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Whole food store software helps small business retail whole foods stores drive growth


The whole food store software released by Tower System is proving to be popular in helping whole food stores across multiple parts of their businesses. Our latest whole food store customer was installed last week in Tasmania – a beautiful part of the country.

Whole food stores use our software in many ways including traditional point of sale functions such as scanned based selling, tacking customers, reordering product, loyalty programs and more.

In particular, however, whole food  stores use the software for these areas:

  1. Scale integration for selling produce.
  2. Flexibility in handling multiple package sizes for each product.
  3. Splitting items purchased in bulk dow to retail packs of your choosing.
  4. Packaging several items together to create a pack – and reversing this process, which is most important.
  5. Multi-buy pricing.
  6. Including product nutrition and or instructions on shopper receipts.
  7. Multiple loyalty program options.
  8. Creating your own barcodes for items you ‘make’ for sale.

Whole food stores of all sizes and in a variety of situations use the software to improve efficiency, consistency and enjoyment. What is even more important is that the software will continue to evolve to meet the evolving needs of whole foods retailers. This is important. It is where locally developed software works well – evolving to the needs of local retailers.

Tower Systems currently serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers in a number of retail niches. We are a specialist software company developing and selling specialist software. The software we sell to whole food stores is software tailored to their needs, to serve needs specific to that retail channel.

This focus on specialisation is something we do with care and attention – it comes from decades of service to multiple retail channels.

The software we sell we develop ourselves. It is fresh, and current – completely different to what we sold years ago thanks to the advice and guidance from our engaged customers who make suggestions for new areas we can serve in the software. We release updates several times a year – keeping your software up to date and ready to serve your current needs.

Sometimes, our software is not the right fit. We respect this and do not pressure people to purchase software that is not right for them. Our reputation is too important to strong-arm people into buying something that is not right for them.

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