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Where to buy receipt rolls, barcode labels and other stationery for retailers using POS software


Tower Systems offers easy access to quality POS hardware suppliers, POS receipt rolls, POS labels and more through its consumables POS hardware and supplies online shop.

Anyone can shop at the online Tower Systems POS software stationery shop, regardless of the POS software you use.

Shopping for receipt rolls, barcode labels, barcode printer ribbons, barcode scanners, POS computers and more is easy at the Tower Systems online shop.

The website is totally self-serve with easy access, helping retailers stay on top of their stationery and POS consumable requirements. Each product page has good information on the product to enable you to decide if it is right for your business needs.

Online at this POS supplies, hardware and stationery shop, retailers can purchase plenty of items, including:

We know that retailers want reliable printer ribbons, barcode labels, receipt rolls and more for the safe and easy running of their business. We do our best to ensure that we have what people need, when they need it and to a quality that they can trust to provide good customer service for threat local retail businesses.

The Tower Systems POS stationery and consumables shop offers 24/7 shopping access to hardware, printers, barcode labels, receipt printers, receipt rolls POS hardware computer terminals and specialty POS stationery and other supplies.

You can pay by credit card, including American Express as well as Afterpay, Zip and more. we make it easy to choose what you need, pay and then organise shipping.

The Tower Systems POS software stationery, hardware and barcode label shop also makes it easy for retailers to purchase POS software training.

Buying receipt rolls, barcode labels, printer ribbons and other POS software consumables is easy through this Tower Systems retailer services website. We offer this as part of our one stop service for local small business retailers, to help them have the stock of what they need on time to serve that need.

We do so at a modest cost, using products and offering products that we use ourselves in our own retail businesses.

In terms of our POS software, here are the retail marketplaces we cover:

Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Warning to small business retailers: cheap hardware sucks!


You get what you pay for when it comes to computer hardware.

Buy cheap and it will cost you the same or more over time than the quality, bran d name, hardware you may think is too expensive today.

It makes us sad when we see companies selling cheap hardware to retailers. Usually, this is hardware not suited to the job of robust retail. Sometimes, it is secondhand hardware refurbished to look new. Other times, it is hardware sold as X when, in fact, it is Y … slower, less capable.

Cheap hardware is cheap for a reason. Corners have been cut on quality, speed, capacity or all three or a mixture thereof. It is cheap for a reason.

Cheap hardware is false economy, a poor business decision.

Too often we see small business retailers ripped off by slick sales people who spin and spin and quickly confuse retailers into buying what they think is a quality ideal solution when, in fact, it is a cheap and inappropriate solution.

Cheap hardware sucks. It is not cheap in the long run for a business.

Here at Tower Systems, our hardware is more expensive. For computers, we use HP, Hewlett Packard. High quality. backed by an on-site warranty. Fast. We use it ourselves, in our businesses.

Buyer beware is the best advice anyone can give when it comes to buying hardware for your retail business.

Why hardware quality matters in small business retail


We visited a small retail business recently to switch them to our software and found their hardware, which they had purchased less than a year earlier, to be inadequate to the task. In fact, based on what we saw, we suspected that the hardware they purchased as new was actually secondhand. It was that old and under spec.

While we are a software company first and foremost, were also sell hardware to those that want it. The hardware we sell is retail business grade Hewlett Packard hardware. By retail grade wee mean quality, robust hardware designed for retail business use. This is not hardware you can buy from a shop. It is not cheap. But it lasts and it is backed by a three year on site warranty.

With hardware, like POS software, you get what you pay for.

Spend a bit more today on quality hardware and you will get a better return that you would on buying cheap hardware today.

The Tower Systems relationship with HP is solid, professional. We selected them because of the quality of their gear and because of the backup they provide in the rare instance of their being a failure. We have fo8und them to be true to their word. This is important to small business retailers.

We had a situation last year where a retail business in the outback of Australia experienced a hardware failure. The HP tech made two flights and drove for several hours to provide the on-site warranty coverage promised by the company. There was no hesitation. The support promised was delivered, making the small business owner a lover of HP for life.

But back to the story we started this post with. The small business retailer was ripped off by their previous POS hardware supplier in our view. They paid too much for hardware of dubious quality. This left the business with further costs and only the option of legal action against the company that duped them. They chose to not take action. Instead, they prefer the store of poor quality hardware to spread, so others do not make the same mistake.

Why we recommend retail-grade hardware from HP for small business retailers


Tower Systems proudly partners with Hewlett Packard, HP, for hardware for small business retailers. We have been a HP partner for years. There is a good reason for this : SERVICE.

Service matters to small business retailers.

The HP computers we sell are retail business specific. They are not computers you’d buy for home from Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or elsewhere. No, our HP computers are designed for busy retail environments.

The HP computers we recommend are fast.

The HP computers we recommend are backed with a genuine 3 year on-site warranty.

The HP computers we recommend are backed by us too.

The is the difference with HP gear through Tower Systems – it is a perfect partnership delivering excellent advantages to local small business retailers.

When it comes to computer hardware for your small retail business a wise investment once is better than multiple less wise investments over time.

We use HP gear in our own retail businesses. Our own experience backs the marketing claims for this wonderful gear.

The need for speed in small business retail


Speed is vital at the sales counter of any retail business, especially in small retail businesses where labour costs are constrained and more has to be achieved with less.

Tower Systems helps small business retailers process transactions quickly with attention on POS software design and execution for fast throughout.

Sales transaction time is further cut with our standard computer hardware spec requiring solid state drives.  SSD technology delivers excellent response times compared to the older and cheaper HDD technology.

Tower Systems reset its HP computer specs ages ago to SSD to setup small business retailers for faster throughput at the counter. The result in businesses using the new technology is terrific. The result from customers has been terrific. They are thrilled with the results as are we.

The combination of elegant and efficient software running on best practice fast hardware is a speed at the counter retailers and their customers love.

We showed off the speed of SSD over HDD in a shoot-out video we made in house showing load and other times – so our customers could understand the speed difference between current (SSD) and old (HDD) technology.



Our partners at HP have released new and updated point of sale specific hardware.  All of our Tower Systems PC’s are now shipped with Windows 10 Pro 64bit installed, 8GB of RAM and fast Solid State drives.

Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an Solid State Drive (SSD). Information is stored in microchips. The old hard disk drive technology uses a mechanical arm with a head to move around and read information from the right location on a disk. Loading and running programs on a computer with SSD will be noticeably faster – four to eight times faster. That time saving can make the higher cost easy to justify.

Just launched is our new All In One the HP RP9.  This device delivers powerhouse performance with stylish minimalist design and reliable engineering to create the perfect All In One Computer.

Our purpose built POS specific HP desktop PC’s have also been updated to 8GB of RAM and with super fast solid state disk drives.  Solid State Drives can increase the speed of a computer by as much as 55%* when compared to the same PC using a regular Hard Disk Drive technology.



As an authorised partner of respected hardware company, we are thrilled to have been able to show off the HP RP9 all in one POS terminal to prospects at several events recently.

While we have an RP9 exclusively for an event last week, we filmed this short clip showing it in all its glory.

HP RP9 from mark fletcher on Vimeo.

Not all POS software companies selling HP branded hardware are authorised resellers, not all sell new equipment backed by the respected HP warranty. At Tower Systems you ave access to the real thing.



Cheap POS hardware pitched to small business retailers rarely turns out to be cheap. While the initial purchase price may be lower, the breakdowns, slow speed and other issues along the way can make clean no-name brand computer hardware more expensive.

Our advice is to choose a brand name that backs its hardware with an on-site manufacturer’s warranty. This offers peace of mind. It demonstrates the brand itself standing behind what it sells.

In one business recently, we discovered computer hardware that was sold a new to a small business owner was, in fact, second hand, three years old. The unsuspecting retailer was ripped off by a POS software company through unethical representations. The quote and invoice indicated the computer was new when it was not.

We urge any retailer to do their homework, trust brands, get a second opinion from a professional. The risk to the business from cheap hardware is too great.

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