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The easy way to learn how to use POS software


Learning how to use POS software can be a pain, especially if you are new to a business that has been using the software for some time. Usually, in that case, you are trained by someone who has been trained by someone else in the business who may have been trained by the software company – if you’re lucky.

Here at Tower Systems we take a different approach. We make it easy for everyone using our POS software to tap into good professional and current content training.

Our library of training videos is regularly enhanced. each video is single topic, short and accessible regardless of level of technical skill.

We make it easy for any retailer or retail staff member to learn how to use our POS software.

We understand the value and power of knowledge, that’s why we make accessing training easy, and free for our customers.

Each of our videos is what we call snackable. By that we mean they are like a snack – quick and easy to digest. we have found this approach to training to be more useful, more appreciated, more valuable to the business. The shorter form videos are also more easily maintained y us, and we know our customers appreciate this.

Our approach to POS software training means that someone can join a business where our software has been used for several years and get free access to our training rather than relying on colleagues for training. We know this is differentiating for us, we have made it so, and we are proud of it.

The better retail employees know how to use our software the more value they are to the retail business and the customers it serves, also, the better they could feel about their work, their own value. It’s a genuine win win here.

With more than 16 hours of fresh training content available in video form and more than 600 searchable articles, our POS software customers can rely on being able to learn and refresh easily and without extra cost. We think this approach to accessible and free POS software training is key to serving the needs of local small business retailers.

By Mark
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