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We are proud of the personal training and support we offer indie small business retailers


New POS software / e-commerce workshops next week

A free workshop for small business retailers: How to find new customers by selling online direct from POS software for your specific type of business using Shopify and Magento.

Click on your preferred city below to book. Each workshop (except for online) will be in an easy to get to capital city location.

  1. AucklandOctober 7. 10am.
  2. BrisbaneOctober 8. 10am.
  3. CanberraOctober 9. 10am.
  4. OnlineOctober 10. 10am. AEST.
  5. OnlineOctober 10. 2pm. AEST.
  6. WellingtonOctober 14. 10am.
  7. ChristchurchOct. 15. 10am.

Join us for a free workshop where we will explore Shopify and Magento direct connected POS software for specialty retailers: jewellers, garden centres, produce, toy, firearms, fishing, outdoors, newsagents, pet, gift, book, bike and adult.

At the interactive and engaging workshops we will focus on new online insights for 2020 and beyond that are relevant to indie small business retailers.

  1. Hear from current case studies what other indie retailers are doing.
  2. Find out how to use online to drive in-store shopping.
  3. Learn how click and collect actually works.
  4. Find out about the different buy now pay later options for online sales.
  5. See how stock data including images flow easily from the POS to online.

Each workshop will be live and interactive and relevant to your type of business. It could save you thousands in web developer fees. This will not be a sales pitch. We will share what we know having done this work ourselves for the retail businesses we own in the homewares, pop culture, collectible, plush, gift and games segments of retail.

We live everyday the challenges of pricing, marketing, shipping and more and we will share out learnings.

We will cover hot topics including: SEO, shipping options, free shipping, the role of social in online sales, returns, bundles, branding and a plan b for your web strategy.

We are local. Tower Systems serves 3,500+ specialty businesses – with awesome and locally made POS software and websites. We make what we sell. We use it ourselves too, in our own retail and online businesses.

With these free to access POS software workshops and all we do, goal is to help you enjoy a more successful and valuable business.


Free POS software training

Tower Systems is proud to launch ch the October curriculum offering free POS software training to its retailer community:


Free POS software training for all small business retailers using the Tower Systems POS software

A week ago, Tower Systems announced that all users of its POS software have access to free one on one training in the use off the POS software regardless of the version of the software they are using.

There are no strings to this free POS software training offer for small business retailers.

This is a genuine offer by the POS software company to help indie retailers using the Tower Systems software to get more from the software, to unlock tangible benefits for their businesses and for themselves.

It is rare that a POS software company provided free training to any customer, especially those who might have bought the software years ago and not paid for software support for many years. But that is what Tower Systems has delivered with this offer. That is what the company now has available for its customers.

To book for a free training session, all Tower Systems POS software customers need do is email and our training booking team will find out the topics you would like covered in the training, determine the best person to co9ver these areas of the software for you and arrange a time for the free training session.

This is a serious, structured and complete free opportunity that we have created to invest value into the businesses of our POS software customers. This is us investing not only in them but in small business retail more broadly.

Our hope its to drive business efficiency, business profitability and business enjoyment for all involved. We know that these are common outcomes from the POS software training that we have provided and can provide in a variety of business situations.

We create, sell, support and enhance POS software for specialty retailers: jewellers, garden centres, produce, toy, firearms, fishing, outdoors, newsagents, pet, gift, book, bike and adult. The free training offer is for retailers in these retail channels, regardless of the age of their POS software, regardless of whether they are covered by a software support agreement.

We are grateful to be in a position to make this investment in our small business user community.

If you know a business using our POS software, please let them know about  this free offer from us. Everyone is welcome!


Free POS software training for August 2019

In addition to the unlimited free one on one training available to our POS software customers, we offer group training. here is the August schedule.



We make learning POS software easy for small business retailers


Free POS software training announced for June 2019

Tower Systems has announced free POS software training workshops for June 2019. These are in addition to the unlimited free one-on-one training opportunities for customers.


POS software EOFY training has started

This week, we have started offering our personal, live, End Of Financial Year training for our small business retail POS software customers.

We are running many sessions between now and June 30 with structured training as well as open ended Q&A sessions.

This is another part of our awesome and unlimited user training services.

All of our customers have access to this training.


Tower Systems offers more free POS software training for small business retailers

Here we are in April 2019 and our free online POS software training workshops continue to draw good small business retailer engagement.

Each workshop is live, with plenty of time for questions one the topic covered as well as on any other topic.

Here are the remaining April 2019 sessions:

To participate in an online meeting all you need access to is a computer with a broadband internet connection and a phone to receive a call so you can hear the audio. Each session runs for approximately 45-60 minutes depending on questions.

The face to face meetings are yearly in capital cities and regional centres across Australia. These are in addition to our weekly online live sessions. We also attend more than twelve industry trade shows offering face-to-face meeting opportunities with users.


Tower Systems provides unlimited training and support for POS software customers


Free POS software training for small business retailers in March

Tower Systems has announced to its customers details of free online (live) training workshops for March. Bookings can be made through our POS software website.


Tower Systems helps indie retailers improve sales counter throughput

One of the free training courses we are running this year focuses on business efficiency and, in particular, shopper throughput efficiency at the sales counter.

Fast, accurate and personal sales processing at the counter is critical in any retail business. In small / indie businesses the challenge is complex in that these businesses are often not backed by corporate head offices where processes are studied and refined, and systemised.

Thanks to smart POS software, Tower systems makes it easy for small business retailers to improve efficiency without harming the shopper experience.

The free training courses we are offering cover this, in detail, and min a way that any retail business can leverage for theirs own experience.

Our training covers managing the counter, streamlining the sales process and leveraging terrific tools in our POS software that benefit shoppers, retail employees and the overall business itself.

We do it well, in a structured way and in a way that resonates with a host of niche retail businesses in the various retail channels in which we specialise.

The training is live, personal and interactive, enabling retailers to speak to their situation and for our experts to offer help that is tailored to their needs.

This training is part of our free weekly live training program for retail businesses using our POS software.


POS software user free online training

We are kicking off our free online (live) training workshops on January 31 at 2pm with: Clearing stock and resetting for the new year. Find your dead stock and old seasonal stock, we will show you how to clear space for the new year and new products. Click Here to sign up.


Gentle POS software training helps small business owners


We’re proud of what we offer through our POS software training and support


Using our POS software to compete with big business

In our small business POS software, our customers have tools they can use to compete with big retailers. We have a free online (live and interactive) training workshop where we will show how. December 5 @ 2pm. Click here to sign up. All are welcome.


Free POS software training helps small business retailers enjoy their software more

Tower Systems offers the thousands of retailers using its POS software access to free one-on-one training in the use of its POS software.

Our customers can book and take as many of these POS software training sessions as they like.

The training can be on any topic related to the software. We have a catalogue of topics available. We also welcome topic requests from customers, all of which we will deliver.

The training is delivered by a training specialist with terrific retail experience.

We are proud to offer this service and to deliver it with consistency to our customers, to help them get the most possible from the use of our POS software in their business.

Booking the training is easy, hassle free.

This is real, we do it every day – free training for small business retailers using our POS software. Yes, free.

This is a Tower Systems advantage … and advantage for our retail business partners, those who use our POS software.

We are grateful to the support of our small business retailer community that enables us to provide this service and to have been providing this service for years.

The training itself is done over the phone, using a customer computer and their data, providing the customer the ability to learn by doing, to learn how and where they want to. We have found this works well in the small business environment.

Our approach also makes it easy for multiple team members in a business to learn their part, the part of the software that relates to their role. We can some days do training for four or five people in a single business. We are truly grateful for this because we know that the better someone knows the software the more they will get from it and the more they will love it and we are keen for people to achieve a place of love with our software.

Tower Systems is genuinely and acutely focussed on small business retailers in selected specialty marketplaces. We understand the importance of training and the value that can be derived from it for POS software customers.


Free POS software training for small business retailers

Even though it is N November and retail b businesses are getting busier for Christmas, we continue to offer free weekly online training workshops where our customers can learn and engage more deeply with our POS software. This free POS software training is accessible to all Tower customers, at no cost.

Here is what is on for the rest of this month:




Wednesday November 7 @ 2pm. Free up cash in your retail business.

Each time we run this session attendees say they get plenty out of it. Our goal is to share insights, opportunities and ideas around how you can free cash in your business using the data and facilities of our POS software. We bring to the discussion years of experience ourselves in retail and try and help you look at your data as an opportunity for unlocking value without having to spend more money.

 Click here to sign up.


Free small business POS software training: 10 ways to save time and money

Beyond the usual training you see POS software companies offer, here at Tower Systems we offer training deep into the business, looking at ways we can touch the business beyond what is usual or common for a small business POS software company.

Next week, we offer a workshop, 10 ways to save time and money using Retailer, for small business retailers using our software.

This free workshop will cover at least ten ways retail businesses can use our Retailer POS software to to save time in their businesses and reduce costs in their businesses.

This training will be based in years of experience across many retail channels. It will reference channel-specific opportunities as well as broader retail business opportunities.

The small business POS software training will offer action items that can be implemented in businesses without costs.

This free interactive and live workshop from us is another example of how we reach out beyond what is usual for POS software companies in what we do and how we do it. It reflects how we help our customers deep into their businesses, in ways that are measurably and appreciably beneficial.

We are grateful to our customers for their support of our free training workshops. It is their support that encourages us to run these week in week out and to go beyond the POS software and provide valuable broader business management training.

Our evolving POS software training workshop program can be seen online at our website on a publicly accessible page. We add sessions regularly, often showing for a month or two our what is coming top in training opportunities.

To participate in an online meeting all you need access to is a computer with a broadband internet connection and a phone to receive a call so you can hear the audio. Each session runs for approximately 45-60 minutes depending on questions.

Tower Systems expands training session topics based on customer feedback, offering new material tailored to needs that have been pitched to us. We love getting suggestions and working on new training content for our customers. Suggestions can be made through our software help desk team.


Free POS software training workshops in August 2018 from Tower Systems

We are thrilled to announce details of our FREE POS software training workshops for August 2018. Tower Systems has been running free group training for years and will continue to do so. This is our actions matching our works, being transparent, delivering for our customers. To see all there training workshops, please visit our website.



Video: Our learnings from visiting the Amazon Go store in Seattle WA


Free POS software training from Tower Systems

We are thrilled to offer more free live POS software training workshops for ur customers this month:


POS software bootcamp tomorrow

We are thrilled to be hosting a POS software bootcamp in Melbourne tomorrow with retailers flying in too join us. Here is a short video we produced in-house a few weeks ago to promote this POS software Bootcamp event.


Free small business POS software training for July 2018

Tower Systems continues its commitment for accessible free POS software training for small business retailers with new training opportunities launched for July 2018.

We have been running free training for years and continue to do so because our small business retailer customers love it. They especially love the open ended Q&A available at the end of each session.

These sessions are live, online and fully interactive. There is no cost for participation. We fund the call and the tech at our end to make all this happen for you.

Here are the July sessions available for booking now:

  1. Whats new in 2.7.4. Date: Wednesday 4th July. Time: 2pm Description: Find out all the great new features in our latest version of the Tower systems Retailer POs software.
  2. Variants. Take a peek at this new and truly awesome facility in the Tower software. Date: Wednesday 11th July. Time: 2pm. Description: Get a glimpse of this great new feature in 2018 and see if is right for your business. Improve handling of your stock’s colour, size and style.
  3. How discount vouchers work. Date: Wednesday 18th July. Time: 2pm. Description: Come with us on a deep dive into discount vouchers and assess whether this fresh approach to loyalty is right for you. They can help you make more money.
  4. Events. Take a look at this new facility and learn how you can use it to bring shoppers back into your business. Date: Wednesday 25th July. Time: 2pm. Description: Delve into this great new feature in the Tower POS software. Get a glimpse of this great new feature coming in 2018 and see if is right for your business.

Free training is a hallmark of the Tower Systems small business POS software offer. These group sessions are only part of the story. Every Tower Systems customer has access to free one on one training with our customers as and when they want. Booking is easy. This one on one training is on any topic to do with using the Tower POS software.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,500 small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and elsewhere. We are grateful to our customers for their support and engagement.

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