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Enhancing the VIP card / discount voucher opportunity

The latest release of the Tower Systems Point of Sale software has delivered an even better solution in the VIP card / discount voucher space. By connecting twi quite different loyalty offers in our software in a unique retailer-driven way, Tower Systems is empowering retailers to run with the loyalty pitch that best suits their business needs. This includes offering either loyalty program or a blend of both or converting from one to the other in a way that carries forward value.

Tower Systems provides leadership in best practice loyalty solutions designed to provide small business retailers facilities and abilities to leverage shopper engagement to be more loyal and therefore more commercially valuable for the business as well as valuable for the shopper.

Loyalty, after all, is about driving benefits for the business and the shopper.

The latest enhancements are out now and being used by engaged retailers.


Discount vouchers driving retail sales for more small business retailers

The discount vouchers facility launched earlier this year is helping more and more of our Point of Sale software users to drive sales growth. Every day we are hearing from retailers on how their use of discount vouchers is changing shopper behaviour and growing sales. They’re thrilled and we’re thrilled. helping retailers build more valuable businesses is what we are here for.


New Pandora stock file for jewellers

Jewellers using our Jeweller software now have access to a tested and clean stock file from Pandora. The process to testing supplier stock files is a free service we offer suppliers and retailers using our software. It provides our customers with peace of mind that what they are loading is safe to load and use.


Jewellers and bike retailers benefit VIP card promotion through POS software

Promoting retail customer VIP cards using the screen on the customer side of the sales counter helps drive engagement. We see this working well in jeweller and bike retail businesses. Our jeweller software and bike shop software each offer excellent and much-loved VIP customer vacilities. Our marketing team back these up with professionally designed and made VIP cards for customers to carry.

Inviting shoppers to join with a passive yet professional pitch during the sales process can help engage shoppers without making a hard sell. This is another example of how these customer-facing screens can work well … especially in high end retail situations like bikes and jewellers.

Using the VIP card facilities in our Point of sale software, retailers are able to reward genuinely loyal software’s, more effectively engage with these shoppers and understand more about them for future business marketing planning.

Tower Systems has offered VIP facilities for many years and today has retailers across a range of retail channels using them in a variety of business beneficial ways. We back our software facilities with business advice, helping our retailer customers to get more from their software.


Software for jewellers helps jewellery retailers in Australia and New Zealand more effectively compete

Software for jewellers or jewellery management software as it can be called is software written especially for retail jewellery businesses.

Tower Systems has been serving jewellers and jeweller suppliers in Australia and New Zealand with jeweller management software since 2000 when the company purchased RED Software.

Covering the sales counter to the back office to the workshop, Tower Systems Point of Sale software helps jewellers run more efficient and profitable businesses.  We have hundreds of jewellers who will happily tell you their stories of success with the software.

The jeweller software from Tower Systems covers many in a jewellery business including:

  • Point of Sale – sales at the sales counter.
  • Tracking sales by employees.
  • Flexible receipts – suited to your business.
  • Marketing tools for email and text message marketing.
  • Stock control.
  • Reordering.
  • Staff roster management.
  • Lay By.
  • Catalogue offers.
  • Special orders.
  • Gift Cards – including your own unique artwork.
  • Fast sellers reporting.
  • Comprehensive sales reporting.
  • Business security including theft minimization tools.
  • Repairs management including printing job cards and tracking external jobs.
  • Business performance analysis.
  • Jeweller supplier electronic invoice support.

This list is by no means complete but to demonstrates the scope of Tower Systems jeweller software.  The software continues to evolve through three major software updates each year.  Update content is determined in consultation with the user community.


POS software stand at Melbourne Gift and Home & Giving Fair busy

Our Point of Sale software stand at the Home & Giving fair this weekend has been busy and we still have three days to go – usually the busiest for this event.

While we have our gift shop software on show, we’re seeing jewellers, garden centre owners, newsagents, pharmacists and other retailers we can help with smart POS software.

Having support as well as sales people enables us to answer queries for existing customers – adding value of their fair experience.

The photo shows just one end of our wide stand.


Jeweller software helps uncover forgotten treasure in jewellery shop

A small jeweller business discovered more than $17,000 in dead stock in their business thanks to a smart report in their Tower Systems jeweller software.  Simply by running the report in the software the jeweller was able to identify stock on hand that had not sold in more than six months. This allowed the business manager the opportunity of focusing on that stock and treating it differently in order to move it.

Knowing what stock is not working is vital for retailers keen to drive the best possible return on investment they achieve from their investment in inventory. This is where smart reporting in POS software becomes vital.

Jeweller software company Tower Systems backs up its smart reporting with advice, training and other free assistance to jewellers to help them make the most from the opportunity.

Any jeweller using the Tower Systems jeweller software is welcome to use the services of the company to assess business data to show where opportunities like this lie. It’s another free service from Tower Systems.



Business performance analysis service helps jewellers grow their businesses

A free business performance analysis offered by jeweller software company Tower Systems helps jewellers to look at their businesses in a different light, to see opportunities they may have missed.

Based on a professional and thorough analysis of business performance data, the service results in a report to a jeweller comparing year on year performance. It includes suggestions of areas of the business that may benefit from attention.

With accurate business data as the guide, the Tower analysts are able to help jeweller business owners and managers see what they may have missed for themselves.  It could be an opportunity to cut costs, increase sales or derive other benefits from the business.

Completely confidential, the free jeweller business performance service from Tower Systems is another way the company is helping jewellers to improve their businesses and make them more valuable to employees, owners, customers and suppliers.

Jewellers wanting to engage the free service should make direct contact with Tower Systems.


Point of Sale software training opportunities for June

Tower Systems late last month released details of a range of free online online training opportunities in June for retailers using its Point of Sale software.  Here is a list of workshops already scheduled:

  • Getting started with Stock Management Fully Booked 4 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Doing a Stocktake 4 6 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Doing a Stocktake 10 11 Jun 2013, 02:00AM
  • Getting started with Stock Reordering 10 13 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Newsagency of the Future – Cairns 91 QLD 14 Jun 2013, 11:00AM
  • End Of Financial Year Procedures 8 18 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Doing a Stocktake 13 20 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using Catalogues and Promotions to build your Business 10 25 Jun 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using the new Discount Feature in Retailer and other new features in Retailer 2.5 10 27 Jun 2013, 02:00PM

Feedback from participants in our online training workshops helps guide the settling of future topics. We are grateful to our customers for this feedback as well as for their engagement in the free learning opportunities.

We provide one of our skilled help desk team members to run the sessions and each session includes plenty of Q&A time.

Access to the training opportunities is free to all Tower Systems customers.


Wow! factor drives sales success with new approach to retail shopper loyalty program

The most consistent experience from retailers engaging in the new Discount Vouchers facility released now in the latest Point of sale software from Tower Systems is the wow factor, the pleasure and excitement from shoppers happy with a fresh approach to rewards for loyalty.

Embedded in the wow response is a boredom with points based loyalty programs. Retail shoppers are tired of accuring points of different value and having, too often, to jump through hoops to access the points.

The time was ripe for change and Tower Systems has delivered change with its new Discount Vouchers approach.

While still supporting the decades-old approach to points based loyalty / VIP cards, the new Discount Vouchers facility delivers a genuinely fresh approach that is getting shoppers engaged beyond what is traditional – spending more and sooner and this is vitally important in retail today.

Tower Systems has delivered access to the Discount Vouchers facility to all Tower AdvantageTM customers without additional cost.


Tower Systems shows value of POS software support coverage for small business retailers

The Discount Vouchers facility released in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software two weeks ago is an excellent example of the value of retailers being covered by a software support agreement.

Tower Systems included the completely new facility in the software for no extra charge – even though it could have charged since this was a completely new facility- separate to existing VIP and loyalty facilities in the software.

Adding value like this, delivering completely new functionality, is not what software companies usually do. It reflects on the tower commitment to genuinely add value without costing its user community anything extra.

Tower AdvantageTM customers have access to the Discount Vouchers facility and other enhancements in the software for not additional charge.  In addition to the Discount Vouchers facility itself there is documentation on how the use the facility, personal setup support and other facilities for making the best use of the new tools in your own retail business. Tower is taking a whole of business approach to introducing Discount Vouchers.

This is an excellent and appreciated point of difference for Tower Systems customers. It provides retailers using other software another reason to make the switch.


Tower Systems updates Point of Sale software to reflect TRS GST refund changes

The latest release of Point of Sale software from Tower Systems, released today, delivers support for the recently announced changes to the Tourist Refund Scheme announced by the government.

Specifically, the POS software is being enhanced to reflect the following:

  • Duty Free purchases can be made up to 60 days; previously 30 days.
  • Travellers Statement is updated with new rules.

The TRS website has details on the latest changes.

In developing these enhancements, Tower Systems reinforces its commitment to maintaining the currency of its software.

Jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares stores and garden centres will all benefit from these latest changes to the Tower software.

Tower AdvantageTM customers will receive access to the update for no additional cost.


POS software helps retailers manage and sell jewellery

Retailers selling jewellery are benefiting from excellent jewellery stock facilities embedded in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Thanks to engagement with a broad range of retailers as well as suppliers, the Tower software has been empowered with excellent stock control, sales, repairs and business management tools.  These are used in a range of retail channels selling jewellery … from high end jewellers selling pieces priced at $20K and more to retailers selling everyday jewellery items such as those in the photo.

It’s our engagement at the supplier end that helps us help the retail channels better manage stock. recently, we attended a supplier trade show, where the photo was taken, and discussed accurate product tagging and the supply of electronic data to retailers to help stock management from the get go.

Tower Systems works with suppliers to help improve the experience for retailers. The result is more accurate data and time saved.


Jeweller software helps with special customer orders

Jewellers using the Tower Systems jeweller software are enjoying the facilities for handling special customer orders. These facilities enable jewellers to track special orders for customers from the moment an order is placed right through to final delivery and payment.

Created specifically to serve the needs of jewellers who handle special orders, these facilities are channel-specific, delivering an excellent solution and serving a need at the higher end of the jeweller marketplace.

Jewellers are able to maintain accurate record and, at the same, time, give their customers accurate and professionally presented records of their special order placement. This is important given the preciousness and value often associated with special orders.

Getting special orders right in this specialist software for jewellers sets the Tower software apart from generic products like MYOB and some other everyday POS products being offered to jewellers. Smart jewellers who see their businesses as specialists get more value from specialist software developed for their retail channel. This is the focus of the Tower Systems jeweller software.


POS software training website guides access to world class retailer training

A core asset of the new Tower Systems Training Academy launched earlier this week for retailers using our Point of Sale software is the website facilities that guide retailers and their employees accessing the training resources.

Assembled by retail channel and work area within each business, the training materials can be accessed in our recommended sequence, ordered by topic.  The image shows some of the topics covered in Point of Sale training.

each training module, video, is around eight to ten minutes long. We have found this length to be ideal for people genuinely learning what is to be covered.  They can digest this is a brief break at work or at home.  The short videos make training accessible and genuinely beneficial.

This is a world class training platform packed with world class training materials. The whole initiative has been put together internally here at Tower Systems.  It is being made available to Tower AdvantageTM customers for no additional cost.


World first: exclusive training curriculum for retailers and retail employees in POS software – by retail channel

Tower Systems has released the most comprehensive and most accessible training ever produced for small business retailers and their employees.

Launched as the Tower Systems Training Academy, Tower customers have access to a customised online facility through which they can access fresh, relevant and easy to follow training for their particular software.

In a WORLD FIRST for newsagents, gift shops, jewellers, bike retailers and other POS software users, business owners and employees using the Tower software can learn how to use the software when and where they want without having to pay extra for the privilege.

Separate curriculums have been developed for each retail channel, delivering retail channel specific specialist education.  The total training content available per retail channel is between seven and ten hours.

The training helps ensure new employees learn the software properly and it provides existing employees the ability to refresh knowledge and learn more.

With retail changing and demands on business owners and their employees growing, good knowledge is vital to efficient and profitable newsagency management.

This new training resource is the most comprehensive ever from any supplier in the various retail channels to address this vital training need.

This exclusive new training resource includes more than 100 training videos for each marketplace. each video is brief, allowing comfortable digestion of the content.

Covering all key aspects of the software, this training is comprehensive and accessible to retailers using the industry standard Tower software from anywhere and at any time.

Professionally produced in-house by Tower Systems and peer-reviewed, this training program is accessed through curriculum platform just released on the Tower website.

Through the Tower website facilities newsagents can create a profile for their business and each employee. This enables employees to follow the curriculum that is appropriate to there area of work in the business.

Access to this new training resource is free to all Tower AdvantageTM customers.

The content in the training program will be updated to reflect changes in the software. New modules will also be added in response to customer feedback and suggestions.

Anyone undertaking the video based training can use the resources of the Tower help desk to have any queries answered. They can also participate in any of the regular weekly live online training workshops hosted y the company. They can also attend face to face user meetings and explore queries.

Thanks to Tower Systems, Tower customers and their employees can learn what they want and need, when they want, where they want and as often as they want.

The training program has been produced by Mike Hill, Tower Systems Customer Service Manager.  Mike has excellent knowledge of the Tower software. He grew up in a retail environment and worked in both distribution and retail businesses. His multi media degree provided him with the production skills to deliver professional grade training packages.

This is a genuine first from Tower Systems. While we have had training videos in the past, we have not offered complete curriculums with this much content and with the ability for a business owner to register employees and track progress.

This is a truly wonderful resource that will bring more retailers to the Tower communities of newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, homewares stores, adult shops, garden centres and gun shops.


Retailers will switch to Tower Systems for a fresh approach to shopper loyalty rewards

Two months ago we quietly released new shopper loyalty facilities to a select group of our Point of Sale software beta release sites. The comprehensive data gathered through the trial shows that these new facilities are guiding changes in shopper behaviour, increasing the value of participating shoppers.

While we already offer a more traditional points based loyalty program, we wanted something completely different and genuinely fresh. Our new facilities, to be offered as an option with our software, do just that.

Our customers are able to provide shoppers with a reward to spend in-store right away. They can control the value of the spend and the items it is used to purchase. This is where the new facility is very clever.

Shopper feedback at trial sites indicates that this new loyalty program, as opposed to the traditional points offering, will get got shoppers making a conscious choice to purchase from the business what they may purchase from a supermarket or elsewhere.

The new loyalty facilities are backed up with excellent reporting tools, enabling retailers to manage the program with little time involvement and to track shopper behaviour.

The features of the new facilities are:

  • No shopper sign-up necessary to get them started.
  • Immediate rewards on offer fro first purchase – but accessed on next purchase.
  • Easy local settings available to newsagents to drive what is important to them.
  • No extra card for shoppers to carry.
  • Targets shorter term loyalty engagement – that visit or soon after.
  • Easy management of breakage.
  • A whole of business offer – i.e. not just targeting magazines or cards.
  • Hard for majors to replicate.
  • Easy harvesting of shopper contact details at point of redemption.

Data from beta sites indicates that these new loyalty could be a game changer for our current and future customers, especially in locally competitive situations.

The new facilities are in version 2.5 of our software.  This is expected to be commercially available late next week.


Helping gun shops, jewellers & bike retailers track products by serial no.

The serial number tracking services available through our smart Point of Sale software are appreciated in several of our marketplaces.

Developed with jeweller and bike shop retailers originally, the serial number tracking tools in our POS software have been enhanced to meet evolving needs of these retailers as well as gun shops.

Serial number tracking requires accuracy and focus in serving the needs of the retailer, customer and other parties. Achieving this without negatively impacting the traffic flow at the counter is a challenge we address in our software.

Using serial number tools, retailers are able to track individual items sold to meet regulatory record-keeping requirements as well as track items for the benefit of the customer and the business in terms of warraty and other future activity around a specific item purchased.

retailers using our software can also find previous sales by searching using a serial number.

In addition to specifically serving the needs of tracking serial numbers of items sold, the software tools also work well in areas with similar needs. The software gives even more flexibility to the overall Point of Sale software package.


Sunday small retail business management advice: motivate your employees

Motivating retail employees can be tough, especially if you take a traditional approach,managing in a traditional way. In our experience working with many retailers in a range niche retail channels we have seen a different approach work – one where retail employees are brought into a deeper understanding of the business and where they participate in growing sales.

Sharing with retail employees the value of their sales in a week while helping them understand the costs of doing business, can see some reach beyond average and start to make a more significant sales contribution to the business.

Our Point of Sale software helps retailers to track employee performance so this can be shared in a motivating ay with employees. Our experience is that it works well at getting employees thinking and acting more like employers. Often, they try and compete with previous sales numbers.


POS software online training schedule for April

Tower Systems has released details of the Point of Sale software online training workshops planned for April. The topics cover:

  • Getting more out of the Repairs Module in Retailer
  • Using Retailer to Manage Staff
  • Mandarin session – Processing manual invoice arrivals
  • Best practice for managing Subagents
  • Open Forum – Newsagency’s
  • How to Cut Theft in Your business
  • Mandarin session – How to process Customer Billing & Statements

Our customers can book online through our training portal. They can also add details to their calendar at the training portal.

Access to the training workshops is free.


Tower Systems to install jeweller POS software in Papua New Guinea

Plans are under way to undertake the installation of our Jeweller software in Papua New Guinea.

This latest installation further expands our international reach and demonstrates our commitment to offering world-class POS software backed by accessible world-class customer service.

Growth in the installation of our jeweller software has been excellent this year.


Barcode label flexibility loved by POS software users

Retailers using our Point of Sale software love the options they have for printing barcode labels. From efficient labels on a sheet to one up labels on a strip, we offer variety in stock, design and label detail. Also that we offer labels on coloured stock, multi-part labels, weather-proof labels and a variety of other options demonstrates a commitment to flexibility.

The photo shows one version of our labels for jewellers produced using our jeweller software. the label options for jewellers cover a broad range of needs from the high end to the everyday. That we cover the spectrum demonstrates a customer-focus and flexibility in our software that positions us well in the marketplace.

Barcode labels are important in just about any retail situation not only for the accurate barcode but also for the other details on the label – and the professionalism with which this is presented. Indeed, the humble barcode is more important to many retail situations than first thought. It can separate one business from another. Get it right and you make a proud statement about your business. Be lazy with your barcode labels and you show your business as being disinterested.

We are thrilled to offer such a point of difference in our barcode label options.


More jewellers switch to Tower Systems for jeweller software

2013 had kicked off to an excellent start for the Tower Systems jeweller software.  Existing users are loving the latest software update and sales prospects are turning into customers in appreciation of the continued enhancement of the software and the commitment of the Tower team to excellent customer services.

With more than thirteen years serving the jeweller space, Tower Systems is well established in large and small jewellery businesses, in city and country situations at the high end and at the everyday marketplace end.

Our work with jeweller suppliers, facilitating the loading of electronic invoices and stock files also helps jewellers to drive efficiency.

The growth in jeweller sites this year will expand our marketplace experience and this will undoubtedly help drive further software enhancement.


Tower Systems jeweller software on show at JAA Jewellery Fair in Melbourne

We are enjoying the JAA Jewellery Fair in Melbourne this weekend. Being located next to the Reed Gift Fair is a bonus since attendees move between the two fairs.

While boutique in style, this is an important fair with which to kick off the 2013 trade show campaign. We have been showing off new jeweller software and gift shop software to existing and prospective customers.


Fresh jeweller software on show this weekend at JAA show

Tower Systems will be showing off its new software for Jewellers at the JAA trade show in Melbourne this weekend.

This boutique trade show is an excellent event at which to kick off our trade show marketing for the year. The fair this year is combined with a gift fair in Melbourne – attendees can freely move between the two shows. This gives us double the customer potential as we have terrific software for jewellers and gift shops.

We will also see plenty of homewares business owners as well as newsagents at this event as both work at expanding the product focus of their businesses.

The software we will be showing is fresh as it is the very latest version of our software, released just two days ago. This is very exciting as there are genuinely innovative facilities we are now showing for the first time, marketplace leading facilities that are sure to be loved by existing customers and desired by those not using our software.

Trade shows will play an important role in our marketing mix in 2013. We’re excited to get started and show off the Tower AdvantageTM.

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