Awesome Aussie developed bike shop software helps bike retailers

Our specialty bike shop software has been designed for and with bike shops. It can help you compete with big businesses and online businesses. We’d love to show it to you. We can do this, obligation free, in your shop or through an online demonstration.

Here are the details for our sales team:

Helping indie bike shops compete and make a local difference with best bike shop software for bike retailers in Australia and New Zealand

Jake loves the reminder he gets for a service of his pride and joy bike. He loves that it’s personal and comes with free advice. We love that Jake comes in for the service and usually buys a couple of items while in the shop.

Rach was rapt with the local hard to find bike track advice included on the receipt we gave her. She was riding through town and unexpectedly needed some kit. She emailed us a couple of days later with appreciation for the advice on our receipt.

First time customer Geoff came in to buy a bike for his grandchild. He left buying three extra things thanks to the Thank You cash off gift we included on his receipt. He assured us he will be back for more because of this.

Jules loves the text message we send when her special order is in. It saves her calling and shows her we are tracking things just for her.

Every day, local indie bike shops in Australia serve customers like Jake, Rach, Geoff and Jules with personal local service. Specialist indie bike businesses need specialist software to serve these and other types of specialist needs.

Specialisation is what sets you apart.  It is what sets us apart too.

From managing seasonal sales to respecting product care instructions to offering easy sell packs with multiple items, our specialty bike shop software can help you serve in valuable and appreciated ways.

We can help maximise sales with smart shopper engagement. This is where you easily leverage customer data to reach out with personal reminders, which can bring customers who shopped with you once back again and again.

Imagine easily reaching out to those who purchased a specific brand or type of bike and inviting them to come see or purchase a product they are sure to like.

Our front-end loyalty offer in our bike shop software helps you leverage one-off and infrequent shoppers, to maximise their shopping visit. We have retailers reporting 10% and more revenue boosts from this loyalty tool big retailers cannot copy.

These are some examples of how Tower Systems leverages its bike shop specific software for you – with training and assistance specific to your type of business, to ensure that you maximise the benefits for your business.

Another way to use the software is with Oxipay, a buy now pay later service that settles immediately to you. It is integrated as a method of payment.

Our Bike Shop Software also offers:

  1. Catalogue management – making catalogue sales easy.
  2. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  3. Linking to a website for online sales.
  4. Easily handling BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) or other up-sell offers.
  5. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  6. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points, cash off next purchase or a mixture.
  7. Easy to use LayBy.

See the software live. Call toll free: toll free 1300 662 957. Check us out online:

This software is affordable. You can purchase the software outright, lease it or rent it. You can use it in your business loaded on local computers or in the cloud.

Supported by humans, in Australia. Our help desk is in Hawthorn, Victoria. No robots here. You can call, email, post a Facebook message Tweet or text us.

Training is personal. We come to your business and train you. The training is tailored to your needs. Plus, you have access to extra free one on one training.

Managing repairs in retail businesses using your POS software.

Repairs services can be a differentiating service for small business retailers in a range of niche retail categories. jewellers, bike retailers, fishing and outdoors businesses, garden centres and firearms retailers are all niche or specialty retail businesses that offer repairs services.

The challenge is finding good repairs or workshop management services that are integrated seamlessly to POS software.

Australian POS software company Tower Systems offers repairs management facilities in its specialty retail POS software. These facilities offer job tracking, labour management, costing, accounting, party’s use and external service provider tracking tools.

From the moment an item is brought into the business for repair the software tracks the activity.

At the end of the project, when the repair is ready to be collected, the customer is notified by text or email.

The overarching goal of the repairs software if that it tracks progress at each step of the way. This ensures the business never loses sight of the repair, that it properly accounts for all work and that the customer can be informed at any point in time.

Developed initially for specialist jewellers and bike retailers for their workshops, the Tower Systems repairs management facilities have benefited from use by retailers across multiple retail channels. This has helped evolve valuable tools that help retailers using them to trust the management. And, this work is on-going.

Good repairs services can help a local business win local sales. Whereas products can be available in multiple retail outlets, making price the comparison, repairs services are unique to each business. Through the Tower Systems repairs management software retailers can play to their local strengths and pitch their repairs services as differentiating and locally valuable.

We love helping small business retailers grow their repairs service.

The POS software connected repairs management software from Tower Systems continues to evolve, ensuring it is a solution for today and tomorrow, thereby helping small business retailers to evolve their repairs services too.

Hereat Tower Systems we develop software for: gift shopsjewellers,  bike shopstoy shopsfishing/outdoors businessesgarden centres/nurseriespet shopsproduce storesfirearms businesses and newsagents. We serve customers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and several other countries.

Tower Systems helps bike shop owners leverage their workshop services

The workshop is often the most important part of any bike retail business as it is where their people can make a real difference to the experience of the cyclist.

Thanks to smart management tools in our bike shop software, our retail partners can provide a more complete workshop experience.

from the management of time and parts used through to professional communication with customers, the Tower System bike shop software helps bike retailers leverage their workshop services to provide professional, local and personal service … and to do this with efficiency, accuracy and timeliness.

We are proud to help independent bike retailers win in the customer service experience stakes through their workshop service.

Another way Tower Systems helps small business retailers

On our website we offer free and open access to marketing collateral small business retailers can use to promote their businesses to the local community. This is another example of service beyond our POS software company.

We are proud to help small business retailers more successfully compete in their local community. Here is a screen shot of the free marketing tools page of our website.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 9.13.49 AM

Bike shop software helps Australian bike retailers connect with local cyclists

One of the benefits of bike shops choosing the Australian developed Tower Systems Bike Shop Software beyond the software being specific for bike shops is that the software helps bike shop retailers be more local.

Using our Bike Shop Software, bike shop owners can pitch local in a host of ways using our smart software. Some of the ways are:

  1. Sharing local riding tips, insights and safety notes on receipts.
  2. Marketing to local cyclists with highly targeted emails that share local insights.
  3. Promoting local services and service points through software engagement.
  4. Enabling easy online selling while retaining a local focus through the software and its beautiful links with Shopify and Magento.
  5. Since most bike shop owners are cyclists, we free their time for more riding with clubs and mates and this helps the local connection of their business.

Specialist Bike retail is tough, we get that.

We see the assaults from online as well as from retailers selling cheap products at prices that challenge.

We understand the passion for cycling of bike shop owners and offering the best service for customers.

Serving close to 200 bike shops with our specialist bike shop software, we have experience that can help. Here is why and how:

  1. Tower Systems is 100% Australian owned.
  2. Our bike shop software is regularly enhanced based on advice and feedback from Australian bike retailers.
  3. We will NEVER sell our software to a pure online business because we believe in the importance and community service of bricks and mortar bike shops.
  4. We put bike retailers first as you are our customer, not the company that makes the bikes you sell.
  5. We train you in your business, face to face.
  6. Our support is Australian based, 24/7 and specialist to your needs.
  7. We develop the software. We are not agents.
  8. Our software is developed for you. It is not US or Chinese software.
  9. You have access to more than 130 training videos.
  10. You have access to a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base.

The Tower Systems small business Bike Shop Software is well established, well connected and locally focussed in helping bike retailers to grow the local connections within their businesses.


Professional bike retailers usually offer terrific bike workshop facilities servicing and repairing bikes. These workshops are a personal and local point of difference for these businesses yet, too often, they are not marked by bike retailers as a valuable point of difference, as a local service through which the business can find new customers.

A well run and promoted bike workshop is an excellent way for a bike shop to grow their business. It is also an excellent way for the business to differentiate itself from online retailers and mass retailers that are focused solely on revenue and not the long term relationship.

Overseas, bike shops promote their workshops by making the facilities visible within the shop. Some even have the workshop located at the front of the business, in the window, so it can be seen from the street. This makes the provision of the services real and helps people walking past the business to understand the services offered. This builds trust. It also demonstrates that the service is local, conducted by people customers can speak with and that it is authentic.

Being authentic is important when running a business that competes with online because online can be from anywhere and to any level of quality.

A bike is an important purchase. Buying a bike from somewhere it can be serviced by a professional, working locally, will be important for people who rely on the bike for safety – whether it be their own or that of family members. This is why showing off local servicing is important.

Thanks to facilities in the Tower Systems Bike Shop Software, independent bike retailers are able to more effectively promote their workshop services to existing customers as well as to prospective new customers.

Here are some ways the Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps bike retailers with workshops:

  1. Job management.
  2. Parts management.
  3. Labour management.
  4. Job tracking.
  5. Account customer integration.
  6. Customer contact on a bike being ready.
  7. Email targeting of workshop customers.
  8. Email targeting of customers with biked due for a service.
  9. Promotion of workshop services on all receipts.
  10. Bike care information from the expert bike engineer in-store – connected back to the workshop.

The Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps in many other ways too. We are committed to the independent bike shop retail channel. This is evident through our personal service through the help desk and through our continual development of our software – based on customer feedback.

To find our more about our Bike Shop Software, speak with one of our retail experts: Contact:

  • SA/WA/VIC – Tim Batt 0401 833 917;
  • NSW/TAS – Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;
  • QLD – Justin Randall 0434 365 789.

Tower Systems has the best bike shop software for high street bike retailers and here is why

Specialist Bike retail is tough, we get that.

We see the assaults from online as well as from retailers selling cheap products at prices that challenge.

We understand your passion for cycling and offering the best service for your customers.

Serving close to 200 bike shops with our specialist bike shop software, we have experience that can help. Here is why and how:

  • Tower Systems is 100% Australian owned.
  • Our bike shop software is regularly enhanced based on advice and feedback from Australian bike retailers.
  • We will NEVER sell our software to a pure online business because we believe in the importance and community service of bricks and mortar bike shops.
  • We put bike retailers first as you are our customer, not the company that makes the bikes you sell.
  • We train you in your business, face to face.
  • Our support is Australian based, 24/7 and specialist to your needs.
  • We develop the software. We are not agents.
  • Our software is developed for you. It is not US or Chinese software.
  • You have access to more than 130 training videos.
  • You have access to a comprehensive, self-serve knowledge base.

Facilities in our bike shop software include: sales, customer loyalty, integrated eftpos, repairs management, special orders, gift cards, employee tracking, inventory management, specials / catalogues / offers, web-store interface, Xero interface, product care instructions, customer follow-up marketing, performance reporting, theft management, second-hand goods management, bundling pricing, servicing assistance / management, employee rostering and plenty more.

Tower Systems helps independent bike shops compete with online bike discounters

Tower Systems works closely with bike retailers, to help them compete with online bike retailers. Through our Bike Shop Software we help in a range of practical ways.

Here are five ways local bike shops can compete with online

  1. Track every contact. Treat every contact as a customer. Know who they are. Explain that it’s part of your service – to offer advice and keep in touch. This will qualify them as a customer from their very first question. While it may scare some off, better that you do it early before you give away your expert advice.
  2. Give them a gift for listening to you. Every customer who spends time taking in your advice should be given a voucher for them to spend in-store in a purchase above a certain value. This shows that you value their attention. Presented well it can better connect them with you for the longer term.
  3. Subtly share stories about the risks of online shopping. There are documented stories you can find about people being ripped off – what they ordered is not what they received, credit card fraud and the like. Arm your team with these stories … maybe a story about a customer who bought from you following an expensive rip off online.
  4. Reward loyalty with a front-end approach. Ensure that every purchase over, say, $10, comes with a voucher offering a discount off the next purchase. Factor this into your mark-up model. Cash rewards showing on a receipt can be a powerful lure to bringing a shopper back.
  5. Personalise your service. Arm all sales staff with personal business cards. Place follow up calls or emails to shoppers spending over, say, $100. Host networking events in-store. Connect with and support local clubs. Add value through personal contact at every possible opportunity. Structure regular, value-adding, contact with your customer base.

The difference between a bricks and mortar bike shop and an website selling bikes is that your business, the bricks and mortar business, is real, it can be visited, it’s personal. Everything you say and do needs to reinforce this and build trust based on this.

Be open about price

Don’t be afraid to say that online businesses can sell for less. That’s because they do less and care less. You could do this too but that’s probably not the business you want to run.

Competing on price really comes down to changing the game. This is where a properly structured and consistently run loyalty program offering an amount of cash off the next purchase based on the current purchase can make a difference for you.

Being consistent

Online businesses through the software behind their websites are consistent if nothing else. This is where good bike shop software can help a bike shop compete. It can drive consistency in the bricks and mortar business on pricing, loyalty rewards, customer marketing, buying, pricing and employee performance tracking and motivation.

Good bike shop software is designed specifically for bike shops to leverage the difference bike shops offer over online retailers. When used to the fullest, it can drive sales and bring customers back more often. It can play a key role on competing with online.

Why the Tower Systems bike shop POS software is unique

The Bike shop POS software from Tower Systems is unique in that it is purpose-built for bike retailers, especially independent bike retailers.

  1. Our bike shop software is fit for purpose. It has been built for bike shops in close consultation with owners, managers and workers from bike shops. Changes to the software are developed in close consultation.
  2. We understand the value of a bike customer for life.
  3. We get the passion of cyclying.
  4. We appreciate cycling is part lifestyle, part sport, part business and part relaxation.
  5. We are a software company, not a consulting business using software as a mechanism for driving consulting fees.
  6. We are in your business. Not a contractor we hire, not over the phone, when we install the system we do it in your business, working with you.
  7. We support all bike suppliers. Our software can load electronic invoices from many suppliers – we do not link to just one supplier.
  8. Second-hand goods. These facilities have been developed with bike retailers and authorities so you have the right records on hand.
  9. These facilities have been developed to help you streamline workflow and keep in close contact with customers throughout.
  10. Manufactured goods. From concept to manufacture, you can manage and track what you make for whom and when. This is a billing and management asset.
  11. Lay-by. Our Lay-by facilities have been developed in close consultation with bike retailers, making them unique and comprehensive.
  12. We offer more facilities than any other system. These offer you flexibility for driving purchases in the current visit and for bringing shoppers back more often.
  13. You have access to extraordinary customisation through settings, enabling you to represent your business how you want.
  14. Embedded in our software are facilities for tracking how the software is used. This enables us to help you reduce employee theft.
  15. Retail focussed. A challenge of retail is to uncover opportunities early. Smart reports in the Tower software unlock information about opportunities in your business on which you can rely for business planning.

Tower Systems is engaged with bike retailers and cyclists to ensure the software serves the community in a way that is respectful and enjoyable.

Tower Systems: software for bike shops

Bike shops have specialist needs when it comes to business management software and services. Specialist bike shop software company Tower Systems serves these services with fit for purpose best practice software – developed with bike retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Check out a new brief introductory video we have made in house for bike retailers:

Independent bike retailers benefit from specialist bike shop software helping with repairs, shopper loyalty and supplier relationships

The latest release of the Tower Systems bike shop software offers independent bike retailers even better tools for serving customers, nurturing loyalty and making the business more valuable.

As the largest specialist bike shop software supplier in Australia and armed with new stronger bike shop software Tower Systems is set to help even more bike retailers drive efficiency and compete through high street stores with aggressive online bike retailers.

We back our specialist bike shop software with specialist bike shop software training – developed specifically for this purpose to help bike retailers learn more from their software and to extract more value for their businesses. This is core to our service as a vertical software company – ensuring we deliver tools unique to the needs of our customers so they may, in turn, deliver services that are unique to their customers.

Our customers love that in dealing with us they are able to deal directly with the software development company. We develop our software. When we promise a change we deliver it. We are not relying on another company to deliver this. This is important as our customers can trust us to deliver tools that help them build trust with their customers.

To consider the Tower Bike Shop Software for your business, call one of our account managers and they will arrange a personal face-to-face demonstration where you can have your questions answered and where you can see the software for yourself in your own situation.

Bike retailers love the Tower Bike Shop Software for many reasons:

  1. It is software designed specifically for bike retailers.
  2. Includes bike workshop management facilities.
  3. Excellent shopper loyalty facilities with four different loyalty approaches available.
  4. Regularly updated software. You choose when you update – to suit your business.
  5. Software enhancements based on bike shop user suggestions.
  6. Live in-store face-to-face training.
  7. More than 130 training videos for refresher training.
  8. Live help desk support where you talk to a human on the phone. No faceless email type support here.
  9. Electronic invoice and stock file connections with bike shop suppliers.
  10. Free weekly online user workshops for bike shop owners and staff offering group training and networking opportunities.
  11. Large user community. More users = more value for you.
  12. Australian made.

No matter what size your bike shop, this software is certain to be ideal given that it’s already in use in large and small bike retail businesses.

Sharing insights from UK bike shops with bike retailers

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.14.40 pmWe are proud to have shared a special report of insights from several UK bike shops with Australian bike retailers.

The insights have been well received.

Our report covered marketing, maintenance and community service aspects of a range of different bike retailers in Leeds and Manchester – sharing photos and information that could be put to practical use by bike retailers in Australia.

The report demonstrates a support for the bike retail channel that is unique to Tower Systems – the company behind excellent bike shop software.

We’re here to help.

Comparing Tower Systems Bike Shop software to Lightspeed

Tower Systems has been recently asked to compare its bike shop software to the Lightspeed software also being promoted to bike retailers. here are headline differences from what we can see:

The Tower Systems bike shop software is:

  • Australian developed software.
  • Developed with Australian and New Zealand Bike retailers.
  • Offering direct supplier links with Australian and New Zealand suppliers.
  • The people installing the software are from the company that writes the software.
  • The people who support the software are from the company that writes the software.
  • Our Aussie based help desk is available 24/7.
  • You can run the software from your desktop or through the cloud.
  • Our users can speak directly with our software development team.
  • We have a transparent user forum for the suggestion and discussion of bike software enhancements.
  • Company management and owners are Australian based.

Tower systems serves close to 200 local bike shops today.

Anyone looking at software for their bike shop should thoroughly research the software and the company. This is best done in your business, starting with a discussion of your business needs. A good software company will work hard to ensure they meet your needs.

New bike shop software facilities embraced by bike retailers

Bike shops participating in the beta release program of new Bike Shop Software are loving new facilities in our software. Their feedback has been helping us further tweak the latest release of the software to go beyond even what we had expected to achieve through the new facilities.

Having a professionally managed beta release program in partnership with engaged retailers helps us drive better outcomes for our retail partners. What has been happing over recent weeks with the beta release of our new bike shop software is evidence of this.

Using our industry standard Bike Shop Software, bike retailers have tools through which they can better serve customers, more efficiently manage repairs, resume the cost of inventory and have easy access to accurate data for business planning.

How POS software helps small business retailers from the front door to the back office

Software is only as valuable to a business as the contribution it makes. This contribution can be measured in time and money for its from these two that all other benefits flow. Here are ways our point of sale software will help gift shops, jewellers, bike retailers, pet shops and more make more money and free time

  1. Better customer service. Our software guides the sales process and gathers all necessary information, freeing retail staff for selling.
  2. Saving time. Using our software, sales are processed quickly. As retailers ourselves we have focused on delivering fast and efficient processing for sales.
  3. Reducing theft. Stores without a POS system are more susceptible to employee theft. In fact nearly 50% of retail shrinkage comes from employee theft. Our software can help to significantly reduce or eliminate these occurrences. We draw your attention to suspicious behaviour. For more security, you can password protect any area that you do not want employees to be able to access.
  4. Better decisions. We provide access to real-time information. Whether you have one store or 30 stores, you have instant and up to the minute access to sales numbers, stock, margins and more. This ability to have instant and accurate information enables you to make the absolute most out of your investment.
  5. Increased sales. In many ways throughout the business we help with this.
  6. After sales marketing. Using our loyalty program you send targeted letters, emails, and direct mail to customers based on purchases and other criteria. We have several loyalty options.
  7. Payment integration. With integrated Eftpos you can un clutter the counter, streamline sales processing and make record keeping easier. Time and money saved.
  8. Reduced mistakes. Using our software you can cut paperwork and this cuts mistakes. You can rely on the software to advise sales data and thereby stop you buying products which are not selling. Good retailing begins with good buying.
  9. Better integration with suppliers. Thanks to the supplier links in our software you are able to give suppliers data in return for better deals. There are many case studies in our files of this working to the benefit of our retail customers. Good retailing begins with good buying.

Sunday retail management advice: don’t pay too much for POS software support

Here at Tower Systems, paying annual software support is optional. We want our POS software customers to pay to access support because they value it rather than because it is a tax imposed which must be paid for them to access the software.

Our support fees are transparent and consistent.

If you use other POS software, before you pay your bill check what others are paying. In one case recently one business was paying around $1,000 while another nearby using exactly the same software purchased at the same time was paying over $3,000. The second business was being grossly overcharged.

One way you can save money on POS software support is by shopping around.

Sunday retail business management tip: small steps matter

We often see small business retailers focus on grand plans, big moves they intend to make to lift their business. Our experience is that many small steps deliver a better result to a retail business and for a lower cost.

Using our retail management software, retailers are able to uncover and nurture small steps to growth in their business.

Every retail business has small steps they can take to drive traffic, achieve a better margin from products, get shoppers purchasing more, reducing wastage, reducing theft and more. Each of these alone done in a step step strategic way will compound on the other and deliver a greater than the sum of the parts benefit to the business.

Beyond its terrific POS software, Tower Systems helps retailers to see what they may be missing, to understand the opportunities for growth through a small steps strategy.

Leveraging our own retail experience and our intimate knowledge of what our software cal do, we can help retailers to lift their businesses through co-operative partnership.

Not all POS software companies are the sale. We’re here to help.

Bike shop software users to benefit from Tower Systems US retail tour insights

nybikesLearning from US bike retailers and how they engage with bike fans is one of the takeaways from Two weeks in the US for two Tower Systems executives. The trip culminated in almost a week in New York including attending the National retail Federation annual conference. While in New York at the conference and on the streets meeting with bike retailers, insights were shared that will help position tower Systems to further improve on its already popular and widely-used bike retail management software.

Using the Tower Bike Shop Software, retailers are able to manage warranties, track serial numbers, manage repairs and provide a whole of customer life experience and thereby drive (ride) more value for the business. Our intuitive bike shop software is world class as we have seen in this most recent overseas marketplace study.

For commercial reasons we will not share any comprehensive outcomes here as these are best deployed to our customers for their and our commercial advantage.

Comparing specialist bike shop software to Retail Manager from MYOB

The Tower Systems specialist bike shop software plays in a completely different field to MYOB’s Retail Manager software.  While both software packages offer Point of Sale facilities, only our software offers facilities which serve the needs of today’s specialist bike retailer.

MYOB’s Retail Manager is a successful mass market package and therefore remains generic in the services it provides.  This is how they keep their price down, by not offering specialist facilities.  It is a business model which has served them well.

We have gone the other way and created specialist bike shop software because we understand that this will help bike retailers make more money from their businesses.  Bike retailers can leverage our specialist facilities to drive revenue and build businesses of greater value for when they decide to sell.

Specialist bike retailers see themselves and quite different to mass merchant bike retailers.  One way of leveraging their specialist focus and services is through specialist bike shop software.  Those who don’t see their business as different opt for mass merchant software and miss an opportunity to drive their unique selling proposition at every opportunity.

Here are some of the bike shop specialist areas where our software is quite different to the generic MYOB and other software:

  • Loyalty marketing.  Bike customers are more valuable than the first tracking.  By tracking purchases through a robust loyalty management and marketing system, bike retailers using our Tower Systems software are able to extract greater value from each customer.
  • Text message customer communication.  Letting customers know when repairs are ready to be collected, special orders have arrived in-store and special offers are available helps better connect specialist bike retailers and their customers.  MYOB does not have these facilities.
  • Multi store facilities.  Centralised internet based multi store facilities.  What we offer beats the current MYOB offer hands down.
  • Supplier connection.  By connecting with key bike shop suppliers, processing electronic invoices and creating electronic orders, we are helping bike retailers cut labour costs.  This makes our software considerably more valuable than generic software when it comes to managing business payroll.
  • Theft management.  By connecting the bike shop software with a sophisticated security camera system, bike shop owners are able to leverage better management of the employee and customer theft risks.  This is another difference between generic POS software and our specialist bike shop software.
  • Serial number tracking.  A full service bike shop wants to provide a more professional and complete service to the mass merchants.  Serial number tracking is one such example.  This can help with insurance claims.  It can also ease the registering of the purchase with the manufacturer.
  • Repairs management.  Tracking a repair from when it is presented to when it is collected can be a real time saver for a bike shop.  Doing this work manually costs time and leads to mistakes.  MYOB offers no such facility.
  • Managing custom built products.  Being able to track the assembling of a number of items and labour into a saleable product is important for a specialist bike retailer.  MYOB cannot handle this.

Bike retailers who see their business as different to that of a mass merchant selling bikes prefer software which respects and supports their difference.  This is the Tower Systems AdvantageTM.

Bike shop software users benefit from enhanced loyalty facilities

The latest Bike Shop Software released by Australian POS software company Tower Systems delivers enhancements bike retailers will like including a completely fresh approach to receipts – enabling bike retailers to customise receipts beyond what has been traditional for POS software. These enhancements coupled with Lay-By developments, extended marketing tools and a raft of bike specific changes make this software a game change for bike retailers.

Bike shops competing with online need a solutions developed specifically for the high street retail situation. That;s what this latest Tower Systems Bike Shop Software is all about.

Bike shop software helps manage repairs

Item & Customer DetailsThe repairs management facilities in the Tower Systems bike shop software are an excellent example of the value of software personalised to a specific retail channel.

Developed by Tower Systems in consultation with bike retailers, the repairs management facilities are part of a suite of facilities developed specifically for bike retailers to enable them to provide specialised services that set them apart from online businesses – and thereby more effectively compete.

This screen shot shows one of the screens used by bike shop staff to track repairs and provide certainty of service.

Tracking in-house and externally undertaken repairs enables a bike shop to track in one place the details important to the repair, the customer and the business itself.

The Tower Systems bike shop software is widely used throughout Australian and New Zealand.