Free small business retailer POS software training for May

We are thrilled to have a terrific suite of free (live) online training sessions in May for small business retailers using our POS software.

Each session is free to any of our customers. Each includes plenty of time for questions, on the topic covered or other topics.

Here are the May sessions:

  1. 02 May. How to compete with big retailers.
  2. 09 May. How to handle non EDI invoices to keep stock accurate.
  3. 16 May. Events: Take a look at this new facility, learn how to use it to bring shoppers back into your business.
  4. 23 May.  Stocktaking for EOFY.
  5. 30 May. Getting ready for EOFY.

Customers can book through our training portal.

We run  online training sessions each week across a wide range of subjects. These are an excellent way for you and your staff to learn in detail about specific areas of the software.

We also offer free one on one training sessions that are business specific and private between us and the business. There is no limit to how many training sessions any customer engages with.

To participate in an online group meeting all you need access to is a computer with a broadband internet connection and a phone to receive a call so you can hear the audio. Each session runs for approximately 45-60 minutes depending on questions.

The face to face meetings are yearly in capital cities and regional centres across Australia. These are in addition to our weekly online live sessions. We also attend more than twelve industry trade shows offering face-to-face meeting opportunities with users.

Free POS software training for small business retailers

Tower Systems has announced details of free POS software training for April 2018 for retailers using its smart POS software:

Meeting Name: 10 ways to save time and money using retailer
Date: Wednesday 4th April
Time: 2pm
Description: 10 different ways you can free up time and money in your business using retailer.

Meeting Name: Understanding the End of Shift Reports.
Date: Wednesday 11th April
Time: 2pm
Description: Why is the End of Shift important? How do I check my settings are correct? What do the reports mean? And what parts of the report do I need to use for my accounting.

Meeting Name: Top 10 mistakes in Retailer and how to fix them
Date: Wednesday 18th April
Time: 2pm
Description: Let us show how to fix some common mistakes in Retailer quickly and easily.

The last Wednesday in the month is Anzac day so have not scheduled a session.

Free POS software Xero link training for small business retailers

Next week, Tower Systems offers a free training workshop for small business retailers on the POS software Xero link and show it can save time, cut mistakes and help guide better quality business decisions.

This free training workshop is the latest in the weekly series from Tower Systems. We offer live and interactive training for small business retailers to help them get more from their tech investment.

We have delivered this free training for years as a service to our customers and to potential customers. It is all part of the service here at Tower Systems.

As our motto says: we’re here to help.

Free workshop: How to get the most from the POS software Xero link

WQe are thrilled to be hosting another free workshop for retailers sharing knowledge and experience on how to connect your Tower POS software to Xero and facilitate easy and accurate data flow.

This new workshop is another in the weekly series of live workshops we offer our customers.

The Tower Xero link. What it is, how to use it and what to expect from it.

This workshop, like all our workshops, is live,  interactive and educational. We help our customers get more from their software investment, regardless of h9ow they purchase our software.

2018 is young and already we are busy training plenty of small business retailers.

Free POS software training from Tower Systems

Years ago we launched our free live weekly training workshops. We use the professional WebEx platform and offer access at no cost to our customers.

With voice engagement over the phone (we pay for the call) and visual through any computer anywhere, this is a terrific way to learn more about out software.

That we continue the sessions weekly shows our commitment and that we believe actions speak louder than words.

This session is an example of sessions customers love – we set out to shock with what software users don’t know.  It usually works.

Tower Systems launches more free POS software training for small business retailers

Here at Tower Systems we love providing free training opportunities for our small business retailer customers. Thanks to customer engagement, here we a4e years after starting the service maintaining it, week in, week out.

The training sessions are often more like business mentoring discussions as it is not so much about how the software works but more about how to leverage greater business success using the software.

Here is the training for March:

How to discount easily for seasonal sales

Wednesday 1st March 2:00pm

Quickly and easily setup automatic discounts for seasonal sales using catalogues

How to prep for a meeting with a supplier

Wednesday 8th March 2:00pm

Be more informed than the supplier rep, make fewer mistakes, get more from the relationship.

Loyalty Programs. What works best for you.

Wednesday 15th March  2:00pm

There are 4 ways to do loyalty in retailer. Find out which will work best for your business.

10 ways to save time and money using Retailer

Wednesday 22nd March 2:00pm

10 different ways you can free up time and  money in your business using retailer.

How discount vouchers work

Wednesday 29th March 2:00pm

Come with us on a deep dive into discount vouchers and assess whether this fresh approach to loyalty is right for you.


We are thrilled to SHARE details of our first batch of face to face user meetings for 2017. We have scheduled sessions for Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, starting March 27, 2017. We will demonstrate the new look and feel of Retailer, our Shopify / Magento and Woo Commerce integrations, our Xero integration and much more. Plus there will be time for your questions. Free training. An opportunity to pitch your suggestions. This is an excellent chance to leverage more from your relationship with us. Click here to book and see venue details. Yes, we will announce more dates soon.

POS software user meetings provide training and encourage software enhancement suggestions

Our Aussie company, Tower Systems, believes in making it easy for our small business retail customers to influence the direction of the software and to access free training, long after the system has been installed.

Last week, we launched our first round of free face to face user meetings for 2017. We will host 60 of these this year, starting later in February.

Already, some of our recently announced line online workshop sessions have filled. Not to worry, we will add more. And, for those who cannot make scheduled times, we offer one on one training in the topics covered.

When it comes to POS software training, Tower Systems serves small business retailers.

Our company develops POS software specifically for: gift shopsjewellers,  bike shopstoy shopsfishing/outdoors businessesgarden centres/nurseriespet shopsproduce storesfirearms businesses and newsagents
Each user meeting includes training, a preview of the next update and plenty of Q&A time.

You would be most welcome at any of these face-to-face events. Click here to book.

Planning for POS software training for 2017

Tower Systems is planning its free weekly live POS software training schedule for 2017. This process includes considering the engagement for 2016, talking with customers about training they would like to see and planning sessions on topics we anticipate will be hot to serve the changing needs of retail.

Training is more important that ever as small business retailers seek to get more value from their technology investments.

We are grateful to all of our customers who have engaged in the free training this year. The 100+ sessions we have run have been a wonderful opportunity for direct customer contact and through which we can add value to the customer relationship.

Our training program is a point of difference for us. But more important, it is a point of difference for our customers since it helps our customers to leverage the training for delivering better outcomes in their own businesses.

Every one of our customers has access to the training. Better still, every one of our customers can guide the development of the training topics – ensuring we serve broad needs and not just those we think are important.

Our fist workshop topics will be announced prior to Christmas.

Actions speak louder than words for POS software companies

Here at Tower Systems we are proud to have continued in 2016 our free weekly live training workshops for users of our POS software. These sessions are popular, often being fully booked, like our session today on how to use our powerful stock manager.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.06.48 AM

We are grateful to the support of our customers for this free training.

We headed this post actions speak louder than words because we fulfil our promises, we deliver on our marketing claims. This training is one example.

NZ POS software user meeting series completed

We are grateful to our NZ customers who met with us in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this week as we presented our latest software as well as our Xero, Shopify and Magento integrations.

We will be back with more NZ user meetings in 2017 as we continue to reach out for more face to face opportunities with our customers.

This year, Tower Systems has delivered more than fifty in-person face to face user meeting opportunities, demonstrating a commitment to personal POS software support that small business retailers appreciate.

Practical POS software help for small business retailers

Show don’t tell. This is the best way to sell in retail. Retailers who have staff on hand to show customers how to use a product can expect better sales results from showing rather than telling.

This is why retailers in homewares stores set tables for seasons and dinners. It is why toy shows have toys out for kids to play with. It is why garden centre create beautiful gardens for people to aspire too.

Here at Tower Systems we believe in show don’t tell too.

We host weekly online training workshops that are live, interactive and engaging.

Our topics are small business compatible. We focus on business outcomes that small business retailers will love based on the feedback they have given us.

In the coming weeks we are running a series of workshops that will deliver excellent outcomes to retailers by offering practical help and support in ways they can use the software to differentiate their businesses.

This is where we are genuinely different.

  1. We are consistent in running these free workshops.
  2. In the workshops we show how to do something rather than telling about it.
  3. We take questions.
  4. We let our customers guide the training.
  5. Plus we provide after training follow-up and feedback opportunities.

We are grateful to customer support that encourages our business building training for without their support we would have o attendees and that would see us stop running the sessions.

That we continue to deliver these opportunities years after we announced them is all down to our wonderful customers.

Life is good.

Training retailers in POS software update

Tower Systems is thrilled to be offering several free online training workshops where we will demonstrate the new facilities offered in our refreshed POS software for small business retail.

These online sessions are in addition to the live and face to face briefing sessions we have been hosting around Australia recently.

Training small business retailers about software enhancements prior to releasing these is important is it helps retailers replace for change or even decide if they want the change.

This and other training is available to our customers at no cost.

Free POS software integrated Shopify and Magento workshops start next week

Join Tower Systems for a one of our free seminars in Australia and New Zealand (in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch)  where we will show our latest Australian developed POS software for specialty independent small business retail.

  1. Discover how to connect your retail business with Magento or Shopify direct from POS software.
  2. Learn how to be found through Google.
  3. Learn about creating beautiful websites for a fraction of the costs some charge.
  4. See the POS software to Magento and Shopify links LIVE with working websites.

This will be a truly interactive learning opportunity for small business retailers, an opportunity to see under the hood of website development, to discover is this is something any retailer could do for their business.

We will show you how to setup up a Shopify store that can be live in hours. Plus, there will be a Q&A opportunity so you can explore your specific needs. Book now by clicking on the city location you prefer.

  1. Adelaide. October 10. 10am. Rydges South Park.
  2. Sydney. October 11. 10am. Kogarah Golf Club.
  3. Brisbane. October 12. 10am. River View Hotel.
  4. Perth. October 13. 9am. Country Comfort Inter City Hotel.
  5. Melbourne. October 14. 10am. Hawthorn Arts Centre.
  6. Canberra. October 18. 10am. Vibe Hotel, Canberra Airport.
  7. Hobart. October 19. 11am. Rydges Hobart.
  8. Darwin. October 26. 2pm Mantra on the Esplanade.
  9. Auckland. Nov. 2. 3pm. Novotel, Auckland Airport.
  10. Wellington. Nov. 3. 10am. Intercontinental Hotel.
  11. Christchurch. Nov. 4. 10am. Novotel Christchurch.

We will share our experiences in the small business POS and e-commerce areas and outline what we learned when creating sites for our own retail businesses. This seminar could save you thousands in web developer fees. Book online.

New training helps small business retailers master POS software

Tower Systems is thrilled to have announced details of new training programs for retailers using our small business POS software.

From our POS software training page on our website, retailers can see the new topics along with repeat sessions of popular topics, training retailers tell us they love.

We are proud to continue our free online training workshops and to deliver these free, accessible from anywhere in the world, to our retailers. This is important to us as the weekly access is proof of our actions matching our words.

In selecting training topics, we go for bold topic descriptions that make the training sound different to your usual boring computer training – because the training is different, our trainers are engaged, personal and good to listen too. The training is interactive too, helping people get the best value possible from their involvement.

The new round of training just announced includes topics suggested by customers. We are grateful to customers who have engaged with us in suggesting and developing new training topics.

On-going training is important to POS software users as it helps them continue to learn long after the software is installed. This is our commitment to our customers.

Why we have run a week of videos on this blog

We have published a video a day this week on this blog to showcase our approach to developing user training as well as marketing materials in-house here at Tower Systems.

The videos showcase how we share information to help our small business POS software users to learn more about our software in a more appealing way that plain reading and a more repeatable way than only one on one training.

Videos are used by us a part of a comprehensive arsenal of training and user support materials. We do not rely on one single medium. But videos are highlighted here as they are a real Tower AdvantageTM. They are a reason to expect a better experience through us.

Customers tell us they love the videos. here is one comment from this week.

I love your training videos and that I can ensure my team receive consistent advice on how to use the software. Thank you!

With close to 150 videos available to our customers, we have terrific resources from which our customers and their employees can benefit.

Small business POS software user meetings in Auckland & Wellington next week

We are thrilled to be bringing our POS software user meetings to New Zealand next week – Monday and Tuesday. First in Auckland and then in Wellington, we will meet with our customers in a structured and open forum, outlining the latest software and encouraging suggestions for further enhancements.

Christchurch will be covered in a separate trip.

We have shared details with our customers and look forward to seeing them next week.

These latest meetings are an extension of our Australian national user meeting tour where the leadership of the company meets face to face with customers, answering questions, sharing insights and talking about the future of the software.

POS software user meetings in New Zealand

We are thrilled to be bringing our POS software user meetings to New Zealand next week – Monday and Tuesday. First in Auckland and then in Wellington, we will meet with our customers in a structured and open forum, outlining the latest software and encouraging suggestions for further enhancements.

Christchurch will be covered in a separate trip.

We have shared details with our customers and look forward to seeing them next week.

These latest meetings are an extension of our Australian national user meeting tour where the leadership of the company meets face to face with customers, answering questions, sharing insights and talking about the future of the software.


Free last-minute EOFY training for POS software users

Tower Systems is hosting one last end of financial year training session tomorrow afternoon, hours before the end of the financial year. This is the last in many such free training sessions and our well-received free 25 minute EOFY training video.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.55.41 PM

we are grateful to our customers for their engagement with this free training.

A fresh approach to POS software EOFY training from Tower Systems

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.14.19 AMThe long-form training video published to small business retailers using our POS software is proving to be a hit with plenty engaging with the video and ensuring they are informed how to be fully prepared for the end of the financial year.

The training video is another free training resource produced in-house at Tower Systems by our customer service team and our video production team.

This latest video was filmed during a live online training workshop – so it shows off that free training resource as well.