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Warehouse tracking facilities help more businesses benefit from POS software

The Tower Systems Point of Sale software offers retailers with wholesaling facilities the ability to track locations of inventory and thereby enable easy picking of goods for shipment. Doing this in several different types of businesses has provided us with experiences that have informed development of flexibility in the software.

From picking slips to location data, the Tower software reaches way beyond what is traditional for POS software.

While first and foremost a Point of Sale software solution, warehousing facilities enable the software to be useful in more diverse situations and this is what flexible retail / wholesale businesses like.


POS software helps retailers sell packs, hampers, singles and bulks

nxjewellThe smart POS software from tower Systems is helping more and more retailers to sell bulk items broken into singles, single items scaled up into bulk, hampers, packs, gift packs and many mixtures within these opportunities.

Jewellers use our pack facilities to sell two or three items in a set as well as singles – with ease.

Confectionery shops and chocolate shops use our software to sell bulk packs and singles easily with complete and easily managed inventory control.

Gift shops use these facilities to sell Christmas hampers.

Garden centres use these facilities to sell plants as singles and more packaged together.

It’s fast and easy to handle.


A behind the scenes look at how our POS software company rolls our a major software update

Here is an internal communication sent by our Managing Director to all Tower Systems team members last week in advance of wider release of a major POS software update. We share this here to show how internally we are committed to the quality and engaged customer services we promote in our marketing pitch:

The next two months will present us with many challenges and opportunities as our customers load and engage with 2.6. For many in the company you will face new experiences as this is the biggest update ever in the history of the Retailer product.

There will be people who blame things on the update that have nothing to do with the update.

Many will not read the instructions prior to loading the update.

Most will be nervous.

Plenty will be happy with what’s in the u0date and some will want more changes urgently.

Others will say their systems are slower as a result.

Some will realise that they need to upgrade their hardware.

Please actively listen to what people have to say, make sure they know you are listening to them – even if what they are saying has been said to you many times before by others. People calling about the update is what we are here for. We promise them we are not your average software company. We promise to listen to them and serve their needs. This is where your contact, each contact, is vital.

While Ben owns 2.6, it is on all of us to serve our customers as they install, learn and start to use 2.6. Their experience will depend on each of us. What they think about Tower Systems for the future will depend on each of us.

Thank you in advance for your commitment through what will be a busy and challenging time.

We are committed to providing an enjoyable experience for our customers. This email and the considerable training of our team which preceded it is further evidence of that commitment.


Retailers love discount voucher options in POS software

dva5With more retailers using our Discount Voucher facilities we have a broader pool from which to draw inspiration for further enhancements.

This image shows another version of a Discount Voucher – on an A5 receipt.

This is attractive-looking Discount Voucher is produced at the bottom of a receipt printed on a laser printer connected to our software. retailers selling higher end items like to produce a receipt that is different to the usual cash register roll type. The A5 receipt is more professional and of a higher print quality.

This laser printed Discount Voucher has a quality to its look that makes it appear more valuable than if printed on a thermal printer at the bottom of a receipt.

While often used in jewellery, garden centre and homewares businesses, more and more other retailers are choosing A5 receipts to lift the quality of their offering and thereby set themselves apart from other retail businesses.


Jewellery software helps jewellers drive business growth

While some jeweller software companies prefer sell their software as an entree to selling on-going consulting services, Tower Systems offers its jeweller software as a ready to use jeweller business management solution – without the need to spend on consulting fees to actually get =value from the software.

Thanks to excellent in-store face to face training, jewellers and their employees can use the software to report on business performance it a range of levels and through a variety of intersects.

In-store training is supplemented by access to more than one hundred professional training videos as well as a comprehensive knowledge base resource with excellent advice and tips written specifically for users of the Tower jeweller software.

Tower Systems believes that jewellers and their employees will make better use of the software if it is used to achieve more for them and their business. This is why the company focuses on providing better software and backing this with excellent training. This is a better outcome for Tower customers than focussing the software company on selling consulting services for the long term – as some other jeweller software companies do.

Tower Systems already serves hundreds of jewellers in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and FIJI.


Jewellers switch to Tower Systems Jeweller Software

jeweller-softwareThe recent JAA International Jewellery Show has helped bring more jeerers to the Tower Systems jeweller software user community.

Jewellers love the ease of use of our software, that it is safe, secure and stable and that they are not locked into expensive monthly contracts.

The JAA show provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the Tower points of difference over ARMS and Retail Edge.

Developing our own software, having complete control over our offer, enables Tower Systems to deliver a best practice jewellery shop management solution.

Packed with terrific business management reports, the Tower Systems jeweller software is already used by hundreds of jewellers to run successful businesses in city, country, shopping mall and high street situations.

The JAA show has been a terrific success for us. We are grateful for the opportunity.


New jeweller software a hit at trade show

jaaThe new jeweller software released at the International Jewellery Fair in Sydney this week has received terrific praise and kudos from jewellers, jeweller business managers and suppliers who looked at it. From new marketing tools to stronger management options and including enhanced loyalty facilities, this new jeweller software was a source of excitement for many.

With hundreds of jewellers using the Tower Systems jeweller software, the community of users ready for new software is already strong.

Many enhancements delivered in the latest software were suggested and voted on by jewellers – in a truly democratic and transparent process.

Jewellers were most excited by the enhanced control they have over receipts with a complete rewrite of the facility to give extraordinary customisation power to the retailers.


POS software for jewellers helps jewellers sell more product

necklaceThe latest POS software for jewellers from Tower Systems has new facilities to help jewellers and their employees to more successfully sell product.

By enabling transactions on the shop floor, there is no need to pull shoppers to a counter. These new facilities make it easier to transact with the customer where there are in-store, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Jewellers are loving the enhancements.

These portable facilities coupled with customer service tools, loyalty services and product care information served on receipts enable small and independent jewellery businesses to offer more unique, tailored and memorable shopping experiences.


Jeweller POS software enhancements drive reporting outcomes

Thanks to a round of valuable consultation, Tower Systems has agreed on enhanced reporting options for its respected and widely-used jeweller software.

reflecting evolving jeweller business needs, the next round of enhancements to be delivered will provide to jewellers using the Tower Systems software with additional reporting and enhanced insights that provide a fresh perspective on the businesses involved.

This latest work is another example of the commitment from Tower Systems to delivering continual improvement in its software, recognising that software installed is not a destination but rather a journey on which the retailer and the software company embark together.

Jewellers engaged with the Tower AdvantageTM program will receive access to the enhancements without cost.


Sunday small business retail management advice: gift cards help you win the sale

elitefishWhile more and more retail businesses are offering gift cards, the commercial success depends on the confidence of customers in the gift card product. A more professional looking gift card the more a customer is likely to trust the card.

This is where Tower Systems can help.

Thanks to our professional in-house gift card design and production service we are able to help independent small retail businesses to have a card that looks professional, trustworthy and valuable. Retailers we partner with often are thrilled with the cards supplied and the sales that result from their use.

Any small retail business can compete with major retailers by offering professional plastic cards that make the business look great. Done well, a gift card can help you win business you might otherwise not have won.


POS software helps retailers identify their best customers

Your best customers in retail may not be those who spend the most money. They could be those who purchase particular items, come back more regularly or engage with the business in other ways.

The Point of Sale software from Tower Systems provides a range of metrics through which a retail business owner or manager can measure customer engagement. This data guides how a business manages customers, rewards them and even responds to opportunities uncovered.

In measuring customer engagement and providing easy access to this, Tower Systems is helping retailers to make decisions based on customer value. This can change from business to business. E have worked in a range of retail channels where we have modified measurement to suit channel-specific needs.


Helping jewellers with elegant receipts and invoices

Jewellers using the Tower Systems Jeweller Software have access to excellent customisation opportunities for receipts and other documents used by the software.

Thanks to collaboration between jewellers and the Tower Systems software development team, new facilities mean even more customisation opportunities for jewellers and their staff in creating customer-facing documents in a style that is more relevant to their business.

The latest jeweller software from Tower Systems is further evidence of the commitment by the company to delivering better software facilities to jewellers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere where the software is being used.

the feedback from our customers encourages and guides us in this enhancement work.


New jeweller software options help jewellers customise their offering

Thanks to fresh new software for jewellers, more jewellers are able to customise their business offering in valued ways. From customised product price tickets to customised receipts, jewellers are able to put their own stamp on the look and feel of their business through these everyday touch points.

Tower Systems has been at the forefront of this customisation for jewllers, providing jewellers with more facilities and options through which to represent their business through the software.

This is important in that it allows jewellers to speak with their own voice rather than being dictated to by a software company that is less flexible.

Flexibility in jeweller software is important to Tower Systems as it expands the number of jeweller businesses using its software.


Great gift shop success story

A gift shop owner told us about the 28% increase in sales – on the back of a 17% increase the year before.

This is no accident. They planned for it by carefully looking at their business data and shedding products that were not working. They adjusted opening hours too as they discovered business later in the day that they had not realised was there. This knowledge opened them to opportunities for last minute shoppers.

The owner of the business decided to chase success because the turnover was barely enough to cover rent, wages and the loan taken out to fund the business. It was grow or bust.

They planned for success by using their business data.

Sales data guided them as to the suppliers of the best to focus on. One employee was eased out of the business for failing to achieve minimum sales targets.

The owner spent more time on the shop floor selling to achieve minimum margin dollars per sale rather than just chatting with shoppers.

The result shows what can happen when you focus on being a retailer.


Tower Systems software better than Retail Express

We appreciate the information shared by retailers with experience in our Point of Sale software and the POS software from Retail Express. The comparative information from people with experience with both software packages is proving to be invaluable to us, it helps us explain to software prospects how Tower Systems software is better in a business management sense as well as in a financial sense.

While Retail Express is a formidable company we welcome opportunities to show our software function for function against theirs on the count in the back room – showing where we offer a better solution than Retail Express.  Such a comparison of the two systems can win our business, helping retailers choose our POS software based on its functionality and the live face to face backup service and training we provide.

Comparing POS software m=packages is invaluable. Retailers will often find that POS software companies don’t like such a live comparison. Here at Tower Systems we welcome it. The question to ask of a POS software company that refuses such a comparison is why are they scared of such a comparison?


POS software support escalation software helps retailers

With more and more POS software companies pushing customers to help desks where people follow call scripts so as to not deviate off the path and with many software companies not offering personal contact details of management, here at Tower Systems we are proud to have a documented escalation process through which any of our customers can access senior management assistance on any issue.

Here is what we include in all customer communication and have done for many years:

SUPPORT ESCALATION PROCEDURE: Our help desk is always your first port of call.  If you are unhappy with progress please escalate to our Customer Service Manager.  If you are unhappy with their response please contact our COO, Gavin Williams or our CEO: Mark Fletcher 0418 321 338

Our escalation process is used often – usually not for a complaint but to seek more business operational related assistance that it outside the scope and knowledge of the usual help desk call. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers with this assistance.


Helping jewellers choose the right software at the JAA Gold Coast conference

jaagoldcoastTower Systems, a member of the JAA, is participating in the JAA conference / trade show event this coming weekend on the Gold Coast showing off the latest release of our jeweller software.

Our latest Point of sale software for jewellers is being used by jewellers who have switched from ARMS, Swim by Octahedron and Retail Edge. Our jeweller experts can help jewellers make the move to Tower. We can also help jewellers without software make the move to proven feature-rich jeweller software that has been designed to specifically serve the jeweller businesses – from the sales counter to the workshop.

Our software benefits from updates that include enhancement suggestions from our customers. This  transparent process of harvesting and nurturing suggestions from jewellers using our software has proved to be wise investment by us as it has brought our jeweller software even closer to the needs of proactive jewellers who want their software to help then focus on their own business points of difference.

On the Gold Coast in a couple of days be ready to see new software with which you can grow your jeweller business.


Tower Systems jeweller software features in latest jeweller supplier directory

jeweller-pos-guideTower Systems is promoting the latest version of its industry-standard jeweller software in the 2014 trade directory for jewellers that has just been published.

This listing is timely with the release just a few weeks ago of a new version of our software for jewellers – delivering new facilities and enhancements to existing facilities – making it better software for jewellers in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Tower Systems engages in a range of marketing activities reaching out to jewellers beyond this trade directory listing. We participate in jeweller trade shows, industry events, direct marketing and online discussions. Our jeweller business experts meet with jewellers in-store to discuss business opportunities.


Jewellers benefit from better POS software at Christmas

2013 has seen the number of jewellers using the Jeweller business management software from Tower Systems increase considerably. This sales success has been drives by word of mouth recommendation from existing jewellers.

The more jewellers using the software, hundreds do so now, the more information we gain on how to improve the software even further. This, in turn, helps more jewellers come to ur user community and enjoy the benefits of a constantly evolving jeweller product designed for jeweller retail businesses large and small all around the world.

From tracking sales to rewarding shoppers to managing the manufacture process to interfacing with suppliers, the Tower Systems jeweller software is packed with jeweller specific facilities that enable jeweller businesses to operate more efficiently and to drive more sales. Indeed, the jeweller specific facilities in the software reflect the specialist nature of many jeweller businesses and these facilities help jewellers differentiate their businesses from mass merchants.



Tower Systems introduces a fresh approach online to serving POS software customers

know1Tower Systems today launches another major online customer service initiative with a new self-serve platform of advice, training and information accessible direct from our website.

This new facility is a one-stop-shop for people using our Point of Sale software who want to find answers for themselves. We have loaded this self-service facility with existing advice sheets, new advice sheets, all of our training videos, all forms for accessing other tools, conversation videos introducing our team, common questions – a live knowledge based of the questions our help desk team are most often asked and something called our procedures and processes – a section with information about us, our policies and how we do business.

Every item of content we have loaded can now have comments made on it. This opens our extraordinary library of advice sheets, videos and more to feedback – we’re looking forward to this so we can learn.

All content is searchable by keywords.

We have used a worldwide renowned content management and delivery platform as the basis for this major website upgrade to manage all of the content and provide easy access. This allows us to focus on the content – our area of expertise.

Check out the new online support platform here: If you go here without logging in you see the free content. Once you log in you get access to everything.

Our customers can access the new facility using their existing Tower website log in.

Our live national help desk service remains in place – we’re happy to take support calls from our customers. This self-serve service is for those who want to get answers for themselves 24/7.

Our approach with this launch is how we approach business. We have been developing the new content and delivery platform for some months. Today is the first time we have mentioned it as we’re ready to go live. We prefer to announce when we have something ready for people to use.


How retailers can break free from the old school approach to loyalty and give shoppers loyalty rewards they love

Close to a year ago we started secretly experimenting with a completely fresh approach to shopper loyalty. For many months we had been working on our discount vouchers facility, evolving it from an idea into a robust solution backed by excellent reporting while at the same time maintaining support for our traditional points-based VIP card and other loyalty offerings in our Point of Sale software.

In discount vouchers we wanted to deliver something genuinely unique, something that our customers could use to guide shopper loyalty. To achieve this it needed to be sophisticated yet easy to use. It also needed to be easily understood by customers. Oh, and it needed to have obvious value in the hands of shoppers. Finally, we need to undertake the final phase of development while it was being used in retail, so we could respond to retailer and shopper feedback.

While we knew the value of the old-school points-based VIP cards was falling rapidly since they no longer offered a point of difference, we committed to maintaining our support for this approach for those retailers who wanted to remain in this space.

Today, close to a year on from our first trial site, we are thrilled with the results achieved by discount vouchers – or whatever retailers call them … yes, they can give them their own name thanks to naming flexibility in the software. Also a year on, no one has delivered what we have. Sure they have tried, even explicitly saying they have what we have. but they don’t. What we have is unique because it can’t be copied by looking at it from the outside.

Deep within our software retailers partnering with us have options they can set to deliver shopper rewards through discount vouchers that are truly unique to their business even if a retailer nearby is running the same software from us. This is the beauty of the flexibility and power we have built into the software. Settings are personal to each business and they can be changed easily and immediately. This provides retailers with flexibility. They can also change by day and by type of shopper. Indeed, the flexibility and power multiply with each layer of flexibility that we provide.

So, how can retailers using a points based system break free? With our PSO software it’s easy. They can convert points to a voucher value from and from then on run with the vouchers. Or, they can use both. Retailers have the flexibility they want at their fingertips.

Tower Systems backs its exclusive and best-practice shopper loyalty solutions with mature and considered advice to help retailers make the most of the opportunities – to drive shopper traffic and sales. Our experience as retailers helps us take retailers bend technical advice. We have a loyalty rewards specialist in our help desk who helps our retailers embrace the opportunity in these facilities inn our software.


Jeweller software valuation enhancement

The jeweller software from Tower Systems has been further enhanced in the area of valuations and specifically valuations done during a product sale. Thanks to user suggestions, the latest enhancements provide both the retail customer and the jeweller a better and more valuable (excuse the pun) valuations experience.

The latest jeweller software went into beta release yesterday (Friday).


Jeweller software helping jewellers make better business decisions

More and more jewellers and jewellery business managers are preferring jeweller software that facilitates them making better business decisions. There is a push in the jewellery business channel against software that requires expensive consulting services to be engaged to help manage the business.

Here at Tower Systems we see our job as creating the best possible jeweller management software with which business owners and managers can run their businesses efficiently, drive sales growth and make more valuable business decisions.

We don’t charge consulting fees to use the software or to interpret reports. Our reports are designed for anyone to use and gain value from. This saves our clients money. It also empowers them and their employees to use the software as they would any business tool. It Provides them with ownership overt the results of their efforts and this can be far more valuable for their business.

Jewellers using our software pay one small software support fee a year. This is thousands of dollars less than the consulting fees we hear others pay from time to time.

Jewellers are loving our software. Feedback from recent installations underscores the value we are delivering in our latest software – this is thanks to enhancements driven by suggestions from our customers.


Recognition for jeweller software and jeweller channel support

Tower Systems was thrilled to receive recognition recently for long-term support of the jeweller channel with our jeweller software. Our jeweller software is used in hundreds of jeweller businesses, serving on the front counter managing sales, in the workshop managing repairs and in the office managing the business.

The software we sell and support today is vastly different to the software of years ago and even a year ago. Undergoing regular enhancement, our software severs more needs in jeweller businesses today thanks to advice and guidance from jeweller users.

A key point of difference for the jeweller software from Tower Systems is that we do not want to tell you how to run your business. Smart jewellers want access to accurate data with which to manage their businesses. This is what our software provides – access to business data.


Jeweller software LayBy (Lay Away) facilities shine

Right now is LayBy (Lay Away in the US) season for jewellers and the Tower Systems Jeweller software is playing an important role serving the LayBe needs of hundreds of jewellers.

Using our LayBy facilities jewellers and other retailers can accurately record customer details, track payments, send reminders and harvest shopper data for future marketing.

Professional and time-efficient management of LayBy transactions helps win more business for jewellers and other retailers. This year the Tower LayBy facilities have been further enhanced thanks to some excellent in-the-field feedback. The LayBy facilities were enhanced earlier this year.

While many Point of Sale software packages offer LayBy (LayAway) facilities, few deliver flexibility which is vital in a retail situation. Ax retailers ourselves and having current experience with layBy, we have ensured that our software delivers retailer and shopper friendly facilities … delivering a classing win win.

We saw one software package recently where you had to tell the software that the customer wanted to Lay By an item before you started processing the sale.  This is poor design. using our software you can decide that it’s at layBy at any point in the sale processing.

Giving retailers the ability to set, manage and advise LayBy rules is another way retailers using our software can bring needed structure and certainty to the LayBy retail shopper offer.

Using our Point of Sale software package, retailers can process the sale as a Lay By at any point in managing the sale.  This delivers excellent flexibility to the retail associates, the business and, most important, the customers.

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