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Homewares retailers benefit from Point of Sale software

Homewares retailers using our Point of Sale software for homewares shops are using the software to drive sales in a tough retail environment. By engaging with our email, text, receipt and point of purchase marketing opportunities they are able to generate more business from existing shoppers and to help these shoppers bring more traffic in-store.

Homewares retailers have more opportunities than many other retailers in that shoppers often build collections over time. There is where our software can help but keeping the business in touch with shoppers as they go about their build.

By curating valuable business data using our POS software, retailers are able to identify and pursue business growth opportunities.  This in itself is a good reason for homewares retailers to use smart Point of Sale software to run their business … it’s more valuable than a generic software package.


Homewares Retail Software Connects With Homewares Suppliers

With more homewares suppliers keen to connect with retailers through our homewares shop software, we are able to shorten the time it takes from placement of order through to inventory getting the shelves of homewares shops.

A more efficient supply chain benefits both homewares retailers and homewares suppliers.

Our homewares shop management software plays a key role in helping retailers and suppliers to access these time and financial benefits.

The facilities we provide in our software and the services we provide to back these up make it easy for suppliers and retailers in the homewares channel to connect with each other and improve efficiency around the supply chain.


Point of Sale for Homewares Businesses Enhanced

Our Homewares Point of Sale software has been further enhanced recently with an update delivering new reporting and business management tools.  Severl of the enhancements were developed closely with homewares retailers and we are grateful for their help in developing a better understanding of these opportunities.

With the homewares retail channel strong and growing, from what we can see, there are terrific opportunities for growth in the run up to Christmas 2011.

the latest update will be supplemented with another update in a couple of months as part of our continuous improvement commitment to our retail partners.

Homewares retailers are using our software to manage sales, customer accounts, LayBys, inventory replenishment, employees, customer loyalty, business reporting and other areas.


Helping Gift and Homewares Suppliers to Connect With Retailers

Our work with gift and homewares suppliers helping them deliver electronic invoices to gift and homewares retailers is delivering time-saving and business-building rewards, rewards which are beneficial to retailers and to the participating suppliers.

Connecting with back office systems from small wholesalers through to some of the largest suppliers to the gift and homewares channel, our work is enabling retailers to save time bringing in new inventory, reducing the cost of pricing errors and saving time on ordering stock.

This tighter electronic relationship between gift and homewares retailers and suppliers is delivering the classic win win.  We are thrilled to be the glue which is facilitating this.  Our work is pro-bono, for the overall good of the gift and homewares channel.

Bringing new suppliers on is easy.  We have a structured approach to data files to serve a diverse range of situations.  We are also able to connect with different back office systems from the small to the large.  Suppliers keen to explore accessing this connection should make contact with our Software Development Manager through our Head Office.


Barcode Changes for Homewares Stores

In the next update to our Point of Sale software we will release greater flexibility for configuring barcode labels.  While developed specifically for retailers using our homewares software, we are releasing the change to other users.

While we already offer tremendous flexibility in the creation and management of barcode labels, this latest innovation will further enhance the offer for Tower Systems – thanks to what we have been able to discover from needs outlined by our homewares partners.

We will announce the details of the barcode configuration enhancements once the update is ready for commercial release.


Loading Maxwell and Williams Electronic Invoices Helps Homewares Retailers

Homewares retailers have been able to load electronic invoices for Maxwell and Williams and other HAG Group products using our homewares software since 2009. We created the link with the help of people at HAG and in support for HAG retailers using our Homewares Software.

In addition to the tremendous time saving this link delivers for homewares retailers using our software, there are the benefits of more accurate business data, better quality business decisions and greater overall certainty around business processes.

We are grateful to HAG for facilitating our access to electronic invoices and to our Homewares retail customers for encouraging us in this innovation.

The latest release of our Homewares Software delivers even more facilities which will help homewares retailers access even more benefits. We have excellent plans for 2011 in the Homewares space -enhanced software facilities, additional supplier connections and other benefits we will detail here once they are released.

In the meantime, Homewares retailers continue to enjoy access to HAG electronic invoices through our Point of Sale software.


New Point of Sale Software Helps Homewares Retailers

The latest release of our Homewares Software is helping homewares retailers to better compete in the current tough retail conditions.

Using the latest LayBy, Loyalty, Marketing, Special Orders and other facilities, Homewares retailers are able to use our software to provide the accurate and consistent customer service which is vital to business success.

Homewares retailers are finding our hamper facilities especially useful leading into Mother’s Day.  Some are also finding our marketing tools terrific for helping customers who want to collect full sets of items.

Habit is vitally important in retail, especially homewares retail.  Our Point of Sale software for Homewares businesses supports and assists habit based retail situations.

Watch for more Homewares driven software enhancements throughout 2011.


Growing Homewares Software Use

One of our installation team completed another homewares software installation in regional Victoria last week.  This time it was a two-store installation.

Growing initially out of our work in the gift shop channel, homewares businesses have emerged as a unique retail channel of their own in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software user community.

Homewares businesses are using a unique mix of software facilities to drive their businesses.  It is exciting to see their level of engagement as they seek to extract maximum value from our software.  The areas of our software which they particularly appreciate are:

Catalogues … the ability to discount items between a date range as well as the ability to structure buy X and get Y and other catalogue type deals.

Hampers … the ability to package a number of items and or services together to create a new hamper or package deal item.    This is especially useful at seasonal times.  Hommewares store owners like that they can package up items and then break the package down if necessary.

Reorder control … with considerable capital invested in floor stock and many homewares suppliers offering a Just In Time supply chain, through our Homewares Software, homewares retailers are able to reduce their stock investment without reducing sales.

Customer Loyalty … rewarding customers for spending an above average amount in a set period enables homewares retailers to thank these high-value customers.  the flow on is good word of mouth for the business and more traffic.

Community connection … thanks to clever local marketing engagement opportunities, homewares retailer are able to support local community groups and thereby show strong community support credentials.

Gift cards … with professional designed and manufactured gift cards, our homewares retail customers are able to sell a gift when the shopper cannot find exactly what they are looking for.  Our in-house design service delivers access to gift cards which really set our customers apart.

In these and other areas, Tower Systems homewares retailers are accessing tremendous benefits and leveraging measurable growth.


Homewares Software Helps Homewares Suppliers Drive Sales

Thanks to data links between homewares suppliers and homewares retailers, we are able to help both parties increase sales.  Retailers using our Homewares Software are able to feed sales data to their respective suppliers so that the suppliers are able to deliver stock using Just In Time principles and thereby reduce the floor stock cost for the retailers.

JIT principles work well in the homewares space where sales of dinner sets, crockery, cutlery, wine glasses and the like follow a pattern based on sales history.

Retailers using our Homewares software build reliable data over time and this data and the links to selected Homewares suppliers facilitates embracing JIT principles even for small retailers. The supplier link facilities are offered with security and confidence.  Smart suppliers use the data to build better and more valuable relationships with retail partners.

A small to medium homewares business can expect to reduce stock holding costs by thousands of dollars once Just In Time supply chain opportunities are implemented.  This money can be reinvested in the business.  The supplier benefits from a more certain and accurate supply model which is driven by accurate sales data.

Our homewares specific software provides a range of facilities for today;s homewares retailer including:

  • LayBy management.
  • Supplier comparison and management.
  • Range performance monitoring and management.
  • Customer loyalty tracking and marketing.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Hamper packaging and sales.
  • KPI tracking.
  • Fast seller reporting.
  • Supplier electronic invoices.
  • Streamlined product ordering.
  • Serial number tracking.
  • Warranty support.

Tower Systems is happy to work with any Homewares supplier on providing sales data and implementing JIT principles.


Homewares stores finish 2010 on a high note

Homewares stores using our homewares software are reporting a cracker finish to 2010.  The MasterChef effect is being experienced in many homewares businesses which have configured themselves to leverage the interest in home cooking and entertaining.

We see the effect in play through homewares retailers as well as their suppliers … our software links the two, improving the speed and reliability of the supply chain, reducing the cost of stock for the retailers and providing greater certainty for suppliers.

Out customers tell us that cooking and in-home dining related items were popular Christmas gifts and are proving to be popular in the post-Christmas sales.

Our homewares specific softare provides a range of facilities for today;s homewares retailer including:

  • LayBy management.
  • Supplier comparison and management.
  • Range performance monitoring and management.
  • Customer loyalty tracking and marketing.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Hamper packaging and sales.
  • KPI tracking.
  • Fast seller reporting.
  • Supplier electronic invoices.
  • Streamlined product ordering.
  • Serial number tracking.
  • Warranty support.

2011 will see our Homewares software further enhanced thanks to the work we are doing with suppliers and retailers. We expect it to top 2010!


Helping homewares retailers make the most of Christmas

table-setting.jpgChristmas is a wonderful time of the year for us to show off some of the excellent benefits of our homewares software, especially where we think we beat MYOB and other generic products.

Thanks of the flexibility of our software, our homewares customers are able to bundle products in a more competitive way, easily rewarding customers for spending more than they otherwise might.

Our clever basket building tools help homewares and other retailers maximise the Christmas sales opportunity.

Our catalogue facilities enable homewares retailers to easily run Christmas catalogues with special date based pricing.

Our loyalty facilities help homewares retailers to reward loyal customers.

Our marketing tools make it easy for homewares retailers to stay in touch with customers.

These facilities and others combine to deliver a valuable solution to the homewares retail channel and to help our homewares partners enjoy a terrific Christmas.


Boost for Homewares Point of Sale software

Given the growing importance of our Homewares software, last week we quietly released a significant change to our website.  We broke homewares out from our Gift software portal and launched a separate homewares software portal.

This separate location for our work for Homewares retailers will provide us with a place for publishing advice and information relating to our homewares software.

Work on our next homewares software update is well advanced.  This update is a mixture of strategic enhancements we have researched and developed for ourselves and enhancements suggested by some of our customers.

The software enhancements and the stronger presence on our website demonstrate our commitment to the homewares retail channel.


Helping retailers make the most of Christmas 2010

Christmas is vitally important to retailers, especially Christmas when times are tough like many retailers are finding today.  In gift shops and homewares stores, Christmas can account for between 30% and 50% of annual sales – if leveraged well.

Our Point of Sale software help our gift and homewares customers through a range of facilities which work for their respective marketplaces:

  • LayBys. You can set the terms. It’s easy to manage.
  • Gift cards. Create your own and get the sale if they customer can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Customer loyalty management. Accrue points and offer rewards for loyalty.
  • Targeted customer marketing. Based on what they have purchased from your store.
  • Better buying.  By buying stock based on accurate business data, retailers have less wastage.
  • Faster selling. By being able to cope with the Christmas rush without the need to add to staff, the business can improve profitability per dollar through the season.

Now is the time we are working with our retail customers to prepare for Christmas.  Fine tuning their operation of our software and ensuring that they are properly setup to make the most from the major retail season of the year. This is part of the Tower Systems commitment, to help retailers leverage their IT investment – long after the system is installed.


Helping homewares shops drive sales

We are working with stores using our Homewares software to implement smart marketing and management tools to help drive better business performance.

Homewares shops in particular can leverage some specialist tools in our Point of Sale software given the nature of shopper behaviour in engaging with homewares businesses.

Supporting customers in the building of homewares sets is a good example of where our software can help. We have facilities which make providing good service to customers building sets easier than traditional POS software used in some homewares stores today.

Our loyalty marketing facilities, too, are better that homewares stores have found in other software they are using to run their businesses.

The Australian retail homewares channel is strong and Tower Systems is committed to helping to become stronger.


How gift cards can help increase sales and cash flow

donna-hay-gift-card.jpgMany of our customers are embracing proprietary gift cards, cards which are branded to their business.  Just like the cards we have made for the Donna Hay General Store – users of our Point of Sale software.

With these business specific gift cards, our customers are able to achieve sales when their customer is unsure.  They are also able to bring forward the cash-flow benefits of the sale.

Using the comprehensive gift card facilities in our software, our customers can manage balances and other administration aspects of their gift cards – easily and from the sales counter.

Thanks to good contacts in China and our in-house design team, we are able to produce cards to a high standard and with appropriate security for the business.


Homewares stores benefit from software enhancements

Users of our homewares software are benefiting from excellent business performance improvement tools.  From marketing to customer service to homewares supplier relationships, our POS software for homewares stores is delivering excellent outcomes.

Beyond traditional Point of Sale facilities our software delivers excellent business building tools:

  • LayBy management.
  • Loyalty marketing.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Hamper packaging and sales.
  • KPI tracking.
  • faster seller reporting.
  • Supplier electronic invoices.
  • Serial number tracking.
  • Warranty support.

Through the Tower Systems Homewares software we deliver excellent facilities which enable independent retailers to better compete with the department stores and larger groups.


Tower Systems at Sydney Home and Giving Fair

home-giving-fair.jpgTower Systems is proud to be exhibiting at the Sydney Home and Giving Fair in ten days time at two locations within the Sydney Showgrounds venue.

We will have a presence at the GHA partners area of the trade show as well as on our stand on the fair floor.

On show will be the latest version of our Gift Shop software and our homewares software.  We will be showing these products off to retailers as well as suppliers and discussing changes which are adding even more value to the relationships between suppliers and retailers in the gift and homewares channels.

We have been exhibiting at gift related trade shows for several years and have developed a strong new customer base as a result.

If you find yourself at the Home & Giving Fair, be sure to stop by and say hello.


Building a homewares collection the easy way

We have discovered that some customers of homewares retailers and gift shops are avid collectors. They like to visit at regular intervals and collect the next items in their goal collection.

Our Point of Sale software can help manage this process, making it easy for the retailer to remind customers that the next item is ready and tracking who has collected and who is yet to collect.

Using facilities originally developed for newsagents, our putaway (collections) software provides a level of management around customer collections which has not been seen before in the homewares marketplace.

We are thrilled to be helping homewares retailers innovate in this area. It’s a tough retail landscape at the moment and facilities like we have identified for them offer a point of difference opportunity – already in our software.

More and more homewares businesses are embracing our technology since we have demonstrated its value over generic products such as MYOB which is widely used.

While MYOB is good software, it does not offer the specialist facilities which homewares retailers need if they want to leverage their specialist offer and grow their business.


Improving the gift and homewares supply chain

Yesterday we released a white paper for gift and homewares suppliers outlining how our software can help improve the supply chain from importers and manufacturers through to gift and homewares retailers.

Our white paper outlines efficiency and other economic benefits to suppliers and to retailers from not only our gift and homewares retail management software but also channel-wide practices which can strengthen business performance for all stakeholders.

This work in bringing greater value to supplier / retailer relationships is a key goal of our new partnership with the national industry association, the Gift and Homewares Association.


GHA recommends Tower Systems to members

Tower Systems is proud to announce that it’s Gift and Homewares Point of Sale software has been announced as the recommended software solution by the Australian Gift and Homewares Association.

GHA members can purchase the Tower software with confidence that their industry association recommends its use.

With software solutions developed for Gift shops and homewares retailers and their suppliers, Tower Systems is thrilled with this new endorsement and that we are the only software company with such a relationship with the GHA.

Tower will work closely with the GHA plus GHA retailer and supplier members on the continued evolution of its software to ensure that it serves the evolving needs of the marketplaces and all of the stakeholders.


Melbourne Gift Fair busy

Our team is has been busy at the Melbourne Gift Fair over the weekend. As we expected, we have seen plenty of gift and homewares shop owners as well as newsagents.  We have also had a good opportunity to catch up with some existing users.

With another three days to go, we are set to write some excellent business at this trade show.  Our experience reinforces the importance not only of trade shows but of this particular event hosted by the GHA.


Gift shop software credentials on show

Our abilities in the gift and homewares software space are on show in the latest issue of Giftrap magazine published this week by the Australian Gift and Homewares Association.  We were pleased to have an opportunity to contribute quality editorial – a two-page spread – to help gift and homewares retailers in their pursuit of good retail management software.  We are also grateful for an opportunity to support the magazine with advertising.  As members of the AGHA this is important to us.


Maxwell and Williams stock file

Since mid 2008 we have been able to provide access to the up-to-date stock file for the respected Maxwell and Williams range of homewares for users of our gift and homewares point of sale software.  This stock file and other electronic data initiatives are helping gift and homewares retailers save real time in the operation of their businesses.

We are grateful to the people behind Maxwell and Williams for helping us help our customers in this way.

We have kept this iniative under wraps for six months because we saw no sense in telegraphing it too early.


Loading gift and homewares supplier stock files

As we develop a deeper presence in the gift and homewares retail channels, we are working more with small suppliers who do not follow traditional EDI standards. To help these suppliers transact with retailers, we have developed a new approach to importing stock files which provides tremendous flexibility. Now, small gift and homewares suppliers are able to provide files, usually from existing systems, which help their retail partners build accurate stock files and thereby better enjoy the trading relationship.

We are grateful to our gift and homewares retailers and their suppliers for helping us develop this new approach.


Sydney Gift Fair busy

ts_gift_syd_feb09.JPGThe first two days of the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney have been very busy for us – as was the Melbourne Fair a few weeks back.

We have met plenty of gift and homewares shop owners as well as newsagents.  We also met several newsagents with two shops – a newsagency and a gift shop.

The mood of the fair is upbeat.  Suppliers and attendees are talking about good results being achieved in their businesses.

I am glad we made the decision last year to participate in so many gift fairs this year.  They attract quality attendees from several retail channels.  This makes the event efficient for us.  Unlike other trade shows, attendees at gift fairs tend to stay for two or three days and this helps us close business at the event.

The photo shows Tim Batt adn Nathan Morrison, part of the team we had on hand at Gift Fair to asnwer questions and demonstrate our software.

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