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Ideal bike shop POS software for Trek and other bike retailers


We were recently asked for information about our bike shop POS software and its suitability for Trek bike retailers. Here is our response:

Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,500 small business retailers across 9 specialty retail channels. We serve 300+ bike shops with software made for them. Our most recent bike shop software update was two months ago.

We are an Australian company providing Australian developed POS software, which is backed up with Australian based support.

Below, we answer your specific questions.

  • Pricing. Our software is available for rental. It’s $185.00 a month, as noted on our website. There is no locked-in contract.
  • Additional computers. The one $185.00 per month rental cost provides access from as many terminals as a business has in a location.
  • Setup and training. We charge $2,750.00 (inc. GST) for installation, training, setup and data conversion. This includes an allocation of 2 days dedicated to the site.
  • Lead time. This varies through the year. We are able to help with urgent installations. Usually, we are booking 3 to 4 weeks out.
  • Integrations. We have done more than 100 integrations across multiple specialty retail channels. The scope of integrations depend on the tech available at the supplier end. For bikes, we have the fully functional Specialized integration as one example and years of work with Sheppard Industries in NZ prior to that.
  • Payment processing. Yes, we directly integrate with Tyro and have 1,000 of our customers using this. We were the first Aussie POS software company to integrate with PayPal. We also integrate with Humm and Zip Pay. Plus, we integrate with PC Eftpos (linkly) among others.
  • Customer orders. We offer comprehensive tracking. To fully understand what we do, though, it is best to demonstrate this.
  • Text / email to customers. We offer this at various touchpoint in our software including for special orders as well as repairs and workshop jobs.
  • Foot traffic. We did work in the foot traffic space but have found retailers disinterest in this as other more important metrics are relevant today.

Our bike shop POS software is accessible on the road, through our Retailer RoamTM App. We also offer business performance insights through a cloud based data representation app.

We are grateful to bike retailers for their support of our bike shop software. This is an important and appreciated marketplace for us.

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