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Advice on Shopify web development for small business retailers

Web development for small business retailers

Local small business retailers are benefiting from the local web development that we offer here at Tower Systems. Our POS software connected web development is tuned to the needs of local retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

By doing our web development locally and within our own POS software develop0ment community, we are able to deliver a more whole of business solution, something tuned to the needs of the physical and online businesses.

Our web development work is done in Shopify, magenta or WooCommerce. Our customers can choose, which is often done based on the types of needs they have.

Here is a list of what we deliver in our fixed price web development solution for local small business retailers:

  1. Pre development consultation. This will cover what is needed from you, the data, decisions and more. This is thorough and very much driven by your needs.
  2. A live Shopify site as per the facilities and functionality outlined in this document – see below, including pre-development consultation. As the site evolves, there will be discussions by email and phone to ensure that the site is meeting the expectations you laid out at the start. The development, previewing and further enhancement of this is an interactive process involving you and following your needs.
  3. Shopify theme choice. Included in the price is the selection of a paid-for theme up to the cost of US$250.00.
  4. Shopify link. The Tower Systems Retailer POS software to link with Shopify. This link transfers to the Shopify site the following data points for each inventory item:
    1. SKU
    2. Name
    3. Qty
    4. Web Description
    5. Web Price
    6. Department
    7. Category
    8. Images
  5. Up to 2 hours of personally tailored hand-over training once the site is live, so you can be confident administering the site yourself.
  6. Three months of phone-based assistance (but not software changes) following delivery of the site.
  7. A comprehensive pre-prep / handover document that provides support, written training and guidance on your next steps. This is the same for all our Shopify site customers. i.e. it is not document written especially for you.

Developing beautiful websites is something we are proud to offer here at Tower Systems. Helping local small business retailers transact online is wonderful and fulfilling. The joy they experience from their first sales is a thrill for them and for us, too.

Fast track website development for small business retailers

Tower Systems offers a fast track Shopify website development solution for small business retailers, to help them get up and running quickly should that need be important to the business and those involved with it.

Our fast track Shopify website development approach is considered and structured.

  • We introduced the fast track option in early 2020 in response to the surge of Shopify site requests from businesses dealing with the Covid impacted world.
  • Fast track is all about getting a good and useful site up and running quickly.
  • Going live fast depends on you knowing the focus you want for the site and having the data setup in your business ready to flow.
  • Getting your data sorted is 100% the key. This means descriptions, pricing and images. We guide you on what has to be done.
  • Making a site pretty later is all about us making it look visually more appealing when you are ready, within the first year.
  • We can have you live in days. It all depends on how ready you are. We will only go with Fast Track is you advise us to in writing.
  • Don’t overthink it because a website is not a destination.

Our preferred approach is our usual structured and well thought out Shopify website development approach. While that takes longer and involved more interaction with those working in the business up-front, the result is more complete, more whole of business. Fast track is about speed to going live with a view to doing some of the nice things later.

What a business does in terms of speed of going live with a Shopify website integrated to POS software is up to them, dependent on their needs.

By offering a fast track option we provide our customers with a choice. We will serve to their preference as to speed of going live. Either work, all the work is done, all the commitments are fulfilled – the fast track option is all about timing.

Shopify website development is all about commercial outcomes for small business retailers. This is our focus regardless of the approach taken. We are keen to help our small business retail customers win new business with our Shopify websites connected to our POS software.

POS software connected websites developed by Tower Systems for small business retailers

We are grateful to be expanding out portfolio of websites for small business retailers, helping them to transact online.

Here are some of our recently completed POS software connected websites:


If you are interested in a POS software connected website, please reach out to our sales team: sales@towersystems.com.au.

Included in our fixed price local retail business website development package, we will create a Shopify site for you.

For ease of reference and clarity, below is a numbered list of all work and tasks included in the above quote and work you will have to do. This is the complete list.

  1. Shopify account. We would use our development account until such time, as we deliver the live site to you. Once this has occurred you will need your own Shopify account and we will transfer the site to you.  At this point you will need your own Shopify account.
  2. Template / theme selection. We will step you through template / theme selection options. You will have free choice over any theme available at themes.shopify.com. Many templates have no cost while some have a cost, paid to Shopify. We will also fund the purchase of a paid-for theme up to US$250.00 in value if that is the theme you want.
  3. Overall design to be applied to the template selected to customise the look and feel of the site. The design process is not priced to be a back and forth process. We would consult prior to doing the customisation. We will listen to your brief and provide a design. Minor adjustments can be made within the quote but any diversion from the original brief would add to the cost.
  4. The site will have the following base elements created for you
    1. Including text (which you are to provide), images, button. We would also include a location map.
    2. Home page links to any business accounts you have for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    3. About page. Your text, describing you and your business.
    4. Privacy Policy page listing a policy we have – that you can modify.
    5. Terms and conditions page: terms and conditions that you can modify.
    6. Contact us page showing your contact details as well as an enquiry form.
    7. Configured Product Page showing the images and details about products.
    8. Shopify Chat setup, if you want chat turned on.
  1. The setup of loading of products into the site via a live link to the Retailer software. We would need you to have this data in Retailer ready for export.
  2. Interfacing to one or both payment gateways: Stripe and Paypal.
  3. Interfacing to both of Humm and Zip. You will need to create the accounts with them. Afterpay is an additional $500 and you will need to create an account.
  4. Training of your nominated person in the management of the site. This is done over the phone and should take no more than two hours. We would suggest two sessions of training for appropriately skilled people.

We have many moe websites in our portfolio and new sites launching every week.

… like having a shop and not telling anyone …