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How well does your POS software connect to Shopify?


We won more new retail customers this week for our POS software because of our beautiful and trustworthy Shopify link.

Our software packages for jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, gift shops, sewing shops, toy shops, pet stores, firearms dealers, newsagents, produce and farm supply businesses, knitting shops, game shops, vape shops, adult shops, music shops, antique shops and charity / op. shops like to Shopify through a direst Shopify link.

It’s a two-way link.

We are a proud Shopify partner.

Our Tower Systems POS software manages the inventory, the text, the images, the videos. Plus, in-store, it transacts the sales. Shopify manages the sales online. And, Shopify and our tower Systems POS software sync – so you always have accurate stock on hand data.

Our Shopify connected POS software is helping many local retailers safely, efficiently and accurately sell online.

We won the business this week from the new clients once they compared the operation of ur link live to what they had using other POS software. This direct comparison resulted in quick decisions given the importance of online sales for their businesses.

I can’t believe how much better this is. You are going to remove a massive pain point for us. The time it’s going to save!

We were thrilled to hear this.

Okay, we know our POS software Shopify integration is good because we use it ourself in a couple of gift / homewares related retail businesses we also own. But it is wonderfully validating when someone using other POS software, well known POS software, shows us where we shine.

We felt pretty good.

But we’re not resting on this. We continue o tune there Shopify integration, just as Shopify themselves tune their own platform. This is what good software companies do. Change is daily, and important.

If you run a physical store and you sell online, the Tower Systems POS software and Shopify integration marriage could be the productivity and performance move you have been looking. We;’d be happy to show it to you free, without obligation. You can make up your own mind.

We are a no-pressure POS software company. Ask for a demo and we’ll give it to you. We won’t call or chase you. We trust local small business retailers to make business decisions in their own time. The last thing they need or want is sales people chasing them.

Now, if you have 50 minutes or so, you could watch this video from one of our Tower Systems POS software experts and one of our own Shopify experts. It’s packed with free advice you could find useful:

Aussie POS software for vape shops


Vape Shop software made here in Australia for local Australian vape shops.

Australian made. Australian supported. $155.00 a month.

Thanks to the work Tower Systems does in a range of regulated specialty retail spaces, we have software ideal for vape shops, as current vape shop software customers tell us. Find out more here:

  • Easily manage an age check at the sales point. Being able to demonstrate that you do this in a structured way help if you are checked by regulators.
  • Product use information on receipts.
  • Customising product labels with the information that you want on there.
  • Tracking the tastes of customers so that you can market to them if a new product emerges that may satisfy their interests, needs or tastes.
  • Selling by fractions. With some products sold in less than whole number units of measure, track inventory at the fractional level.
  • Selling online through our Shopify link– stock data and images flow across.
  • Tracking who sold what and when.
  • Strong remote management tools for owners away from the businesses.
  • Strong audit tools through which to track behaviour that may compromise the integrity of the business.
  • Loading electronic invoices from suppliers.
  • Ultimately, that’s what this software is about – structure, business structure through which the business can safely and consistently operate to the benefit of the business and those who work in it.

Here are 5 more reasons to love our Vape Shop Software:

  1. Local matters. Our software helps you leverage your localness, to genuinely differentiate your business from big competitors.
  2. You are a key asset. Only your business has you and your people. You can leverage you through our software, to easily share your knowledge.
  3. You can bank on loyalty. In our software, you have fresh loyalty tools customers truly love.
  4. The unseen can reveal opportunities. Knowing return on investment and return on floorspace … knowledge is power.
  5. Not every shopper will walk past your door. A smart and seamless connection to a beautiful website can help you sell more.

Our Vape Shop Software costs $155.00 for each 30 days. The $155.00 is for access from as many computers as you have in the business.

There is no long-term contract. You can cancel at any time. There is no finance application.

We understand the controversy around vaping. Our commitment is to provide specialty retail POS software for legal specialty retail businesses. Should legal settings change and result in selling vaping products be illegal in Australia, we will stop offering our software.

Vape shop POS software


We are grateful to offer POS software made for Vape shops. It’s interesting in that we discovered our POS software for another specialty marketplace served the needs of vape retailers. This has led to some good business for us in the vale retail channel, helping these retailers navigate operational requirements of various jurisdictions.

Our Vape shop software is robust, made for them. And, like all good POS software, it continues to evolve. This is our commitment to all Tower Systems POS software customers.

Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked about our Vape Shop Software over the years

When you are ready, we’d love to show you our Vape Shop Software and through that show you answers to other questions you have.

I have multiple shops, can the software handle this? Yes.

Can I set the software to force an age check by product purchased? Yes.

Does the software track customer details for items purchased if required? Yes.

Does the software let me sell at a special price to club members of a group? Yes.

Does the software let me share product care tips on receipts? Yes.

Can I use the software to offer bulk purchase pricing? Yes.

I sometimes sell away from the shop, can the software handle this? Yes, our Retailer RoamTMproduct lets you sell from anywhere, anytime.

I buy some items in bulk and re-package them for retail. Can the software manage this? Yes.

Does the software let me track customers based on what they purchase? Yes.

Can I look-up historical records for a specific customer? Yes.

Can the software track special or one-off orders for customers? Yes, from the moment the order is placed.

Can I group items together to sell in a pack or bundle? Yes, it’s easy to create packs using the software.

I sell items with colour, size and style, can the software handle this? Yes.

Can I integrate the software with my suppliers? Yes. We have many customers importing stock files and invoices. If you want to provide a supplier a data feed of sales of their product, our software can do this too.

Does the software connect with my website? We partner with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and offer direct links to these.

Can I email receipts? Yes.

Can I track where my customers come from? Yes.

Do I have to pay for software on additional computers in my business? No.

Vape shop Point of Sale software


Made for Australian vape shops, this POS software for vape shops helps vape businesses manage inventory, meet regulatory requirements, transact accurately, run easily under management and well serve vape customers.

Evolved over several years in consultation with vape shop owners and people working in vape shops, this vape shop POS software is made for these specific businesses. Here are some examples from within the software of how:

  • Age tracking. Once you set age related rules for products within our vape shop POS software, the software offers up processes that show your business has the right structure in place.
  • Product bundling. You can create your own packages that make price comparison harder and through which you can differentiate your business.
  • Tags. Using tags you can get multiple views of your data outside of what is traditional for POS software.
  • Special customer orders. Track what customers order that you don’t have in-stock. Let them know when it is in.
  • Serial number tracking. From the moment an item with a serial number enters your business, you can accurately and easily track it.
  • Product care information. What you know and can share with customers can differentiate your business. Our vape shop POS software helps you share this information consistently and effortlessly.
  • Repeat business loyalty. Keep track of shopper purchases as they work toward a free and rewarding fist from you. This is one of a range of loyalty tools in our vape shop POS software.
  • Marketing based on purchase history. Being able to extract customer data based on a range of purchase history through this vape shop POS software enables you to create marketing lists.

Vape shops are specialty retail businesses. They have a unique set of needs. Our vape shop POS software has been built to serve these needs, to enable the businesses to thrive in a regulated situation, to run efficiently under management and to run more enjoyably for all involved in the business.

Tower Systems is grateful to the many in vape businesses who have contributed advice and encouragement to us as we have created our vape shop POS software for Australian vape shops.

This is another specialty retail POS solution from our software development team, backed by an awesome help desk team that helps you get the most from the software we make.

Here is a video in which we discuss some of the facilities in our vape shop POS software:

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