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How Tower Systems is helping local Aussie newsagents transform their shops for a brighter future


Newsagents using the industry-standard Tower Systems software for newsagents are leveraging the software to help transform their businesses to drive relevance in a changing marketplace.

But first, let’s talk about the industry standard. there are around 2,800 retail newsagency shops in Australia. Tower Systems serves in excess of 1,700 of these with its newsagency software. The choice of the majority of newsagents to choose Tower Systems makes it the industry standard, for which we are sincerely grateful.

The local Aussie newsagency has been evolving for years. This picked up pace ten years ago. We have newsagents using our software to serve other retail categories in what were once traditional newsagencies. Here are some examples of how newsagents are relying on our software to evolve, here are some of the new categories we’ve helped with:

  • Coffee shop.
  • Baby shop.
  • Gift shop.
  • Camping and outdoors shop.
  • Repair shop.
  • Bookshop.
  • Toy shop.
  • Cafe with table service.
  • Tourism product rental.
  • Local artist consignment.

Yes, these are all categories we have seen different local newsagents embrace as they evolve their businesses to ensure relevance to new shoppers. They have been able to do this with our software as it is flexible in terms of facilities and services. And, the software curates a valuable dataset that can provide guidance as to business evolution opportunities.

In addition to finding new opportunities and walking the path to implementing these, the newsagency software itself helps guide improved business efficiency by eliminating keystrokes and laying down workflows that anyone can follow, freeing up more skilled resources in the business for looking over the horizon.

Our Tower Systems newsagency software also directly integrates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Big Commerce. Plenty of newsagents use these integrations to sell online and online is where the local Aussie newsagency can be very different to what is usually seen on the high street. We develop the websites, connect them to the newsagency POS software and offer advice on how to drive traffic to them.

The local Aussie newsagency is changing, playing outside what has been traditional for newsagency businesses. We are grateful for the opportunity to be engaged with these transformations.

37 more newsagents switch to the newsagency software from Tower Systems


Thirty-seven more newsagents have chosen the Tower Systems newsagency software in the last year. We are grateful for their support of our newsagency software.

This is great news. The Tower Newsagency business community is stronger and growing. This helps us better help newsagents.

Today, we help newsagents evolve their businesses into new products, through awesome loyalty tools and online … through our POS software. We help way beyond the POS software itself.

Thanks to our newsXpress relationship we offer newsXpress newsagents using our software leverage an exclusive low low EFTPOS rate. One newsagent is $200.00 a month better off while another, in regional Australia, is more than $250.00 a month better off.

Whether you are a retail or distribution newsagent, our software can help you run a more efficient, enjoyable and valuable business.

We continue to own and operate newsagency businesses ourselves and have done since 1996. This helps us make better software for you.

  1. Compliant with industry standards, using our software you can meet criteria for getting onto the no physical returns program with Gotch.
  2. We can help you reduce EFTPOS fees.
  3. Selling online is easy and sell more regardless of your local population.
  4. Offer buy now pay later with Humm, Zip Pay and more.
  5. Our innovative front-end loyalty facilities help you differentiate your business, drive deeper baskets and bring shoppers back sooner.

Our software can work with you as you evolve your product mix. Whether it is into hospitality, services, produce, repairs, online or more, our software has facilities that help make your business more relevant to today’s shopper.

Integrations can also help you cut operating costs, such as bookkeeping fees. We can help you eliminate double and triple handling. We link direct to Xero, for example.

Switching is not expensive. If you have current hardware, the cost can be as low as $2,400 a year thanks to interest free finance from us for 3 years or $49.00/wk leased or $7,200 up front. Included is:

  1. The latest Tower Systems newsagency software.
  2. On-site installation and training by a newsagency business expert.
  3. Data conversion, converting as much data as we can access.
  4. Software support for the first three years. Nothing extra to pay.
  5. Software updates for the first three years. Nothing extra to pay.
  6. Unlimited over the phone follow up training for the first three years.
  7. Access to an awesome online knowledge base with articles & advice.
  8. Access to weekly group live online training workshops.
  9. Access to a private Facebook page where you can discuss any topic.

Positioning small business newsagents for greater success


Major changes are occurring in the newsagency channel when it comes to technology and how it is used in these small locally owned businesses.

Tower Systems actively represents its newsagent customers when it comes to changes. We work with those bringing on change and seek fair engagement for our newsagent customers.

The changes coming bring new opportunities and new challenges to newsagents, challenges especially through smart newsagency software.

Thanks to our size, serving close to 1,900 newsagents, we are positioned to help our customers best leverage these changes.

This is our commitment – to help newsagents navigate change.

There is a difference in newsagency software companies and we are at a time in the life of the newsagency channel when size matters. Newsagents need to ask themselves whether the software they are using today is capable to helping them navigate major change in their business.

POS software from Tower Systems helps newsagents with newspaper price changes


Newsagency software company Tower Systems has provided advice and help for newsagents to be ready for the price changes coming next week for price changes to some News Corp. newspapers. Newsagents tell us they like that they can control when the changes are applied as this allows them to have more control over the management of their business.

Our advice is easy to follow, peer-reviewed and shared with the publisher.

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