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How garden centres use our POS software in their businesses


We are so grateful to all the garden centres that have installed our garden centre software in the last year, and there have been plenty.  The last 12 months have been busy in this space.

While how the garden centre software is used in nursery and garden centre businesses varies between businesses, there are plenty of core uses that our customers enjoy.

  1. Quote and invoice management. Strong, flexible, fit for purpose.
  2. Trade pricing profiles supporting pricing flexibility for your customers.
  3. Customer account management: Professional and accurate control.
  4. Pricing profiles. You can set pricing rules based on types of customers.
  5. Easier deliveries. Packing slips and delivery notes.
  6. Sell by weight or measure, including fractions.
  7. Bag your own products. Bag bulk to smaller and to your own brand.
  8. Colour / size / style. Track what you sell at a granular level.
  9. Product care receipts. You control design and detail.
  10. Re-potting. As plants grow, charge accordingly.
  11. Pre-orders – pre-sell stock and be ahead of the game.
  12. Special orders – easily manage special customer orders.
  13. Awesome loyalty through which you can easily differentiate.
  14. Seasonal reordering. Easily reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.
  15. Weatherproof labels.
  16. Greenlife integration.
  17. Electronic supplier invoice support – cut mistakes and save time.
  18. Easy Shopify integration.

Using this retail channel specific garden centre POS software, garden centres can provide personal service for their local community. They can encode their knowledge and guide that this be served to customers based on their purchases. Through these facilities garden centres can differentiate their businesses.

Unlike traditional everyday POS software, this garden centre POS software from Tower Systems is rich in features for garden centres, loaded with tools and reports that can help garden centre owners and staff run a more efficient and successful business.

The software evolves through regular updates. Many of the changes delivered in the updates are suggested direct to our development team by our users. It’s a transparent and democratic process.

And here are some questions we get asked about our garden centre software, and our answers:

Does the software handle garden club member pricing? Yes, this can be a great marketing tool, getting local community group members support the business and fundraising at the same time.

Does the software track frequent shopper purchases, like what you see in coffee shops buy 9 and get your 10th free? Yes.

Can the software report on frequent shopper purchase items we give away, to get a supplier rebate? Yes.

Does the software have a loyalty facility? Yes, there are several options – you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Does the software let me manage my own time-based catalogue pricing? Yes.

Can I sell gift cards for my business? Yes.

I buy products in bulk and re-bag them to retail size. Can the software handle this? Yes.

I buy several products in bulk to mix to create my own brand of feed. can the software handle this? Yes.

We are thankful to our garden centre customer community for their support and encouragement.

By Mark
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