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Outcome-focussed training packages help retailers get more from POS software


Tower Systems released several new outcome-focussed training packages last month and customers are grateful. While each of these areas is covered in training, packaging them this way has caught the attention of more as retailers understand each of the needs.

  1. What am I not seeing in terms of performance of my business as captured in the software? In this 2 hour session we will train you on the key metrics tracked by the software, show how you can see them and consider business decisions available to you as a result of this, and we will do this with you using your data. $440.00.
  2. I am worried about theft and need to know what I can check in the software to see if it is an issue. In this 2 hour session that is for owners only, we will log into your system and show you using your own data what hidden tools there are in the software for tracking theft and hour you can use them. $440.00.
  3. My data is a mess. Please help. Over this 4 hour session we will work with you, logged into your system with you, reviewing a whole range of your data, talking through what we see and can do to clean up the data, and showing you how we do it, as we do it. This results in cleaner data and live training for you on what you can do yourself. $700.00.

These sessions are run by one of our POS software experts working with you, on your data. They are for a specific length of time. We have set the time based on our experience doing this work.

We are always looking for ways to help nurture more value for retailers who use our POS software in their shops. This focus on nurturing value uniquely positions Tower Systems.

As retailers ourselves we understand the importance of measurable achievements attributable to good use of our POS software. This is where training sessions like those noted above play an important role.

The training sessions are delivered one-on-one and they are available to any of our customers.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve more than 3,000 local small business retailers.

By Mark
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