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Application Flood for New Help Desk Role

We received an extraordinary number of applications for the new help desk role which we started advertising yesterday.  As is now our well established approach, we will cull as we go, retaining applications which meed our initial screening criteria.

We do respond to all applications including those which are unsuccessful, sharing information to help them for next time around.

This selection process will take two to three weeks.


Help Desk Role Attracting Applicants

The new Help Desk role we have advertised is attracting a good pool of applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.  Since this is a new role we are not under immediate pressure to make a selection so we are taking our time and allowing the advertisement we are running to attract a sizable pool of candidates.

Our goal is to have a new Help Desk team member on board by early June.


New Help Desk Role to be Advertised This Week

We will be advertising for a new help desk role next week as we seek to expand the front line customer service team supporting our Point of Sale software.

We will be looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, a commitment to the value of small and independent retailers, a good base knowledge of technology and a natural affinity with problem diagnosis.


Continuing the Search for a Web Developer

We continue to search for a Web developer with experience necessary for helping support our web presence.  This position is proving difficult to fill despite a large pool of candidates.  Our first two rounds of interviews did not uncover a candidate we felt was appropriate to our needs.  Hopefully, the interviews we start today produce a more helpful result.


Advertising for a Web Developer

We have decided to advertise again for a full time Web Developer.  While our last advertisement on Seek attracted a good range of candidates, we did not feel, after thorough assessment and interview, that we got to see someone ideal for our specific needs.  So, we are going again … but with a modified advertisement.

Having a full time web developer has been a key factor in our growth and in the services we provide our customers.


Seeking a New Web Developer

We are in need of a new full time web developer and have reached the pointy end of the selection process. Interviews start next week. We have some fine candidates with good experience in our current platforms as well as in platforms of future interest.

With so much of our business now being conducted online, having a solid web infrastructure is vital to us.

We hope to be in a position to announce a new hire by the end of the week.


Web developer vacancy

We are looking for a full time web developer to join our software development team.  The role is Melbourne based and reports through our Software Development Manager.  Applications are invited from suitably qualified web developers with sound commercial experience.  Applications should be emailed to our Managing Director at


New Hire for Queensland

We are thrilled to announce success in hiring an installation and training person for our Queensland team.  With good knowledge already of our software, Paul is well positioned to hit the ground running when he joins us in two weeks.  That said, we have structured training in Sydney and Melbourne with some of our senior people planned before he gets in front of our Queensland customers.


The Week of Interviews

We are especially excited for this week.  We have interviews for an additional Help Desk role in our Melbourne Head Office, an interview for a system installation and training role in our Brisbane office and an interview for another back office role we are creating in the business.

Interviews are great in that we get to meet usually interesting people with fresh ideas and we get to be introspective about our business.  It is kind of like time out fro the day to day.

With 2011 off to a strong start we need to ensure that we have the resources necessary to grow with the business and service our customers according to our commitments. That is what makes this week exciting, expanding the team and tapping into fresh ideas.

2011 has well and truly kicked off for this Point of Sale software company.


Moving on Queensland New Hire

Our move to hire a new POS Software installation and training person for our Queensland office has been slowed down over the last few weeks due to the floods and the knock-on effect of these.  We will rectify this week as we move to finally progress on face to face interviews with our excellent shortlist of candidates.


Delay in Candidate Interviews in Queensland

Between Christmas and New Year we advertised a POS software installation and training role for our Queensland office.  While we have worked through an excellent group of candidates and established a terrific shortlist, arranging face to face interviews has been delayed due to the floods.

We had hoped to have completed interviews by now.   We should get to this later this week or early next week.

While the floods have disrupted business in Queensland for the start of 2011, many people we talk with are keen to get the year onto a more normal footing as soon as possible.


The Friday Breakfast Tradition for the Tower Systems Team

fridaybreakfast.JPGWe have provided breakfast for our Head Office team on Friday mornings for more than ten years.  This is a tradition we happily continue today.  By 6:30am each Friday, we have a tray stacked high with delicious savory and sweet delights from our friends at Brumbys.

This Friday morning breakfast treat is in addition to an excellent pantry filled with biscuits, candy, a range of teas, Moccona coffee as well as our freshly ground espresso coffee service.

Providing these and other treats (such as occasional lunches and drinks) is good for the workplace and team building.  It’s good for the company too in that we enjoy being different to your average software company.  We hear stories of workplaces where employees have to chip in to pay for tea and coffee. We are proud of the difference we offer in our workplace.

The photo shows yesterday’s breakfast tray mid morning.


Interviews today

We have back to back interviews at our Melbourne Head Office today, looking to find a new Help Desk team member.  We received more than one hundred applications.  Paring this down to a pool for interview has been a difficult task given the quality and experience of some in the pool.


Plenty of Candidates for New Roles at Tower Systems

We are thrilled with the volume and quality of candidates for the two roles we are looking to fill in the next couple of weeks.

We have pared more than one hundred applicants down to a shortlist for interview for the Help Desk role we have in Melbourne.  Today, we start the review process of the 50+ applicants received in the last four days for an installation and training role working out of our Brisbane office.

In each case, a commitment to exceptional customer service and an affinity with small business will be important criteria.


Software installation and training vacancy in Queensland

Yesterday, we lodged a vacancy at Seek advertising for a skilled Point of Sale software installation and training person for Queensland and the Northern Territory.  We have hoping to find a good candidate and have them on board by the end of January … the sooner the better!

We are looking for someone already based in Brisbane with excellent IT and communication skills, an affinity with small business and a personal commitment to excellent customer service.


Hiring success

We are thrilled to have successffully hired a new Help Desk team member.  They start with us in a few days and head right into intensive training.  We will introduce them through our newsletter and other channels once they start working with our customers.


Interview day

We are interviewing today for a new Help  Desk team member for our Melbourne office.  Based on the work done reviewing candidates, we are confident of finding a candidate suited to our needs and the needs of our customers.


Help desk vacancy

We have advertised to fill a vacancy on our Help Desk based out of Melbourne and already have more than one hundred responses.

The vacancy arose following the passing of one of our team members last week.  Tough as it is, business goes on and we need to hire asap to maintain customer service levels, especially with so many new customers coming on board.

We hope to have a shortlist of candidates ready for interview by the end of the week.


Filling a web developer vacancy

We have a vacancy coming up in ten days for a Web Developer and we are in the middle of shortlisting candidates.  This is a full time role in the company and crosses several departments in the business – marketing, customer service, development and sales.

Having a full time web developer on staff has helped us regularly refresh our various websites.

We are taking the opportunity of the vacancy to reassess our medium to long term web development plans and expand the skill set available to the company.

We hope to be in a position to make a final selection within the next two weeks.


Looking for a receptionist

We are interviewing today for a new reception role. Our main receptionist Amy will be leaving in a few months to have a child so we are getting in early to find a good candidate to fill her shoes. We hope to have the successful candidate on board within the next few weeks.


Expanding the installation team

We are avertising on Seek (as of this morning) for a new person to join our systems installation team.  Based out of Melbourne but working nationally, this new role will expand the resources we have to help us install new systems in a timely manner.

We have a structured process for considering applicants to ensure that we do find the best candidate possible to join our team.


Interviewing for new position

We have six interviews scheduled for today to fill a new admin support role for our Melbourne office.  This new position will help us better manage call traffic and cope with shipping, mail and other support processes.  We started wih well over 100 applicants and are thrilled with the quality of the final six for an important front line role.


Two new team members start Monday

Our two new technical team members start their orientation with us on Monday.  We have an intensive training program planned.  This will be handled our technology specialists first up before we start with training closer to the Help Desk.  The key is to complete thorough training on our software as well as a comprehensive orientation about Tower Systems and what we stand for.

One will be a full time Help Desk analyst and the other full time on our installation team.

We will introduce the two new team members in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, it is good to know we have new team members on the way to strengthen our resources.


Hiring success!

The offers we sent out earlier this week to two candidates for Help Desk / Training roles have been accepted.  This is great news.  We have found two (yes, one more than first expected) well qualified candidates with experience in dealing with small business, good IT skills and a commitment to excellent customer service.  We will share more details closer to when they start to have customer contact.


Decision day on hiring staff

Our plan to make a decision yesterday on hiring a new help desk employee didn’t pan out.  We had an excellent turn out and this is part of the challenge – separating excellent candidates.  We also had a last minute inclusion in our shortlist who we will see this morning.

We hope to reach a conclusion later today.

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