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Small business retailers value personal and accessible POS software customer service


We are winning good business for our POS software this year from retailers switching from other POS software. While the software is a factor in their decision to switch, customer service is top of mind.

Customers switching love:

  1. Personal service. When they call they talk to a human. And, yes, they can call any of our offices even toll free from NZ. We hear many stories of poor service from other POS software companies where personal contact is discouraged.
  2. Names.  Names matter. Were humanise our contact and support by people on our teams using their names, real names.
  3. Access to leadership. Our leadership team is directly accessible to our customers should they wish to escalate any issue. Too often we hear of other POS software companies sidestepping issues or completely ignoring requests to speak too senior management. We take personal service seriously.
  4. Free training weekly. People love our free and easily accessible live online training workshops.
  5. Free one-on-one training. People love that they can schedule top-up training long after the installation is done.
  6. Transparency on updates. People love that they can suggest changes and watch as other customers vote on their change suggestions.
  7. Extensive help desk coverage. People love our long hours and our weekend coverage.
  8. Response time. People love how quickly we respond to their queries.

These are points of difference we have invested in with infrastructure, people and management focus. We are thrilled to win business from other POS software companies because of these services we provide.

This whole package is part of our Tower AdvantageTM.



As a further example of practical help for small business retailers, Tower Systems last week published the following suggestions / tips. This content demonstrates how the company leverages its retail experience and knowledge way beyond what it traditional for a POS software company.


While Valentine’s Day is an unashamed commercial season, how you embrace it in your business beyond selling Valentine’s Day products can speak to your unique style of business.

Here are ways you can embrace th season without being purely overtly commercial.

  1. Love where you are. Encourage locals to love the area. Setup a noticeboard inviting them to post what they love about the area. It could be a story, a photo or some other expression of local for the town or region. The noticeboard could be in your sore on online. This promotion is you doing good for where you are situated.
  2. Love what you do. This is a bit like the first option except that you ask people to express what they love about what they do. This could be something in their lives, a hobby or their work. Promote this as an opportunity for people to share something of themselves. Stories like these make the world a better place.
  3. Love others. Invite people to express love for humankind. Choose a local charity, ask what they need and use your business as a collection point. Pitch this as your Loving Others this Valentines Day campaign. Promote the work of the charity, invite your customers to join you in supporting the group and be sure to give something of yourself.
  4. Love lists. On your business Facebook page or through your Google+ page over a series of posts invite people to list things they love. Have a separate topic each day. Ask them to list something and explain why. For example, start with share a song you love and tell us why. Other posts could be share a photo you love and tell us why. Share a recipe you love and tell us why. Share a book title you love and tell us why. The idea here is to get people sharing something of themselves.
  5. The love seat. Make room for a seat for two in your shop or out the front of your shop. Promote this as place for friend to meet up and talk, where friendships can be rekindled, stories told and memories shared. Where people can communicate the old way rather than via social media. If possible, offer free coffee and cake. The idea here si to show you and your business as promoting conversation.

Each one of these ideas is designed, of themselves, to increase your sales or foot traffic. They will, however, speak to who you are and what your business stands for in the local community.

While bigger businesses will run overt Valentine’s Day promotions screaming shop here, your focus will be on touching people’s hearts in a meaningful way, rejoicing in this day for heartfelt reasons beyond the cash register.

Business changing POS software helps independent retailers grow


If you want to attract new shoppers, bring existing shoppers back more often, hold supplies to account, more successfully manage employees and make better quality business decisions, we can help.

Tower Systems develops specialist software for specialist retailers.

You can buy the software or you can rent it for as long as you want.

We will help you harvest extraordinary value for your business. We are not your usual software company.

Tower Systems is on stand P61 at the Gift Fair starting tomorrow.

We have software for:  jewellersbike shopsgarden centresnewsagentspet shops, toy shopsadult shops and gift shops.


Small business retailers purchasing our software have access to a range of services to help get the most from the software including:

  • Live personal training.
  • Regular software updates.
  • 24/7 live help desk – not an overseas call centre.
  • 130+ training videos so you and your team can l;earn and re-learn.
  • 600 Knowledge Base articles – like a live online manual.
  • Employee Theft Check service.
  • Business performance assessments.
  • Supplier electronic invoices.

Whole food store software helps small business retail whole foods stores drive growth


The whole food store software released by Tower System is proving to be popular in helping whole food stores across multiple parts of their businesses. Our latest whole food store customer was installed last week in Tasmania – a beautiful part of the country.

Whole food stores use our software in many ways including traditional point of sale functions such as scanned based selling, tacking customers, reordering product, loyalty programs and more.

In particular, however, whole food  stores use the software for these areas:

  1. Scale integration for selling produce.
  2. Flexibility in handling multiple package sizes for each product.
  3. Splitting items purchased in bulk dow to retail packs of your choosing.
  4. Packaging several items together to create a pack – and reversing this process, which is most important.
  5. Multi-buy pricing.
  6. Including product nutrition and or instructions on shopper receipts.
  7. Multiple loyalty program options.
  8. Creating your own barcodes for items you ‘make’ for sale.

Whole food stores of all sizes and in a variety of situations use the software to improve efficiency, consistency and enjoyment. What is even more important is that the software will continue to evolve to meet the evolving needs of whole foods retailers. This is important. It is where locally developed software works well – evolving to the needs of local retailers.

Tower Systems currently serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers in a number of retail niches. We are a specialist software company developing and selling specialist software. The software we sell to whole food stores is software tailored to their needs, to serve needs specific to that retail channel.

This focus on specialisation is something we do with care and attention – it comes from decades of service to multiple retail channels.

The software we sell we develop ourselves. It is fresh, and current – completely different to what we sold years ago thanks to the advice and guidance from our engaged customers who make suggestions for new areas we can serve in the software. We release updates several times a year – keeping your software up to date and ready to serve your current needs.

Sometimes, our software is not the right fit. We respect this and do not pressure people to purchase software that is not right for them. Our reputation is too important to strong-arm people into buying something that is not right for them.

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