitive advantage. We are able to play and tweak, ensuring that what we ultimately deliver is technical, operationally and business bottom-line superior.

Our experience in owning retail businesses for seventeen years is that testing first in our own businesses is bette than relying on the beta release pool of customers.

Free online training workshops for POS software loved by retailers

The new live online training workshops we launched earlier this year from retailers using our Point of Sale software continue to draw excellent numbers and meaningful engagement.

As the screenshot shows, we have sessions booked out well in advance. We continue to add more sessions to serve demand.

These online workshops continue to be a valuable point of difference for us. For years now we have led in our respective marketplaces in the delivery of free training opportunities. It’s easy to announce that you do this and considerable harder to deliver. We’re proud to deliver.

We will soon announce our March program.

The POS software training program this year is proving to be particularly useful to our customers:

  • Getting Started with Laybys
  • Building a Successful Loyalty Program
  • Smart Marketing
  • More Than Just a Receipt

Happy retailers = happy customers

Tower Systems early this month launched a Happy retailers … happy customers campaign, promoting the joy and commercial pleasure that can come from using good POS software to its fullest in a small and independent retail businesses like bike shops, jewellers, gift shops, homewares stores, adult shops, newsagents, garden centres, nurseries and gun shops.

Our core focus as a company is on small and independent retail businesses. We love dealing direct with the owner and enjoy a direct connection. This is rare when dealing with bigger businesses like retail chains.

The core message of our Happy retailers … happy customers campaign is optimism, optimism about retail and about small and independent retail in particular.

Every day we see wonderful success stories. Thanks to our retail community connections we can share these, to help more businesses share the optimism and chase growth.

While we are only a couple of weeks in, this campaign has gained excellent support with prospects across a range of marketplaces growing.

New POS software training curriculum starts today

Tower Systems is thrilled to be launching today a new training curriculum for for retailers using its Point of Sale software.

Having announced fresh new online training workshops a few weeks ago, more than 80% of available spots have been booked for the free live online workshops.

The new curriculum kicks off today with a session on Using Catalogues and Promotions to Build Your Business:

Catalogue marketing is a very important part of many businesses throughout a year – periods such as Back To School, Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas are all common discount promotion seasons. This training session will teach users how to quickly and easily set up a sale or promotion and how to track its success.

By the end of today, 28 businesses will have participated in the two live online workshop sessions we are hosting. These are businesses from many different locations and in many different businesses.

In addition to the training delivered, the workshops provide an excellent opportunity for the business owners to network and for them to provide us with direct customer feedback.

We are very excited to have this new live training program up and running for 2013 and to have so many of our customers engaging with the training.

The result will be retailers using our Point of sale software to drive more value from their businesses.

Choosing the right Gun shop software

How to choose the best gun show software is is a new report just published by Tower Systems to help gun shop owners select the right gun shop software for their business.

With more gun shops added to our users community in the last few months, we are building better experience and expertise which we can use to help more businesses drive efficiency and business success.

The latest version of our gun shop software has been released to the marketplace, delivering nice enhancements targeted at the specialist needs of gun shops as well as other retailers using aspects of this software.

Gun shop owners tell us they like our industry specific facilities and enjoy the certainty and ease of operation they bring to the business.